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  1. bummer we don't appear ready to play .490 baseball from here on out.
  2. they should have sent him home, no idea why they didn't, there was no chance beni would have thrown him out.
  3. "the Sox think he has an explosive fastball" [throws a hanging breaking ball hammered into the corner] White Sox baseball!
  4. if you find yourself in a flame war in a game thread for a .280 team reconsider things. just saying.
  5. guys on my block list half my page is message ignored vile hoopster. his name checks out.
  6. John calls the game like he's a fucking 12 year old girl at a taylor swift show.
  7. I've never seen a player dog it more often than Beni, it doesn't matter what is hit at him, he jogs. It's pretty incredible.
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