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  1. Padres moving game time to 8:40p central
  2. I’d be ecstatic if the Sox go to Minnesota 5-5…unless we win 3 in Houston.
  3. June 1st- Sox are a respectable 32-27
  4. I was thinking around 725-.750 OPS. More than anything, I hope him and Andrus are a stable force, batting 8th and 9th most of the time. Maybe push the rest of the so-called stars to stay in the starting lineup as much as them.
  5. I’ll go: Anderson, Benintendi, Jimenez, Robert, Moncada, Vaughn, Grandal, Colas, Andrus —- Alberto, Zavala, Sheets, Gonzalez Cease, Lynn, Giolito, Clevinger, Kopech Lambert, Diekman, Santos, Ruiz, Bummer, Kelly, Graveman, Lopez
  6. I think everyone knows the 26 already, but as far as the Sox putting out a tweet with the final moves, that comes tomorrow. Hahn already spoke today, so I’m thinking he didn’t want to talk Leury yet.
  7. Assuming the final moves won’t be announced until tomorrow morning. That’s when they have to be in to MLB.
  8. So now that we know the stating 9 is healthy, how do you line them up vs Framber?
  9. To answer the person who asked, Colas is number 22.
  10. Sox are working out at Minute Maid now, so maybe we get the Moncada update and final moves later this afternoon. Not sure if MLB is requiring final rosters today or tomorrow morning.
  11. 88-74, good enough for the 3-seed Astros, Blue Jays, White Sox, Yankees, Mariners, Guardians going to predict the Sox rotation stays relatively healthy, and make 150 starts Eloy stays off the IL and hits 46 homers
  12. Season record? AL playoff teams? other?
  13. Sox have landed in Houston. Wonder where Leury is right now?
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