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  2. The Bears are at 2008 Lions, 2017 Browns levels of bad right now (although granted, 41-10 is about the ass whipping I expected them to get, so I'm really not even mad about it). I won't see any way they can win a game this season until they do it. Fields is a shell of even his rookie self now. He's looking like Trey Lance.
  3. I mean, it’s KC. I never expected the Bears to put up the kind of points some media members expected them to. His look on the bench during the bad Browns loss a few years ago said and still says it all.
  4. I do not understand from a simple PR perspective how these coaches think they are being effective taking the route they do postgame. Just listend to Flus meet the media. "We gotta keep working. There are some good things here. We gotta keep sticking to the system, keep hammering it, things will break for us." Why should we think your system is right? You're 3-17 as a Head Coach. No one is getting better. You just got destroyed. Keeping sticking to it? Sticking to WHAT? Just unreal.
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  6. ISFA (located at GRF) will almost certainly make a deal with the Sox for a new lease at 35th and Shields before the current lease expires, especially if the Sox want to rehab or rebuild there. Meanwhile there is nothing structurally wrong with GRF ...a facility than can last for decades if properly maintained. Infrastructure (streets , sewers gas/ electric), parking facilities, access to public transportation, expressway access...it is already there. The ONLY option that might attract the Sox and the City of Chicago is Soldier Field...a very remote possibility and that only....IF the Bears move out and a deal can be worked out, including TIF financing and a share of gaming, hotel taxes, and other revenues. Frankly, I don't see the Sox moving anywhere for decades and any thoughts about that will be put to bed when they get a new lease in place.
  7. I haven't lived in Chicago in a ton of years but isn't the U-Center neighborhood kind of dangerous? I thought that part of town was kind of old and crime ridden. Am I wrong here? Is the U-Center area safe and thriving? And as far as being convenient for city folks ... to get to the U-Center is a pretty long annoying drive from the far south side and suburbia isn't it? I think the Sox frankly should move to the suburbs. They'd do well there once people got used to it. No offense to Chicago natives but if they wanna go to a Sox game they can drive out to Arlington Park. There are enough folks in the suburbs to support the team IMO especially if they build a palace of a ballpark.
  8. I wonder what Fields did to deserve this? He gets drafted by most other teams and he's probably a mid level QB by now. But he falls into this QB hell hole of a franchise. I honestly feel bad for some of these athletes.
  9. Why do all the great owners want to live on the coasts?
  10. I think the decision of as possible new stadium will be made by new ownership because the odds are overwhelming JR will not be around in six years.
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  12. I saw Boomer on I think it was Hannity the other night. He actually seemed quite likable.
  13. I think the UC area is the best. It's convenient for city folks and is probably the most convenient Chicago location for suburban fans as well. Forget Soldier Field, - too hard to commute to there. Arlington Heights would be great for me - living in the NW burbs, but I get that it wouldn't great for most Sox fans.
  14. Maybe in 10 years the Sox and Bears will be good again. Maybe. I'm 29 years old. I got hooked on the Sox and Bears because of their 05-06 seasons respectively. Neither have had much to show since then. I've basically been a disappointed sports fan throughout all my teenage years and 20s. Why do I continue to be a fan of these teams? Am I just easily duped?
  15. Couldn't do much worse picking FA's. (Of course leadership and talent development are much more difficult to quantify.) Or the stock market, for that matter.
  16. There’s another run and he’s hurt. Hope some of you realize why your QB shouldn’t keep running
  17. One designed run, the receiving corps seemed improved, but they hardly ever get separation.
  18. It’s not really a choice, because they’d just be repeating the same cycle of lame duck coach getting to pick the QB, then firing said coach after the season. Clean house, let a new regime pick their guy
  19. Ignoring the offense, yes the defense is bad. Their defense actually started hot last year but Poles traded away everything including the floorboards Poles defensively needs to add talent there
  20. It’s not just the QB, it’s also the coaching staff. Both are legitimate problems.
  21. They’ve given him designed runs this game. He’s has freedom to run all years. What they’ve given him is open receivers and he rather run into traffic. They’ve given him more RPOs and designed runs and the offense looks as bad as it ever has. and it’s not like KC has a world beating defense. Teams know JF can’t read the field. Coordinators job is to scheme guys open and get the QB enough time to hit them. Getsy has done that.
  22. Exactly, there was nowhere to go but up talent wise. But this team is bottom three on both sides of the ball. Let’s ignore the abomination of an offense for a second. When you hire a defensive minded head coach, you expect an elite defense eventually. Last year there was no talent whatsoever and there are still big holes, but I’d still expect us to outplay our true capabilities a bit. But nope, still one of the worst defenses in the NFL. There is no rational argument for why Eberflus should be given another opportunity at this point.
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