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  1. I thought he quit baseball. Re-signed
  2. We should go for this guy next week. Sox and Oakland like 3-ways. Make it happen, Hahn.
  3. The Committee vote is being announced Sunday night on MLB Network. Belle, Bonds, Clemens, Mattingly, McGriff, Murphy, Palmeiro, Schilling are on the ballot. The voters are Paul Beeston, Theo Epstein, Steve Hirdt, Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, Arte Moreno, Kim Ng, Jack Morris, LaVelle Neal, Ryne Sandberg, Susan Slusser, Lee Smith, Dave St Peter, Alan Trammell, Frank Thomas, Ken Williams 12 out of 16 get you in. Fred McGriff is a no-doubter. I’d be fine with anyone except Belle and Palmeiro.
  4. 5th starter gets the home opener. Get a haircut and don’t suck.
  5. In fairness, he did say let’s get nuts.
  6. I appreciate Abreu’s path to the majors, and some of the things he’s accomplished. It’s time for him to go. It’s an easy call. Vaughn needs to play 140+ games at 1b, and the same for Eloy at DH.
  7. Rolen, Helton, Kent, Rollins, Buehrle, Hunter, Beltran I guess if enough voters wanted Andruw Jones and Billy Wagner, I’d vote for them too. Arod, Sheffield, Manny…nah Tim Hudson shouldn’t have fallen off the ballot last year. I’m losing interest in this. The committee vote will be announced 12/4. Hopefully McGriff gets in. Clemens and Bonds (and Schilling), should be interesting.
  8. Mendick will probably sign back, I’m thinking. 2nd base will probably be the one position they piecemeal all season.
  9. Favorite- Gray road jersey with diamond sock patch. No Nike logo. The 83s have been overdone. I suppose they have to do it one more year for the 40th anniversary, but I hope they’re done after that.
  10. It’s cute they announce “finalists”. Is there a run off now? Cease finished second. Duh.
  11. Brett also said he got a 3yr deal. Something the Sox would never confirm. Not a surprising amount of time, but now you know. If Ventura got 5 years as manager, I’ll take the over with Grifol.
  12. Menechino soon to be single. Get it?
  13. Basically George is friends with Jerry in AZ. Kinda kicked it over the goal line for Grifol. I would recommend listening to it. GB is old school, but why wouldn’t he be?
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