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  1. yea FG pretty muted on our D overall given how it's supposedly a big strength now. that maldonado defensive number is hilarious. over half a win under defensively at catcher as a guy that is a vet leader.
  2. Yea I was thinking under on Eloy as well. He's not gonna get 600 PA, and if he's the DH for all of them, he won't hit enough to get that value.
  3. can you stay on topic for one post? and yes, if he balls out you 100% use it as leverage.
  4. I've gotta go with Cease on the UNDER. There isn't a chance in hell he makes 174IP on the SS, and maybe he doesn't even make 150 in all of MLB who knows. Going with Yoan OVER. Contract year and all that. @ptatcis a trusted source on injury imo, and if he think Yoan will gut out a few more games, who am I to say otherwise. And if he does have a good year the Sox can pick up his option and still have a good asset. So here's hoping!
  5. Here's the FG projected stats: You take the over, you take the under, it's a simple bet.
  6. If that happens I will have to try and not get banned for excessive swearing and downright vitriol. And yet, there is a chance, that it happens. Management: we're gonna move on from Sheets, he doesn't fit our new defense as a necessity ethos and he can't hit for s%*# either. Also Management: We're gonna replace him with TWTW.
  7. I can see the headline now: "Sheets, Once a Camp Afterthought, Pushing for Playing Time". This is already becoming a minor irritant with my interest this season. By the 4th week of spring, he needs to be cut and replaced with the sloppy seconds from some other, better team that has an actual roster and 40 man crunch.
  8. Trade him to SD for one of their in park taco stand brands.
  9. If I'm Sheets' agent I might just request a DFA. He can go make more money in Japan or something.
  10. He has negative value despite being on a league min deal. Impressive the Sox have managed to keep around so many of those guys on the 40 man under Hahn. Let's hope Getz is more proactive.
  11. We're firmly in the "show me" phase of fandom. We've long moved beyond "trust but verify".
  12. Everything I've read about Michael is that he's a failson that JR barely trusts. If Michael is running the day to day operations at the Berto Center, he's not doing any better job than his dad did the last 15 years. We just have to hope for an out of left field bid once JR croaks and hope Michael is cool being a minority partner. Here's hoping.
  13. Yes, and baseball as a 3 hour everyday in the summer backdrop will always have value. I used to let bad losses ruin my day, fug that s%*#. It's like the Bulls, you can hope they are awesome one day, but you can't get too worked up about any one game in a season you expect at most to win 40 games.
  14. I'm probably somewhere in the middle here. I'm a died in the wool Sox fan. It's in my blood. I'll never be 6 years old again and fall asleep listening to some other team and have my pops sneak in against mom's wishes sometimes and update me on a score. But actively support? When they suck? Hell no. I'll just s%*# post on this forum, make an occasional analytic one, and skip any spring trips or trips down to T-Mobile when they are in town. Following a bad baseball team in my 20s and living and dying every game wasn't worth it. It's certainly not worth it in middle age.
  15. Does anybody know when this all prospect, cactus league game is supposed to happen? Or, if there's a few of them, when Colson is supposed to go? I couldn't find much info on it, other than apparently they are doing some sort of prospect series this spring.
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