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Pham returns, Kuhl recalled, DeLoach and Leasure to AAA

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5 minutes ago, Quin said:

Oscar wins the SSS hitting.

Also this:


That was hilarious (and the edit makes it that much better) but he was genuinely a better outfielder than I was expecting. Personally I prefer a player who dives for no reason than one who refuses to dive for a ball he can actually catch. Heart, hustle and muscle or something.

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I understand why they may want to send Leasure down. Maybe they are gonna rest him. Maybe they have spotted a mechanical flaw they want to correct. What I will never understand is why Chad Kuhl? He has been pretty bad at Charlotte. The underlying metrics are worse. He was horrendous with the Nats last year. Are they trying to lose every game they have a lead in? Plus, I bet he’s out of options, so to send him down is yet another DFA. I would rather see Cousin, or Coffey, or AHT. At least they could be up and down guys.

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32 minutes ago, GreenSox said:

Isn’t Leasure one of our top relievers?

He's had his moments but lately has done poorly. Still don't understand what sending him down accomplishes. Let him learn at the big league level. Some are calling him the Sox future closer. 

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2 hours ago, southsider2k5 said:

The entire pregame show is questioning why Leasure was sent down and saying he should have been allowed to work through his slump 

Exactly.  There is no rhyme or reason to Getz’s moves.  It was pretty mucb one bad outing and it’s not like his ERA shot above 5.  This is our top developmental mind?  He’s an idiot.  Way to crush a guy’s confidence even further after he has been pitching very well for the majority of the season.

And to any homer that wants to disagree, Getz decided to keep proven bums/older relievers like Justin Anderson, Chad Kuhl, and Mike Soroka on the roster instead.  What a terrible GM.  Even @WestEddy couldn’t make up an excuse for this mid-management.

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