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  1. Cease is probably a better hitter
  2. So which position player will take the mound today? Some rookie like Sosa? Grizzled vet who grew up dreaming of being a pitcher (like an Andrus type)? Someone you wouldn't expect to want to pitch and would have no expectation of being able to throw 75 (like Vaughn)? ...or some boneheaded move that's just going to risk long-term injury to a legit star (Robert is the only one who qualifies, I think)?
  3. Only if he is the backup. To whom, i don’t know.
  4. I've always treated it as a two-syllable word. However, apparently it's regarded as a 1-syllable word, so I shall correct my haiku.
  5. I hate to say this, but Urena looks good tonight.
  6. Ah yes. Though that would still only bring it up into the mid-3's (or mid-300's, depending on how you count it)
  7. Where are you seeing a 4.71 ERA? He's in the 2.75 range.
  8. Yeah. They’re better in their division than outside of it.
  9. probably works if your kid is 87 and a delusional billionaire, too.
  10. The higher the pick, the higher the disappointment.
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