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  1. Doesn't Hawk live in Arizona now or somewhere like that? In that case 6-8 hours for "home" games (including flights) would seem realistic.
  2. ha - just saw that episode yesterday.
  3. I propose a managerial challenge to ejections. Double or nothing. If the managerial challenge is upheld, the ejection is overturned and umpire is ejected. if the challenge is rejected, a second player (of the opposing manager’s choosing) is also ejected.
  4. I place the over/under on the number of Andrew Vaughn starts in RF at 5.
  5. Sounds like a Central American city.
  6. Monger? "Monburger" could be a nice French-flair burger they could serve alongside that champaign hot dog or whatever the hell it is.
  7. Not gonna lie - I was THIIIIS close to starting a “how has Yoan wronged YOU? (Wrong answers only)” thread….
  8. Nice to have a vegan option finally.
  9. Doesn't seem unreasonable. Kind of surprising that they're taking a somewhat logical approach and tinkering, rather than taking some draconian all-or-nothing approach to a rule.
  10. ...or how much value does Grifol place on defensive replacements and/or extra innings ghost runner?
  11. If Moncada would've peeled away to avoid a collision, this board would be giving him flack for being lazy.
  12. That was a wonderful documentary. some of my earliest memories are in that old park, probably from during the ‘86 or ‘87 seasons. I still have this memory of being scared at the fireworks, and I couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3.
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