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  1. I didn’t even realize he was gone
  2. You want guys to get reps before coming back so it makes sense that, in baseball, guys go on a rehab assignment. I do get the thinking in that "if he's 100%, let him play at the MLB level" if the team is shitty anyway. But I don't think Luis is there yet.
  3. Counterpoint: there’s a lot of bad to insert into the lineup.
  4. Per Grifol, he’s going to miss ax extended period of time. Will be so happy when he’s gone.
  5. Wouldn't be upset if they sent Vaughn down, played Sheets at 1B and then played Pham, Fletcher, DeLoach, Benintendi 🤮 in the 3 OF spots and DH. Get Julks in against lefties since he is here. I guess when Robert comes back, you'd have to send down DeLoach or Fletch.
  6. Yeah I'm not a fan of paying that over 3 years but if he was willing to do a team friendly deal that guarantees him some money (he does have an injury history) for about 5 years, I'd do it.
  7. Thought this as soon as I saw he was DFA'd.
  8. The time he said that a fly ball pitcher (on the White Sox) at Guaranteed Rate Field is a good thing still haunts me.
  9. Eloy to IL, Sheets to DH, DeLoach in RF, Fletcher remaining on the bench? Oscar Colas: same age, also hits left-handed, has higher OPS. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2024/05/white-sox-promote-zach-deloach-mlb-debut-eloy-jimenez-injured-list.html
  10. Crochet is a starter now. Vera has been starting games over parts of 4 seasons.
  11. Yeah if he doesn’t get called up this injury, he has no chance here.
  12. You have a 1B in RF, an infielder in the OF, and Pham who shouldn’t be in CF, in CF.
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