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  1. I’m not buying it. Even if Moncada has a good season he will still be a huge injury risk. JR isn’t going to eat $25 million to see if Moncada can both stay healthy and be productive two seasons in a row.
  2. And Little Nicky Lopez at more than double the salary ($4.3 million) of each of them. It’s amazing how much money bad players can earn in the MLB.
  3. It was per Bob Nightengale but I can’t find the exact article. Here’s one that references it. https://www.sportsmockery.com/chicago-white-sox/tim-anderson-receives-2-million-contract-offer-from-marlins/
  4. The Marlins offer is only $2 million guaranteed to Tim Anderson, and he gets to start at SS. Getz definitely jumped the gun on the defensive guys he wanted. Rosario is a ridiculously better signing than DeJong for only $1.5 million, even though Rosario’s glove is in question. DeJong has been so bad over the years that he should have only been given a minor league deal and had to perform in ST to earn his spot.
  5. JR is paying that $5 million dollar buyout as fast as he can.
  6. And what has changed? Getz acquired a bunch of unproven pitchers or pitchers that came from the dumpster because they were old, bad, injured, or all of the above.
  7. You’re going to have guaranteed back-to-back enjoyable seasons then.
  8. At least if you are going to dumpster dive, go after guys like Rosario that can bounce back. Not guys like DeJong and Lopez who simply are what they are at this point.
  9. And as down of a year that Rosario had last year, he was still better than DeJong. Yet Getz gave DeJong more money.
  10. A 27 year old 1B/DH with a career OPS of .690 has no trade value, and even less to a team like the Orioles that has much better prospects that can play all over. And just because our dumb manager throws him in the outfield doesn’t mean he can play there.
  11. Rosario was a 4 win player in 2022 with the Guardians. Nicky Lopez and Paul DeJong must feel like they hit the Leury jackpot getting paid more than Rosario.
  12. “Publicly Funded Field.” Make the address 1 Billion Boulevard.
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