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  1. He's now going to a World Series team from last year as a 4th OF. They need some OFs that can catch a ball.
  2. Against LHP: 1.TA SS 2. Robert CF 3. Vaughn 1B 4. Eloy DH 5. Moncada 3B 6. Benintendi LF 7. Grandal C 8. Colas RF 9. Andrus 2B If they decide to sit Colas against the lefty, than Romy I guess.
  3. Wasn’t Elvis re-signed before games started?
  4. At this point, Romy at 3B for a game doesn't sound terrible...
  5. Elvis, you better not start out cold because this guy will take your spot in the lineup if you do.
  6. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2023/03/athletics-trade-rumors-cristian-pache-dfa-waivers.html A's exploring trades for Cristian Pache, who is out of options. Still just 24 with a great speed and defense and had a nice spring. Solid option for 4th OF?
  7. Let Leury play 2 games and then officially DFA him haha
  8. Idk I think you can put the O/U less than that and it would be safe. I don't expect to see him out there at all. No reason to.
  9. Romy looked pretty good in CF going back on a ball (I think there was a video and a Tweet that mentioned he looks like a natural wherever you play him).
  10. He can definitely shoot for as many games as possible but with the guys we have, durability will definitely come into play.
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