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9/23 - Sox @ Min - 7:10 PM CDT - WCIU


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QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Sep 23, 2008 -> 08:19 PM)
Game is far from over. But I ain't surprised a lick by what's taken place so far. Anybody who would rather have Javy over Chris Young, well, here we are.



I think if you gave KW $10 million to work with to find another pitcher and Chris Young back, he would take that deal in a second at this moment.


Vazquez...no live fastball, slowing down his delivery, the lack of rest will become the excuse I bet. I can't wait for the post-game quotes from Javier...they will make Jon Garland look like Vince Lombardi in comparison.


Trade Dye and Konerko, live with Swisher for one more year and move on...I don't care anymore. And I'm not happy I have to watch Thome for another predictable year or two either...

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QUOTE (fathom @ Sep 23, 2008 -> 08:20 PM)
Javy will be traded this offseason, no doubt about it.

Good. After tonight I'm just tired of watching him. He's not even a terrible pitcher overall, but I want him out of a White Sox uniform.


Is he doing anything but choking right now?

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