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  1. ...and once they find this person, HIRE this person. It shouldn't need to be said, but it needs to be said with this org.
  2. Which post made no sense? Perhaps I can clarify for you.
  3. That will fix one league’s worth of players and not the other…?
  4. By your same logic though, we should also avoid AL guys.
  5. His huge claim to fame in my eyes was the resurgences of Gio and Rodon. Not sure how much he helped in other ways
  6. I would think that an injury like this is, for a pitcher, pitching while hurt vs. pitching while injured. Playing while hurt = painful, but can be overcome. See: Abreu, Jose. Playing while injured: see: Robert, Luis. Probably one of those "if you can play through it it won't get too much worse - just will be more painful" situations... and then you get the surgery as soon as you're sure your season is done anyways.
  7. I’d hopefully have been disappointed at the time of the managerial hiring, before it ever came to that.
  8. Again, I see that post and see it as a Sox issue, not an AL-NL issue It’s like getting horrible diarrhea from eating spoiled food and blaming the horrible experience on the toilet.
  9. It works for a reserve player, sure. But for $5.5M a year? Nope. And to pay that player every f'ing day when it's clear to literally everyone (including the player) that he isn't producing? Nope. Leury circa 2021 is / was a valuable piece on a winning ballclub as a role player. Leury circa 2021 is / was never going to be an everyday player on a team with playoffs in its future. Leury circa 2022 has a .500 OPS... which is 98 points lower than Zack Greinke's career. My issues with Leury are: 1) he played too damn much 2) he is overpaid, given what his role should be
  10. I don't care who stays or goes, as long as it is 100% the new manager's decision.
  11. Grindiness is an immutable quality. No such thing as "over-the-hill." He came directly from the NL though, but that's another good poiint. At what point does an AL player become an NL player?
  12. Also, at what point does a player cease to become an NL player and become an AL player? If the player is laundered through an intermediary AL team, does that make him an AL player? If so, how long must the player be on that team?
  13. Clearly there's no way to know for sure. Better stick to signing aging past-their-prime AL players just to be sure.
  14. I hope it’s something other than “practice swinging a bat one-handed.”
  15. Sorry - can you enlighten me on what makes NL players ill suited to play for the Sox? Is it like coming over from Japan where players have to adjust to (slightly) larger baseball? Are there additional immunizations that are required in coming over from the NL, thereby diminishing their abilities once they've crossed the border into the American League? If your take is based on "NL players coming to the Sox haven't worked out," AL players haven't really worked out, either (Alonso and Encarnacion, just off the top of my head for recent experience).
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