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  1. Yeah, we drove by the stadium last week on the way to dinner, from the road you could see extensive damage. Ian really did a number to our area and so many things still have to be fixed plus the massive clean up is ongoing and who knows how long it will take. The roofers down here are going to busy for a least a couple of years, it's amazing seeing so many homes with blue tarps waiting for new roofs. We live in a condo with our street having condos on one side and single family homes on the other, our condo didn't lose a shingle as we had a new roof put up in April and most of the other condos made out well but every single family house is tarped.
  2. I always thought that Walker was going to be maybe a superstar especially with that sweet swing of his but it was not to be and then he had a seizure in 1988 just about ending his career.
  3. I'm old and wanted to put Appling on my SS list but I never saw Luke play and I'm not THAT old.
  4. My take is they couldn't get together on money or years.
  5. Didn't realize that, I wonder if the Sox are interested.
  6. We should try prying a catcher from the Ray's, they have 3 with Mejia, Bethancourt and Zunino. Zunino is coming back after surgery last year and not sure how he will be.
  7. Shortstop has been pretty good, off the top of my head since 1952 we’ve had Carassquel, Aparicio twice, Hansen, Dent, Guillen, Valentine, Uribe, Ramirez and Anderson. Might have left off a few, we had some years that were pretty bad at short also.
  8. I think we need to get a tie with England and then England beats Wales.
  9. We needed a win against Wales, it's going to be hard now to advance out of the group, need at least a tie against England to have a chance.
  10. I bet he does too, he'd be a gazillionaire.
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