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  1. Alonso, if he signs with the Sox, will go the way of LaRoche, Edwin, Dunn, et al.
  2. For the record, this thread has been relegated to page 2, while on page 1, there is a thread that starts with a hypothetical scenario that results in Pedro winning manager of the year.
  3. Hot take: Cease blows out his arm in 2026 and can't pitch again. Sox sign him in the spring of 2028 as a 32-year-old hitting prospect who overcomes the odds and becomes our power hitting first baseman. ...because he'd play for the league minimum, and Jerry would value his loyalty. (Jerry lives to be 120 in this version of reality, because we can't have nice things)
  4. If Julks was DFA'd, he was presumably placed on waivers, no? Were the Sox afraid he would get snatched up by someone else?
  5. Flush After Supposedly “Trying”
  6. Seems like a heck of a nickname for an underground amateur MMA fighter.
  7. Whoever pulled off that burger trade probably needs a promotion. Sounds like he is a smart guy who is a good negotiator and knows how to sell at the right time.
  8. I assume you haven't spent much time rehabilitating from an injuries under the supervision of trained medical staff, I take it.
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