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QUOTE (letsgoarow @ Aug 6, 2008 -> 12:05 AM)
What a focking game!! Roller Coaster ride all the way.


This was a season turning win. This team will be on fire, mark my words!!!




now i can wear my Dirty 30 shirt with pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow!!! That was tremendous!!!!


SWISH!!!!!!!!!!!! (that will temper some of the posters if Gio throws a gem in is 1st outing)


The bullpen!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hat tip to Thorton, yes he gave up the 2 run HR, but he still did a solid job)


Unbelievable and much needed!!

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Wow. Swisher. I'll never blast him again. I'll shut the f*** up if he for some reason frustrates me in the future. That hit says a lot about the guy, considering his playing time figures to be limited some with the Griffey acquisition.

Can you image how deflating that loss would have been? Not scoring in the bottom of the ninth, 10th, 11th, et. all. Then we win it with a 4 spot???

Which one of you posters never gave up in the game thread? I thought it was OVA after Det's two spot off Thornton. Beers to those of you who kept the faith.

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