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  2. I don’t care if we only got four quality years out of the deal, sign Judge to a 9/$342M deal and I would be the happiest person in the world.
  3. They still play each other so someone's gotta win. If the Bears lose out they're picking no lower than 3rd. They do need some help to stay at 2 though. Fields threw some really nice balls today and that's super encouraging. I really can't wait to see what this team looks like next year. If Poles plays his cards right there's no reason they can't be a playoff team. Fixing the trenches is gonna go a long way in fixing the team as a whole. Shoutout to the VERY depleted secondary today. I know Rodgers is banged up but the fact that they didn't get completly shredded is a huge plus and kinda shows that there is some depth there.
  4. Sure would have been nice if the broncos and Rams won.
  5. I'm not even advocating for signing Judge, never entertained it because we all know it's not happening. Hypothetically speaking, I don't care if they're cooked for a decade if it didn't work out because it would've at least shown that they're serious about trying to win in their proclaimed "window" over constantly shopping at TJ Maxx for all their free agents. To me, missing out on both Harper and Machado because of sheer incompetence is the biggest failure of the rebuild era.
  6. Judge will be 31 early in the season and has the big body type that tends to not age very well. Harper and Machado were 26 when they were free agents and were about as good of free agent superstar bets as you'll ever see - as people said at the time. That isn't Monday morning quarterbacking here.
  7. That's a case of not seeing the forest through the trees. JR suffers from the same problem. Harper's contract would have largely paid for itself already.
  8. If only you knew if Judge would do that for us. Ya just never knows, but if you take a shot at the silly money guys and miss...you are cooked for the next decade.
  9. I'd much rather take Harper propelling the Sox to a WS appearance and missing halfish of the following season than not having him at all.
  10. What if you truly believe Quintana will have a better season than Giolito (and you knew you could sign Quintana)? Then you wouldn’t even need a haul.
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  12. The good news is the White Sox have an excellent record of helping pitchers avoid leg injuries recently. (Recently = I don’t think any of them have been hurt since mid October).
  13. should've traded Giolito after his no hitter
  14. There are 24 owners who are cheaper than JR. For the most part we agree on the rest. I'm sure glad we won't be paying Harper this coming year, however.
  15. According to DJ last year Lopez has previously talked about how he would like a shot to go back to the rotation. This came up in a game where they were talking about Kopech having done the bullpen to rotation move.
  16. Yeah, I can see the sheets/Grandal move as much more plausible. Perhaps that was even the thought process in kicking the tires on Sean Murphy. In fact, the presence of Grandal just makes me think they won’t spend that money. The logic being that there’ll be another Josh Bell available next year when Grandal walks. Again, this is what I think the Sox will/would do to Sox, not what I think is best.
  17. The 'spread the risk' method is largely what they've done over the years and it continues to not work. I am one who will quickly push the JR is cheap narrative that you 'hate', but I won't be saying anything about Aaron Judge. It just feels like a bad contract waiting to happen, and with our current ownership, a bad contract of that magnitude would cripple the franchise for a long time. I actually don't like much of anything for the Sox this year with a high price tag. There were better targets in recent years and the Sox didn't pull the trigger for whatever their reasons (we all know what they are).
  18. But they may not have known a particularly good fit is available, and can’t sign abreu just in the hope one does. But Bell to me isn’t that outlandish. If you take clevinger, remove Vaughn, and add Reynolds, you are at like $172M. $180M is the most likely, but bell is like a $184-188 type signing. Again, unlikely, but actually would be a strong improvement to this years team. But you could also say no to Bell and end up with Sheets/Grandal as 1B. Then you have 8M for some pitching fliers. Hell, get Ryan Noda in rule 5. Regardless, not convinced we are past point of trading Vaughn.
  19. Your 2023 Chicago White Sox.....Welcome to the Pointless Forest
  20. If everything had a point, then everything would be pointless
  21. Ok professor. I sound stupid but the jokers posting dumbass trade proposals for Bryan f'ing reynolds aren't.... Carry on..
  22. My point wasn’t that it couldn’t make sense, but just that if the Sox were willing to pay that kind of free agent money to have a veteran 1B, they would definitely have preferred Abreu. Letting him walk was a signal that they intend to reallocate the money for that position by handing it to an internal option.
  23. Finally only 10 years too late
  24. No , not really Katz was recently talking about how Lopez really likes the challenge of being a late innings reliever. That's the reason why I've been suggesting trading Hendriks. Just put Rey in at closer. Probably won't get you Hendriks like results but Hendiks might be the only guy capable of netting you a decent return that could net you a LH MLB ready OF and something else if they expand the trade a little it to include one of our prospects.
  25. Yeah, I really, really want them to maintain this pick position. Either they get an incredible edge, or enough draft capital to trade for one nearer FA. March - May may be the best bears fun I’ve had since 2018
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