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  2. It would be so awesome if they called up Burger and sent Moncada down… wake his ass up and send a message. It’s two weeks or whatever… who fucking cares.
  3. In November I’ll probably be remodeling two bathrooms and a bedroom getting my house ready to sell. Turkey is also in the cards. December I’m sure it’ll be the whole Christmas tree present wrapping family shindig. January I’ll have a bunch of people celebrating my 40th birthday while I will, surely, be trying to forget how fucking old I’m getting. February will probably be around the time I start looking forward to warmer weather. Maybe the economic uncertainty of our world will have unraveled more and I will have sold the house. March I may venture to Arizona for my first spring training since 2005. My son will turn 9. Hopefully his c*** of a mother will actually allow me to be with him this year… and I’m sure by this time I’ll have represented myself in a family law hearing or three. April will come around and the White Sox will have done some s%*#… and I’ll be happy baseball is starting again. So there… my 2023 off-season plans. Joy.
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  5. Cleveland is a bad team with ok pitching that got kind of hot at the end here and beat up two total loser teams (Sox and Twins) to inflate their record. They will not make it out of the first round. I still respect what Francona has done and believe he would have gotten more out of this Sox roster if he were their manager, but this is more about how bad the Sox and Twins really are than how good the Guardians are.
  6. Knowing JR he will make TLR the General Manager!
  7. That first dude in the stands he ran over to? Adrian Beltre. https://larrybrownsports.com/baseball/albert-pujols-celebrated-adrian-beltre-700th-hr/604512
  8. If you don't understand why projecting your religious beliefs on a sports team, in 2022, is a fucking ridiculous and idiotic thing, especially given how culturally diverse sports are, maybe you need to enter the 21st century? Holding anti-porn meetings and chastising players for having children out of wedlock, I'm sure, goes over really well with most young men today.😆
  9. Pederson is terribly out of shape.
  10. Clevinger will get bigger money based on the past two months. Guessing $13-15 million based on supply and demand despite his recent injury history. Manaea has been terrible over these last two months.
  11. Would likely been 9 out of 10 if they played the full 162 in 2020. They would have played actual quality teams in the East and West divisions, and they were down to two starting pitchers with 100 games to go (Lucas who was awesome and injured Keuchel pitching on fumes by Game 62). Hahn has one 80+ win season, and the Sox among the bottom near dead last among the 30 MLB teams under his watch (will post at the conclusion of the season). Hahn's 82 + Win White Sox Seasons: 2021 (93), 2022 (Needs 6-4 or better) Tony's 82 + Win White Sox Seasons: 1982 (87), 1983 (99), 1985 (85), 2021 (93), 2022 (63-65 record in the dugout) White Sox All Time Manager Standings by Winning Percentage: (World Series Championships and American League Pennants) .592 Fielder Jones (1906 World Series) .581 Clark Griffith (1901 AL Pennant - Pre World Series Era) .578 Pants Rowland (1917 World Series) .565 Marty Marion .564 Al Lopez (1959 AL Pennant) .551 Gene Lamont .529 Paul Richards .525 Bob Lemon .524 Ozzie Guillen (2005 World Series) .521 Eddie Collins .519 Kid Gleason (1919 World Series) .515 Jerry Manuel .515 Jeff Torborg .513 Billy Sullivan .513 Tony La Russa White Sox All Time General Manager Standings by Winning Percentage: .568 Hank Greenberg (1959-1961) 267-203-3 (AL 1959) .556 Charles Comiskey II & John Rigney (1956-1958) 257-205-2 .535 Charles Comiskey (1901-1914) 1115-968-48 (WS 1906; AL 1901) .527 Ron Schueler (1991-2000) 817-734-3 .521 Kenny Williams (2001-2012) 1014-931 (2005 WS) .518 Frank Lane (1949-1955) 559-519-9 .504 Ed Short (1962-1970) 735-723-1 .494 Roland Hemond (1971-1985) 1165-1192-6 .487 Harry Grabiner (1915-1945) 2285-2408-27 (WS 1917; AL 1919) .481 Larry Himes (1987-1990) 311-335 .461 Rick "Teflon" Hahn (2013-2022) 695-812 .444 Ken Harrleson (1986) 72-90 .425 Leslie O'Connor (1946-1948) 195-265-4
  12. All right - it’s about time for Justin Fields to have a total splash game. Something like a 5 TD type of performance with 359 yards passing etc.
  13. Just the first round. First 6 picks, then it goes by record. For example, if Sox were 16th and received the 1st pick via luck, they’d pick 16 in subsequent rounds.
  14. We're in agreement that the situation was so mucked up that a measure we know would fail in the long term was needed to attempt to right the wrongs of five months of bad managing.
  15. Can we please make this out *forever*?
  16. What, 6 weeks late? What the f*** is wrong with this pathetic org??
  17. If JR would just let Marco Paddy do his job, he's one guy with a really good reputation but they concentrate on older guys like Colas and Cespedes because to sign a 16 yr old you might have to have an eye on them when the are 14 and 15 and there's little doubt JR doesn't want any part of that and the Sox have suffered because of it.
  18. My goodness. The White Sox cannot beat Central Division teams. Embarrassing.
  19. It was shameful how the Sox let Baez embarrass them in this series. The memo was not circulated that we should not throw anything close to a strike to Baez even if it hits him. In agreement to pitch him “inside, way inside” tomorrow.
  20. You can all bet your dicks that if they had swept Cleveland and they were in a position to get into the playoffs, he would have miraculously been cleared by the last series before the playoffs were to start.
  21. Kelly is better than Diekman but that is not much to tell, they both have sucked.
  22. 9/25/22 White Sox Division Math: Cleveland 0-10 White Sox 10-0 9/25/22 White Sox Wild Card Math: Seattle 3-8 White Sox 10-0 (Baltimore 6-5 or worse) Seattle 2-9 White Sox 9-1 (Baltimore 5-6 or worse) Seattle 1-10 White Sox 8-2 (Baltimore 4-7 or worse) Seattle 0-11 White Sox 7-3 (Baltimore 3-8 or worse)
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