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  2. I'm not bitching about the stadium, I think it's nice, and hope it's built. Just not on the taxpayer dime.
  3. Yep. I get it. The team sucks, JR is a penny-pinching ass, the Sox will always be Chicago's #2 team. But, now there's a (very real) possibility of a new stadium, and we're bitching about it. It would be the best thing to happen for the Sox and their fans since 2005. Plus, once (hopefully) the green light is given to build, the value of the franchise goes up, significantly. JR, who may not be around when the stadium opens, could very possibly sell the team between now and then.
  4. I agree with you. The new stadium would be a great thing for the White Sox franchise.
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  6. I worked many badminton tournaments. They have lots of elbow issues due to the "snap" of the swing. You probably have me at fencing. While I did work with them at the Olympic training center for practice, I haven't actually covered a competition. 🍻
  7. I wonder how good Yoan has to be to get that $25M team option picked up. It’s really a $20M net decision for the Sox with the $5M buyout. Does a healthy 4 WAR 2019 type season do it? I’m not even sure with Colson waiting in the wings and likely to shift to 3B in the bigs, and the Sox next best position player prospect in Ramos also being a 3B.
  8. And: For those capable of cognitive dissonance, it’s tough to square up being as dismissive of the public as Reinsdorf is, while asking for all of its money (Illinois has a $900 million budget shortfall). The question is whether Reinsdorf’s blithe disregard for the general populace will end up hurting him … … or whether a lot of this has already been generally agreed to, and everybody’s just going through the motions. Lip, is this entire article lifted from soxmachine? If it is, you need to edit it down asap
  9. Whatever new bears facility happens will be a year round domed facility. It will no longer be 8 games and some summer concerts/events
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/may-run-time-phoenix-diamondbacks-224938337.html Now the DBacks are asking for hundreds of millions to renovate Chase Field or threatening to leave…at least they had a competitive team last season.
  11. I think it crosses the line to greed. Everyone has a friend or family member that tries to negotiate everything. At some point it gets so annoying, you say just pay your share.
  12. Love the fact WGN used the OG rendering with Chicacago (2:27) . Go ask Chicacago for billions you clowns.
  13. I understand where you’re coming from, but he’s my question to you guys. Do you think the Sox will lose approximately the same amount of games in 2024 as they did in 2023? Badminton or fencing?
  14. And what has changed? Getz acquired a bunch of unproven pitchers or pitchers that came from the dumpster because they were old, bad, injured, or all of the above.
  15. Good thread. For me I'm mad at myself for being so negative, but the entire LaRussa era has been one gigantic mistake.
  16. Timmy U

    ST Thread

    That is a promising development. I have been hard on the kid, but he controls the zone, so if he has made swing adjustments, maybe he can live up to his SEC pedigree.
  17. She is our second child. Her weight has fallen since to 8 pounds 15 ounces and rebounded to 9 pounds 2 ounces. We (my wife, the pediatrician and I) think it has to do with the fat content in the breast milk and not getting enough of what our baby needs. So long story short we will be using some formula to supplement feedings and I will be cleaning, sterilizing, drying and giving bottles! Thanks!!
  18. Honeycutt coming on would be huge for this draft whether the Sox draft him or not. So few guys profile as up the middle plus athletes that he could zoom to 1-1. I am still wary of his hit tool, but it is nice to see him off to a good start.
  19. yea FG pretty muted on our D overall given how it's supposedly a big strength now. that maldonado defensive number is hilarious. over half a win under defensively at catcher as a guy that is a vet leader.
  20. I'm surprised at how bad they think the defense is for Montgomery. I'll take the over as in better than -1.1 for fielding war on only around 50 games.
  21. 616 PA may be pushing it though.i don't doubt he has some back issues. I think he'll play more but I don't know if it will be that many. That nearly a full season with no time off.
  22. Every season season is enjoyable so it doesn't really matter. Some are just more than others.
  23. You’re going to have guaranteed back-to-back enjoyable seasons then.
  24. I know we disagree on why to attend a ballgame. I can enjoy the game without having a loss ruin it. I have worked many professional and Olympic sports and traveled with them. There probably isn't a sport that I haven't worked with at some level. Nothing beats baseball. The game of baseball is a wonderful thing. Not many things beat a day at the ballpark,especially now that I don't have to work them.
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