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El Duque Odd Man Out


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QUOTE(lukeman89 @ Oct 2, 2005 -> 12:03 PM)
i dont like marte at all...and i dont think it would make a big difference to go to the playoffs without another lefty arm in the bullpen.  i mean, putting him in against a lefty for that "lefty on lefty" matchup doesnt fare him well, lefties are batting .267 or something against him, as opposed to brandon mccarthy, who although is a righty, has lefties batting only .182 against him.  i say, if you need to get some lefties out in the playoffs, you put mccarthy in.



I could not agree more, Marte should be watching the playoffs on TV. He has stunk the place up this years and his temper tantrum soiled him in my eyes.

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This makes me feel better about the White Sox push to the post:

SEP 2005 126R, 109RA, 121RBI, 100RBIA, .273BA, .250BAA, .789OPS, .721OPSA


Needless to say the bats got hot in Sept:

SPod .337A/.790OPS

Kong .327A/1.039OPS

Uribe .304A/1.020OPS

Crede .379A/1.178OPS

Harris .391A/1.152OPS

JDye .271A/.843OPS


That might be the hottest our lineups been all season.


For trade bait over the off-season:

JBorchard .455A/1.091OPS

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I think Viz gets the 6&7, El Duque 8&9, or each get at least one to decide the last spot. I can't see leaving McCarthy out. As the young future of the Sox starters, I want him to get playoff experience and his pitching down the stretch indicates he is worthy.

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