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  1. Baseball games are the best way to spend time with my nephew and his kids. Sorry, I won't be boycotting my family just to support a bunch of cranks who hate everything, anyway.
  2. I like all of Getz's moves except Maldonado and don't see the point of Moustakas, but if it keeps Sheets off the team, I'll allow it. Pedro Grifol could just sit in the team bus during games, and I really don't care what he has to say, at this point.
  3. Is there a blog or message board Reinsdorf reads where he might actually see the vitriol?
  4. And if you think that me suggesting that the next step would be to try Thompson as a reliever, then teach him a knuckler is "ripping" on him, you're way more sensitive than I am.
  5. I say that Thompson's lost all prospect momentum, because nobody who evaluates Sox prospects considers Thompson to be an important prospect to pay attention to anymore. Perhaps you can put out your own top 30 so we can marvel. You don't seem to be able to sense when somebody's making a joke. That's too bad.
  6. Who's ripping Thompson? He's lost all prospect momentum, and now he's a project. He's not bad. He's just not standing out from the guys behind him. I'm not alone in that assessment, either, as he has fallen off of pretty much all prospect evaluators' radar. you keep ignoring that. You also seem to ignore that, all things being equal, a left-handed pitcher has a bit more value than a righty due to rarity. You think the Sox have too many, already. I just find it weird that you don't think an organization ever gets to trade a player until there's no possible way any other team can see him as useful. Maybe there were still some fixes they could work with Scott Ruffcorn on. I think they cut bait there, too soon.
  7. He did in Kannapolis. I guess he forgot everything Chris Getz personally taught him when the Cubs meddled.
  8. Sammy Peralta, one of 6 lefty relievers at AA or AAA.
  9. Matt Thompson is no longer a "prospect", as we use that word. He has quietly slipped off all but one top 30 lists. So, Getz is at a crossroads with Thompson. Do they now start working with him as a reliever? And when he still can't throw strikes, teach him a knuckleball? Then when that doesn't work, try him at 2B? Or they can deal him as a change-of-scenery candidate, or possible reliever, and get some value for him. And yes, a AAA lefty who is getting good reviews in his sick stuff is definite value. It's about resources. They have limited pitching coach resources at each level, so they can either work with Thompson, yet again, on figuring out anything that will get him to throw strikes more consistently, or they can use those limited resources on the wave of 5-7 guys right behind Thompson who already throw strikes and have a lot more helium in their own prospect cases. This move is completely in line with the rebuild. The last 3 trades brought back 4 players, each with 6 years of major league control.
  10. squeeze bunt RBI by Remillard after Stassi triple.
  11. Nice, fast 2 innings by Deivi Garcia.
  12. Radio broadcast at MLB.com https://www.mlb.com/padres/video/sd-cws-spring-training-audio-91076
  13. WestEddy

    ST Thread

    That's great news. I believe they were targeting the All-Star game for his return. Maybe they're not using the 60-day IL on him for a reason...
  14. Horn is closer to the bigs, and is left-handed. Whether you choose to recognize that as a plus or not is meaningless. the Sox just watched Horn pitch up close last Friday, and probably saw a pitcher who was workable. Thompson sure looks like he stalled out, Rick Hahn's empty praise aside. I certainly wish Thompson and Mena well. I cringe at the guys who call players "hot garbage" and such. I seriously don't know if I'm not getting a inside site joke, or something. I remember the online blow-ups over at SouthSideSox when Jim Margalus ran it - over the trade of Jake Peter, or cutting Jordan Guerrero, two guys who brushed the bottom of the top ten for truly awful White Sox prospect lists back in the early-mid teens. You're advocating for never trading or cutting anybody except for 6 years of a sure-fire, can't miss #1 prospect who is 22 or younger. We all need to have dreams, but that's not really the way baseball works. MLB now has an organizational limit on players, and I'd rather the Sox concentrate on catching the 17-year-olds with stuff and working with them instead of pounding their heads against the wall with a guy who hasn't really clicked in 4 minor league seasons.
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