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  1. Does “The 78” have room for both a new Sox stadium AND a Saudi embassy? Maybe tray would go along with that?
  2. There are some prize winners out there. Sometimes they are huge and hairy. Not quite sure how some dudes manage to subdue these sloppy things.
  3. “Orioles placed RHP Kyle Bradish on the 15-day injured list with a right UCL sprain.”
  4. It was a valiant effort but our team proved too much for you in its badness. Thank you for your service.
  5. JR probably doesn’t even think that Crochet earned his guaranteed rookie contract. He most definitely GONE.
  6. It’s 100% sarcasm. Some homer posters on this site were trying to argue that Flexen actually had some trade value once he moved from full-time starter to part-time starter / long relief.
  7. Exactly. There is no rhyme or reason to Getz’s moves. It was pretty mucb one bad outing and it’s not like his ERA shot above 5. This is our top developmental mind? He’s an idiot. Way to crush a guy’s confidence even further after he has been pitching very well for the majority of the season. And to any homer that wants to disagree, Getz decided to keep proven bums/older relievers like Justin Anderson, Chad Kuhl, and Mike Soroka on the roster instead. What a terrible GM. Even @WestEddy couldn’t make up an excuse for this mid-management.
  8. No, he has trade value. What’s his FIP?
  9. Great callout. This will likely be another reason no team will ever give up a haul for a top pitcher at the deadline. Vaughn Grissom… lol. The Red Sox picked up $17 million of Sale’s $19 million dollar salary and got back a younger Romy Gonzalez from the Braves.
  10. I’m assuming Robert won’t get dealt cuz no team will meet the demands. I think Fedde, Crochet, and Kopech will be traded. So yeah, we have 3 good trade chips and Kopech.
  11. Unfortunately, by the time we get to the deadline, guys like Sheets, Pham, and DeJong will be closer to a .700 OPS than an .800 OPS and they aren’t going to garner much. We have two good trade chips and Kopech. Hopefully, Getz can get something for them.
  12. Wait, I thought Flexen had trade value or something? 🤣
  13. If this is sarcasm, you nailed it. If not, I hope those bath salts don’t kill you.
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