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  1. I'm pretty sure the Sox spend their entire allotment every draft.
  2. I think the SoxMachine article indicated they were negotiating with Smith right up until the pick.
  3. He should really change his name to Phil Phox from Philly.
  4. Eddys are better swimmers. Eddie's always have a younger brother complex.
  5. Why does one Peyton spell his name with an "e", and another with an "a". Do they mean different things?
  6. Banking more money with the higher slot value. You only tank one instead of multiple, cheaper slots.
  7. slot values for those keeping track: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/mlb-draft-slot-values-money-pick-worth-2024/1b38d9cca2ad6777cbc0e527
  8. List of things I want from the internet: 1) real time tally of international slot dollars spent/not spent per MLB team, by annual class 2) complete list of undrafted free agents signed, by draft class I'm sure it's all out there, I'm just lazy
  9. nice piece by James Fegan on the day 1 intrigue. Lot of Shirley reaction. https://soxmachine.com/2024/07/white-sox-2024-mlb-draft-day-1-recap/
  10. Very nice piece by James Fegan on day 1 of the draft. Lot of Shirley reaction, top 5 intrigue. https://soxmachine.com/2024/07/white-sox-2024-mlb-draft-day-1-recap/
  11. Lefty bench bat who should probably be non-tendered this winter. There's a lot of guys his level playing 1B and DH on .500 teams.
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