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  2. The division is a 40 degree day. The Sox just need to be a 50 degree day.
  3. Sox 20-14 Det 16-17 Cle 15-19 Min 15-19 KCR 11-23 Sox have gained 3.5 on Detroit, 5 on Minnesota and Cleveland each in just 34 games. God, this division just sucks. 79 games might win it.
  4. Melton was so bad he had his nose broken in Baltimore when he lost a pop up in the lights and it nailed him square in the face. After working his ass off one season he actually had a higher fielding percentage than Brooks Robinson.
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  6. What I feel has come and gone before No need to talk it out We know what it's all about
  7. My wife asked me last night if the Sox were still out of it. I told her they actually could still win the division. But then she said "yeah but then they'd do nothing in the playoffs" Why is she trying to ruin this ray of hope for me??
  8. Me neither and frankly 2 WAR this season is quite a stretch , maybe 1.0 is also.
  9. Fwiw don't look now but we have a better record than the Cubs as of today
  10. 1. Tanner Banks looks to be the 27th man tomorrow. 2. Jimmy Lambert in Charlotte on injury rehab. He gave up a hit, two walks and three runs in one inning of work tonight. 3. Not sure games will occur tomorrow. 4. Billy Hamilton pinch ran today and of course scored a run. Struck out in his one at bat. https://www.milb.com/gameday/knights-vs-stripers/2023/06/07/723658#game_state=live,game_tab=,game=723658
  11. I'm starting to feel guilty about playing in this division. Our division sucks so much ass. We need everything to fall our way collectively to win against solid teams.
  12. I spent weeks in that stuff during 2020 fires, counts well above 500. As a reasonable athlete, my lungs havent been the same since. it's no joke.
  13. The last inning they scored 1 run aided by 2 HBP. They look dead at the plate like every other team in the AL Central. First team to start hitting runs away with it.
  14. Or hitting, period. They are on track to break the season record for team strikeouts pretty comfortably.
  15. The air has completely devastated Eloy after 30 hours of exposure.
  16. Twins have now lost 4 games in a row, first time all season at .500. Sox just four games back. Have to be worried about Correa and now Buxton seems to be out again. Just not getting enough clutch hitting outside of Kiriloff, Polanco and Lewis again tonight. While Lopez has improved their rotation, Arraez's .400 BA being out of that line-up has really hurt the offensive output.
  17. I rode him for fantasy after that initial burst but he's on the borderline of moving on from in the next week or two. Elly de la Cruz is the new flavor of the month, haha. I guess the only thing you can say from watching prospects for so long is that the normal progression is a really strong rookie season...followed by the sophomore slump as pitchers make adjustments. Now with all the video and technology, players will go through multiple streaks and then readjustments within a single season. Seems like the biggest thing with Kelenic is to stay consistent with his approach and to stop doubting himself (easier said than done) and attempting to make mechanical changes from game to game and at-bat to at-bat. Same thing with James Outman, who was the flavor of the month in the early going before hitting a prolonged slump.
  18. Arozarena HR off Duran, Twins lose. Sox 4 back.
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