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QUOTE(Steff @ Aug 25, 2005 -> 09:15 AM)
Illegal handicap parking fines..?

An asshole employee parked in the handicap spot and a cop gave them a ticket for $100 though the sign says $50 (and is likely as old as this building).

In Chicago?


The Daley Machine!

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QUOTE(Steff @ Aug 25, 2005 -> 09:24 AM)
No, Hillside. I would guess the local g'ment, right?


Probably should have those signs changed. IMO the fine should be $500.

IMO, Handicapped people should stay home and out of all the good parking spots!

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Obviously parking in a handicapped spot when your not handicapped is stupid, but what do you guys think about a handicaped person parking in fire lane or those no parking zones even when spots are available? I see that way more at work than people parking in handicaped spots and its just as bad IMO, but you never see them get in trouble.

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