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  1. A lot of encouraging names across the White Sox system, and they will have some great minds to guide them along the way. Read James Fox's review of the news that broke yesterday HERE.
  2. We are eying to release an updated top 30 around February.
  3. Sleepy Harold makes his FutureSox debut! Give his story a read, which focuses on a potential diamond in the rough among Sox prospects, HERE.
  4. Wooooo! This is quite the start to the decade. I wrote about the news today, for those interested. Thanks for the reads, as always!
  5. The White Sox are reportedly trying to avoid a service time dilemma with top prospect Luis Robert by sigining him long term. If the deal gets done, expect to see the centerfielder on the opening day roster. Our James Fox has the details in his feature.
  6. Rankin

    FS: Merchandise Launch

    We recently launched our line of FutureSox merchandise! Shop tees, hoodies, long sleeves, mugs, phone cases and more. Thank you for your support! Explore HERE
  7. Our Ken Sawilchik spoke to left-handed hitting outfielder Alex Destino about his approach at the plate. Gain some insight of what it's like to step into the batter's box.
  8. The Sox traded a 23-year-old prospect who plays a position of depth within the organization. I wrote about the move HERE.
  9. The Rule 5 draft is tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 12) and we have your preview HERE. Catch up with this informative and thorough breakdown of what to expect.
  10. Rankin

    Cole to the Yankees: 9 years, $324 million.

    A lot changed since I put this out there, but at the end of the day I was wrong. I appreciate all the support and those who went to bat for me. This report came from a source who I trusted enough to take the leap of faith, but I'm willing to admit my mistake. I'll learn from it and get better. Don't let this impair your judgement on our team at FutureSox; they had nothing to do with this. Thanks again, all.
  11. Hey, friends. James and I spoke to Ben Badler of Baseball America regarding the White Sox international side of things. Give it a listen HERE.
  12. Omar Vizquel spent two seasons in the White Sox farm, managing Winston-Salem and Birmingham. I detail the decision to move on from the 52-year-old HERE.
  13. The White Sox released their latest complete 40-man roster prior to the November 20th 7:00pm CT deadline. James Fox details the decisions to keep the seven players who are safe from Rule 5 eligibility.
  14. Turning 28 at the end of November, freshly posted NPB product Yoshitomo Tsutsugo will be among the youngest free agents available this offseason. With 20-30 home run potential from the left side, it would be silly for the White Sox to not at least sit down for a cup of coffee with this kid.
  15. The White Sox were willing to dump international money in order to avoid Welington Castillo's $500,000 buyout. James Fox explains the significance of the transaction and its implications HERE.