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  1. I definitely had tears in my eyes when I heard that my boyhood hero died, I idolized Little Nell and the first thing I would do when looking at White Sox box scores in the 50s and 60s is how many hits Nellie had in a game, if the Sox lost a game it was bad and if Nellie didn’t get any hits it was really bad, if the Sox won and Nellie had 2 or 3 hits, life was good and I was on cloud 9. I never heard that some thought that Aparicio might have made the difference and the Sox might have won the Division in 1972, yeah we could have used someone better than Alvarado, Richard and Morales at short in 72 but then no Andrews to play second and most believe as I do that losing Melton in June with a back injury was why the Sox came up 5 games short in 72.
  2. I’ve been a big fan of Joey Wendle going back to his early days with the Rays, I always hoped he would be a member of the White Sox but doesn’t look like that will ever happen.
  3. Former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has died at age 100. Quite a resume in his time serving his country with some controversy but IMHO he was a pretty good Secretary of State.
  4. We are cruising next week also on the Sky Princess, what ship are you on?
  5. I agree on Grifol, how this Bozo kept his job is a huge mystery.
  6. That’s funny being too young, I’m 78 and yes I do remember Bevington and his being a joke of a manager but I still think Grifol is worse.
  7. I believe Gio wants to sign with the Sox thus his less than truthful analysis of what went wrong with the Sox last season, he couldn’t call out the players individually and of course couldn’t say that the team was managed by a complete idiot and who was the most incompetent manager the Sox have had in my lifetime.
  8. I loved that team, naturally Nellie was my all time favorite, attended game 2 of the World Series which was a heartbreaking loss to the Dodgers.
  9. Right now I think the Sox keep Eloy as well as Vaughn and of course Robert, if those 3 play to their potential it’s not a bad middle of the the order, the key is getting those 3 as well as others in the lineup to start working counts and stop swinging at everything without any kind of a plan while in the batters box. I also think Benintendi is going to do fine as a lead off guy, he was hampered last year with the bad wrist and he should be back to normal hitting close to .300 with more power, probably 15 homers. Now we come to Moncada, he’s basically un-tradable so we have to hope that someone kicks this guy in the ass and he’s the Moncada of 2019, the guy is a damn good fielder. We still need a rightfielder and a second sacker and catching is a big question mark. That brings us to the pitching staff, Getz is going to have to perform miracles to come up with a Major League staff, not sure how he does that if we keep everybody I mentioned, he’s definitely between a rock and a hard place. He can trade most of them and maybe have a decent pitching staff but a minor league batting order, the other scenario which I’m not holding my breath on is signing a bunch of premier free agents.
  10. Pretty depressing but unfortunately pretty true, if things don’t get better pretty damn quick then we might be seeing the White Sox in another city when the lease expires on GRF.
  11. Not a whole lot to get excited about.
  12. Hard to believe it’s been 60 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, something that most who were alive will never forget. I was a Senior at Sullivan High School near Loyola University in Rogers Park and just returned to classes after 7th period lunch, we were told that the President was dead and classes were dismissed and everyone headed home and were glued to the TV for the next 3 days.
  13. Nothing to get excited about and realizing that he’s only here until Montgomery is ready, since we aren’t going anywhere for awhile I hope they don’t rush Monty.
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