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  1. It’s been a blessing that he’s been a big leaguer, and they don’t have to rush Montgomery. And based on the numbers, Colson can stay down all year for all I care. Maybe a September call up if he gets it together and DeJong is traded too.
  2. He’s enjoyable to watch pitch. He’ll have a few stinkers, but the days he’s on, it’s going to be 7-8 innings.
  3. What an inexcusable loss. Kopech and Grifol can both f*** off.
  4. Back to losing today so we can say they’re 2-19 in last 21.
  5. And we beat the Red Sox 14-2 in game 1 of the 2005 ALDS. Basically the last time we had a chance of winning a ring…and did, thankfully.
  6. Tomorrow really is a perfect day to fire Grifol. Friday news dump/ Crochet on the mound. I say go for it!!
  7. Mark me down as one who doesn’t care if the Sox trade Robert. He’s currently on a 120-loss pace team. If they want to get bodies from other teams for Robert or Crochet, go for it. Chances are we’re bad until ownership changes anyway.
  8. If you’re a season ticket holder, I hope at this point you go because you like the atmosphere of a baseball game, and not for the people in the uniforms. The Sox rebuild failed. Crochet is another injury waiting to happen. Robert gets hurt every year too. They are better fits for teams that are close and they can dream on them being available in September and October for a run. The Sox need a massive amount of prospects and then try to emulate what the O’s are doing now. If the deals are right, they have to move them. 120 losses? 125? Abysmal is abysmal.
  9. Duke is the son of Robert Ellis, pitcher drafted by the Sox in 1990 and eventually made it to the bigs and got a ring with the 01 Diamondbacks.
  10. Just to be clear, the 1967 team (a good team), lost the last 5, and the 1968 team started 0-10. I look at the 13 as the team record. I will be rooting for the Red Sox tomorrow if Grifol is managing. He deserves to wear this record.
  11. Ellis- Sox debut #28 this season. A new franchise record, with 100 games left.
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