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  2. Yeah, I probably should have given it more thought. It's not one of the dozens in twenty years that were actually good. 😀 More interesting to me is whose sock puppet is it? It's just too random not to be someone with an extra account for such occasions.
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  4. Dollar Store franchise with unqualified people tending the cash register
  5. Is it pretty common to draft a pitcher on day 1 with a control rating of 40? I would imagine that being a HS pick, they feel like they could clean up his command and it wouldn't be an issie
  6. And if he quits, he doesn’t get paid. If he gets fired at the end of the season, he will earn another million or so for the 2025 season.
  7. That is quitting. His biggest weakness is diplomacy in everything. Besides he came from the Royals. They were a reversed s%*# sandwich, bread in the middle, s%*# on the outside. He's use to losing.
  8. Those videos of Larson are interesting, seems like his FB has 2 seam action. That should make him much harder to hit. You know it's going to move a lot, but which way?
  9. Robert to Seattle Fedde to Baltimore or the Dodgers Crochet stays or goes to the Dodgers or Yankees Pham to a wild card contender like Pittsburg or Kansas City Kopech gets packaged with Fedde or Crochet If they don’t get their ask for Crochet, keep him and try this rodeo next July. Offer a 6 year deal buying out arb and four free agency years. If he turns it down you get a kings ransom.
  10. “I’m shocked to still have a place here but thanks the Getzy and my boy Jerry, there isn’t anything I can do apparently which, you know, would cause me to lose this job. No one expected it but we just have to keep managing and know that one day, we will win. Our history shows that. These guys are professionals. They are fighters.” -Pedro Grifol
  11. I just want a guy who won't choke wide left in OT. Is that too much to ask?
  12. I think he may be the most slept on P in the entire system. The stuff looked electric when he’s been healthy in his few starts. I can’t wait to see more of him and how he looks when he’s bumped to WS in high A
  13. I know we’re excited about the lefties and Thorpe, but do not sleep on Grant Taylor. He is a very bad man.. third best pitching prospect in the system. Coin flip on who has better stuff, him or Smith.
  14. Love what they did with first 3 picks. Hagen was my favorite pitcher in draft and is going to be a stud if he stays healthy.
  15. And Thorpe will look that much better as a back end guy. I wonder if he’ll be even more effective if he happens to pitch game 2 of a 3-game series, slotted between two of the power lefties. Not sure if that actually matters, but it sounds great in theory.
  16. Alright… f*** it. Extend Crochet until 2030 and roll to town with the three headed lefty monster. Trade Robert and Fedde and Kopech and everyone else.
  17. One is college, the other HS. Best in college class, best in HS class.
  18. I'm confused. I always see stuff like this when publications eval a draft. About our 1st rounder, MLB.com says: But then, at pick #24, they say this about the Braves' pick: Both are left-handed. Why isn't Hagen Smith the best left-hander in the class? Is top ranked different from "best"?
  19. His 40%+ strikeout rate is more of a reason to pump the breaks than any current prospect rating in any publication.
  20. Very solid first night. Love prep guys in round 2.
  21. Watch this video and cry about hitters. In 2026 the Sox will have the best young rotation in baseball. Pitching and defense wins championships. A bat would have been great, but this draft is weak and their track record with lefties matters. I'm good with this. Now if Jerry dies in the next two years, a new owner only has to buy a couple outfielders and they will be set. They are set at catcher - Quero SS & 3rd base have promise in Colson, Gonzalez and Ramos Wolkow is something. DH at the least. Baldwin is a wildcard. So yeah, they are gonna have to pay up for some outfield and potentially power, but the starting staff is cost controlled until like 2030. That matters.
  22. At quick glance Jordan and Sirota are 2 names that stick out like a sore thumb tomorrow for Sox to potentially nab.
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