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  1. You could say that about the PCL or International League, I feel like. One difference other than the size of the baseballs in NPB vs. MLB I thought was that in NPB they use a 6-man rotation with Mondays as regularly scheduled off days for all teams. So you end up with effectively a 7-day cycle vs. a 5-day cycle in the big leagues. Could be wrong on that though.
  2. I love that Moncada isn’t allowed to do anything besides baseball in the offseason.
  3. Agreed. He should be fired for giving LA a player in return for signing a player they released.
  4. There's a 2022 joke in there that just writes itself, probably.
  5. Was he really that bad? My personal impression is that he wasn't any worse than Sheets / Vaughn, but he just whined about having to play out of position and thus got out of it.
  6. FWIW, if this is the guy I'm thinking of, Paul Goodman is viewed as a guru in the field of injury recovery and prevention, in addition to the "traditional" strength training aspects.
  7. At least for Plesac it was more than just the one incident of being a knucklehead. not sure about Clevinger though
  8. Ah yes - that's the asinine quote I was looking for.
  9. I think the Reinsdorf / Hahn / Sox stuff has turned the entire fanbase into cynics.
  10. Or JR leaked this to him, and now Hahn will say "we were in the market for Judge"
  11. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/11/justin-verlander-triggers-opt-out.html URL says it all.
  12. Plus AJ is basically $5MM ahead right now, so he can be had at a pretty good discount for the next team, thus making him more attractive to teams who are looking for a bargain.
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