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month by month ratings


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i will give each month a rating 1-6. number 1 being the best and 6 being the worst. and also give the reasoning for why i chose that rating. if anyone disagrees with me post your own i want to see what other people think.


april-5-------because we expected more out of what we saw the first few weeks

may-4-------because we could see the team was getting better and better

june-2-------because we took 4 of 6 from the cubs and swept minny

july- 3-------would be #2 if we didnt get swept by the tigers

august-1---- this was byfar the best month because of the excitement

sept.-6------ the team blew a perfectly good lead and disappointed us all

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Guest hotsoxchick1
generally agree


it'd say April and May tied for generally disturbing


other than that, same view here

april may and september .... dont ya think?????

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