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  1. Didn’t Reinsdorf buy some land near the United Center, maybe it will be built there. I still think 78 is the better place.
  2. OMG. I hope MLB isn’t seriously considering expansion, there aren’t enough good pitchers to go around right now, it would be a joke if they went ahead with expansion.
  3. Why? Does Getz have any kind of a clue.
  4. The big problem is the White Sox year by year are becoming less and less relevant in the Chicago Metropolitan area and their share of the market is becoming less and less. Places like NW Indiana and SW Michigan were once home to many White Sox fans but are now Cubs country. The Sox have never been popular in Illinois south of Chicago as that is Cubs and Cardinal country. We will in our lifetimes never see the Sox as popular as the Cubs, the only hope is new ownership along with a new stadium at the 78 property which will help with out of towners and the local casual fan who won’t travel to 35th and Shields but would make the trip to the South Loop to catch a Sox game. All my acquaintances that I’ve known in my years in Florida and have visited Chicago never took in a game at the new park but of course saw a Cubs game at Wrigley, a few old timers did visit old Comiskey in the 1950s and 60s. I’m old enough to remember when Chicago had 2 NFL teams, in fact I went to the second to last Cardinal game in 1959. I remember the NBA Packers/Zephyrs who lasted 2 years in Chicago and moved to Baltimore and are now the Washington Wizards, went to a few of their games when they played at the Amphitheater. This notion that MLB will never let the White Sox leave Chicago is a bunch of baloney, money talks, bull s%*# walks. Don’t ever forget that MLB let the Dodgers and Giants leave New York City after the 1957 season, who would have predicted that. The next couple of years on and off the field will tell a lot about the future of the Sox in Chicago, keep your fingers crossed.
  5. Sounds good but that would never happen. JR has to sell, tax savings or not, does he not realize he is scum in the minds of Sox fans and probably the most hated man in Chicago, oh wait, Cub fans probably love him.
  6. .283 winning percentage, Sox are sliding down to 1962 NY Mets suckage. I’ve never been so depressed in my 72 years as a Sox fan, I’ve lived and died with this team and lost countless hours of sleep through the decades. I was born a hop, skip and a jump from Comiskey Park but I’m so close to giving up and not caring anymore. This is what the detestable Jerry Reinsdorf had done to us Sox fans, I’ve never been a fair weather fan and supported this team through thick and thin since 1952 but what Reinsdork and his other clowns have given us this year is a crime. I’ve already given up with the Blackhawks and am a huge TB Lightning fan so it wouldn’t be hard to devote all my energy with the Rays but they really stink this year. I will probably wait until the off-season and see if they spend some money and try to improve the team, if not then it will be good-bye
  7. One of the things they didn’t work on in ST.
  8. I was at that game as we made a trip up from Florida.
  9. Without a doubt, just horrible, what do they teach these bozos at umpiring school.
  10. This season Colas isn’t even AAAA fodder. I have no idea why this guy hasn’t panned out but at this point they should just trade him and get what they can for him. It’s obvious that he’s not in future White Sox plans
  11. It can’t get here soon enough, I despise JR and what he has done to our franchise.
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