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  1. Absolute horse s%*# and yet completely par for the course that they didn't disclose his additional health issues in February. Dude should never have been managing this year. You can't tell me it didn't affect him. This is a young man's league for the most part.
  2. Jose is gone, that's what I'm reading from all the comments. He was a great player for us for the most part that had to deal with a lot of shitty players around him.
  3. I don't even give half a s%*# about quoting myself or breaking down the projections for the squad. It really doesn't matter. We have a good squad. Spending money to bring in premium players would have gotten it done this year, 110 or 135 million dollar payroll be damn. Sometimes 92 wins turns into 82 (or less) because that's baseball. Sign the guys to put u in contention for a s%*# division even when you're projected 80% to win it. This ownership has a "oh everything will go ok" mindset and doesn't understand how baseball works. You talk about rebuilding then Hahn, to his credit, does a decent job, but then you can't sign that extra 2-5 WAR every offseason that every fucking other top 10 payroll contener manages and you don't make the playoffs and you fucking blow it with the fans. Great job, penny smart pound (topical) foolish. Maybe Liz Truss can run the team better, low fucking bar.
  4. You know the team sucks when 75% of the new topics here headed into October are media react s%*#. I'm, we, are too old for s%*# s%*# man.
  5. stunning and brave to print these articles now and not you know, in June when it was apparent that the team was basically a .500 outfit.
  6. I appreciate the time you put into the post but you started with an incorrect premise and the rest of it is invalid after.
  7. this is bad news for Chicago. The good news is there's no indication Illitch's son wants to spend any money, hence hiring this young unproven guy. But imo it's still a good hire.
  8. Nah, another reason to hate the White Sox' season and offseason. It was always going to take 88 or more wins.
  9. This thread is like the Japanese hiding in bunkers on remote islands after the war ended.
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