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  1. The division is a 40 degree day. The Sox just need to be a 50 degree day.
  2. It's an odd profile. Strikes out 33% of the time, walks like 8.5%, swings at pitches in the zone 69% of the time, outside zone is a decent 32%. Robert is over 40% ozone and over 70% in it. Kelenic's hard hit percentage is 48% and that's really good, I have no idea if that means anything. I'm sure there's some research out there on if hard hit % is an uptick in true talent or is just a "hot streak" after 50-60 games. He's still on pace for like a 3.5 fWAR season, so overall doing good, but he's been stuck on 1.5 fWAR for a few weeks now, it's a slump or is it more?
  3. The Mariners fall 10-3 in SD to go to 30-31. Kelenic over his last month: 221/291/383 with 39K to 9BB.
  4. it's def wildfire smoke. usually it sticks up higher but with the right conditions it gets forced down to ground level. most people describe it as a burning leaves smell or maybe campfire. Personally I don't really smell either of those, more like a burnt marshmallow imo.
  5. They should move the games to that McDonalds in penn station. the homeless can get a free show.
  6. At that level it will be hard to see the baseball past 200 feet. Just cancel the games.
  7. he might stroke out on the mound if he has to breathe this air.
  8. That's about how it looked here, if you could usually see 10 blocks, it was down to 3-4.
  9. If that's the case, cancel the games. I can say from experience that certain neighborhoods will get hit worse than others based on wind patterns and micro climates. If it's that bad in the Bronx, screw it, as much for the fans as the players. People shouldn't be needlessly out in that haze.
  10. So the AQI is around 160 for most of NYC. I don't want to come across as insensitive but Seattle had levels in the 250s before a game was cancelled. Having lived through many smoke seasons now in Seattle I can tell you that levels in the 160-200 range are annoying (eyes will sting a bit), but not so bad that I would change out door plans. When it gets over 200 is when it becomes hazardous for even healthy people and 250 or above is "stay inside". Of course long term it's not good to be breathing in particulates but as far as acute risks there's almost zero at the current levels in NYC. Here is an article that explains it pretty well: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/15/sports/baseball/seattle-mariners-postponed-wildfires-smoke.html
  11. I'll say the same as I did prior to the Tigers series: if they do sweep, it means the season isn't over. We just have so little margin for error the rest of the way, even in a bad division. We need to go on like a 9 of 11 stretch or something, get to .500, and then just stay healthy and battle it out until October with the rest of the mediocre division. I'm dreaming but let's go.
  12. We need some guts from the manager to sit Vaughn and Eloy on occasion. Burger needs to be playing everyday and we don't want to tire him out so some of that has to be DH.
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