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  1. Mets have promised to be patient and rebuild the right way with youth under Stearns. They're also likely to lose Alonso to FA and Lindor has been a massive disappointment and lastly Atl/Philly the better teams by far. Look at Hader for another example of a closer who looked close to untouchable and where he's at now. Have max out those guys like Clase and Duran as youngsters...$100+ million contracts for vets almost never work out in this day and age.
  2. Veras has little value because he doesn't play a premium position...he simply has to hit everywhere he goes. Not unlike Burger...but at least there's something of a track record there now. Still impossible to write him off when he's had that oblique injury affecting his hit tool.
  3. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/40145890/mlb-load-management-next-big-thing-rock-baseball
  4. Sounds too much like Stiever lol.
  5. The test for every Sox pitcher is always going to be Charlotte and Chicago in the summer months...just as Charlotte offensive numbers can be suspect, you have the opposite sppression effect on the pitching side of things.
  6. And then? It has happened twice since the late 90s and neither led to a WS. It was F.Garcia/Contreras and hitting on all those largely castoff anf undervalued FA's leading into 2005...utilizing all the savings from Ordonez Lee Valentin and spreading it out efficiently. Not sure if any Sox fans are willing to suspended disbelief about FA spending again after watching Wheeler Machado and Harper each get away.
  7. Thorpe and Ramos are going to get force fed into the big leagues... Still, inexplicably, have Sheets in the OF. That alone is hard to understand.
  8. 49-113 pace right now. Feels about right. That's before they dump 1/5th or as much as 1/4th of their roster at the deadline.
  9. With Tim Anderson the most rapid descent of any Sox player in decades...he went from DQ spokesperson to soon making Blizzards.
  10. Keller Reign of Terror will be over soon...still don't have many options left to turn to at AA and AAA beyond Thorpe and maybe Iriarte.
  11. Elder "care" spokesperson seems even worse than even used cars...
  12. According to officials, the race brought in more than $8.3 million in state and local tax revenues in 2023, with 52% of attendees visiting from out-of-state for the event. The broadcast was NBC's most-watched NASCAR race since 2017, and the most-streamed race in NBC's history.
  13. That all playoff teams dream on TOR arms like Skenes for the playoff starts...not Feddes Gibsons or Flahertys. I guess.
  14. But Gio also had two previous All Star/Cy Young vote seasons and that prospect pedigree of once having the best stuff of any prep RHP in baseball, as well as playoff experience.
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