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  1. Wasn’t sure where to post this, but has anyone else not seen any updates on Conforto? You would think we would have read about a showcase happening or being planned by now.
  2. $10M isn’t really “big rotation $” anymore.
  3. When the Sox are working with limited resources, I’m willing to find out if Vaughn can perform as well or better than Abreu during his ages 36-38 seasons for a fraction of the cost. If you re-sign Abreu, you’re probably dealing Hendriks and Giolito and/or Graveman as well.
  4. No. I think most have been penciling him in as the DH, which he should be. We have no idea what this front office will do, however. For all we know, Sheets could be the DH against righties with Eloy in LF and then Eloy is the DH with another right-handed bat in left against lefties. Edit: this would be really dumb.
  5. I’d be ok giving him that deal. We don’t lose a draft pick anymore so whatever.
  6. Definitely pathetic that (if true and let's face it, it probably is) he wants to reduce the payroll from last season in the middle of our competitive window.
  7. Rather they use that money towards the outfield and rotation and just stay in-house at 2B.
  8. Yeah I don't think they picked up the option hoping they would get some sort of a great return for him. I think they just didn't want to pay the buyout either.
  9. I would like to see a more credible source but the Sox trading for Wong would not be at all surprising. Seems like something they would do.
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