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  1. I think most of us had some emotions during the 1990 season as very soon a place that we loved would not be us with any longer. I'm going to go back to 1981 for another emotional game, my cousin and I attended a game in June against the Yankees, it was the last night before the players were to go on strike. The Sox were playing great ball and IIRC were a game out of first as the addition of Fisk and Luzinski made Sox contenders for the first time since the 77 season. The Sox won that game and not knowing how long the strike would be my cousin and I were literally the last fans to leave the park, we just sat there looking out at that wonderful green grass with all those green seats and I remember my cousin saying ''God, I love this place", nothing more was needed to say as we finally left the park with tears in our eyes.
  2. Correct on all points, the Wrigley's did a good job with the sightlines down in the corners. If I had one beef about old Comiskey was that if you sat down in the corners they were some of the worst seats in MLB as you left with a stiff neck, the worst seats were actually if there was a full house and you got stuck in the last seat in the last row down the right field line up ln the lower grandstand seats, not only did you have to crane your neck but at that part of the park you had to deal with 2 support beams, I sort of knew the ballpark pretty good not only from attending a couple hundred games from 1955 until it closed but I also was a vendor there and at Wrigley during the 1962 season.
  3. Comiskey was super and I have so many memories beginning with my first game in 1955 but Chicago Stadium was something special, IMHO it was the greatest hockey arena ever built and the place will never be duplicated. What a shame that those 2 great places are no longer with us.
  4. ...and how bad of an owner JR is for hiring a useless comatose has been.
  5. I've been a fan since 1952 and I'm very close especially after the 2022 season to not giving a **** anymore. At 77 years old not too many things excite me anymore but I might be pretty excited with new ownership, 41 years of JR and company are enough.
  6. I think they will be better than last year which isn’t saying a lot. First, they have to stay healthy. Second, some attitude adjustments are in order especially from Moncada and Anderson. Third, who will be the closer now that Liam is out probably for the year. Fourth, I hope I’m wrong but I think the loss of Abreu is going to hurt, who is going to step up and be the leader. Fifth point, who is the rightfielder? 6th point and on the good side is I think that the addition Benintendi is going to help and that Grifol is going to be a damn good manager. If things go their way, I say the Sox go 86-76 and contend for a WC.
  7. Nahorodny better than Karkovice, no way. I’d take Karko 7 days a week with twice on Sunday.
  8. Yes he did spend more time with the Sox than any other team but unfortunately is sporting a New York Giants cap on his HOF plaque.
  9. I'll go with 12. Officer Karkovice hit one of the longest and hardest hit homers I saw in person at old Comiskey, IIRC it was in 1989 and we were sitting way out in left centerfield in the upper deck about 5 rows up and Karko hit a laser that went over our heads by about 4 or 5 rows. When you think about it, it should have been a roof shot but as I said it was a laser shot, more of a line drive than a moon shot.
  10. Wrigley Field is a tourist destination, how many out of towners would attend Flubs games if they played at 35th and Shields. Recent history shows that when the Brewers were in the AL very few fans from Milwaukee would attend Sox- Brewer games in Chicago but many Sox fans including me attended quite a few games in Milwaukee.
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