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A's unvail new stadium plan


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QUOTE(Athomeboy_2000 @ Aug 16, 2005 -> 08:53 PM)
The Oakland A's unvailed there plans for a new ball park the other day. i didnt see this posted anywhere else yet. So here ya go!








Please note, the "tower" in left center field is a condo complex with a pool on the roof.

that is such a copy off of Petco Park. Looks good though and is certainly better than the s***hole where they play now.
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QUOTE(YASNY @ Aug 17, 2005 -> 03:08 AM)
It's as though the batter's eye would leave something to be desired.

Excellent point YAS. I thought all parks had to conform to this and have some sort of batter's eye? This center field seems to have no consistent color out there.

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QUOTE(WhiteSox311 @ Aug 18, 2005 -> 01:12 AM)
is there even a wall in right field

If there is then it's the shortest in all of baseball.


Are they sure it's a good idea to have condos in CF like that, the ones in LF seem to have a bit more privacy but the one in CF seem out in the open. At the Skydome they have a hotel built into the top of the outfield and you can see into the rooms if they curtains are open due to giant sliding glass windows. During one game a few years ago they zoomed in on one of the rooms because they were talking about how unique the ballpark was with the hotel built in, anyway when they zoomed in on the room there was a guy getting a chick from behind up against the glass window in the hotel room. They had it on the screen for a good 20 seconds because they couldn't figure out exactly what it was they were looking at but after like 15 seconds the guy turns her sidways and they figured out exactly what was going on. Good television.

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Oakland had a nice park back in the day,before Al Davis bullied Oakland officals to put in football seats for the Raiders.Now it's just looks awful to see it on TV espically with baseball.


But that's not a bad design.Yes,I agree with everybody here that it looks a little like Petco Park,but I like the LF bleachers.Looks like "The $20,000 Pyramid".

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