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  1. Conversely, we will all be saying 2-3 years from now they had one last shot to turn the momentum around this offseason if they had embraced a bold outsider's perspective on a possible fix or retool on the fly. Hahn is likely to play it super conservatively so that his neck isn't sticking out very far...like a turtle.
  2. Signalling a philosophy shift starting in 2024 with Anderson Cease Kopech so close to their expiration dates...and the lack of depth in the farm system, a rebuild seems all but inevitable. They ALSO really need to pinpoint a young catcher to build around, that's one position that is consistently overlooked.
  3. Not with so many question marks surrounding Luis Robert and Yoan Moncada.
  4. And the payroll will have to suffer since fans are no longer willing to trust this front office and buy into the product...unless they hit a home run with their managerial hire and new coaching staff. No more Boston, for example. So they have maybe 10-15% odds of pulling it off.
  5. Surprised his own isn't there taking credit for 2008 Game 163 victory/coin flip call with Thome/Griffey at his side to protect him from criticism.
  6. Would you sign Pollock for $8 million at age 34-35?
  7. Wisconsin and Nebraska are more responsive than the Sox. Five P5 teams have already shown coaches the door less than halfway through the season. NW (or Indiana) might be next, and they're building an $800 million smaller, more intimate Ryan Field with 12000 fewer seats.
  8. They better get this managerial hire right for a change.
  9. All that'll get them is a 25-30% fall off in season ticket sales.
  10. "All you really need to know about the Rays is that they have been slotted in the top 10 of MLB Pipeline’s farm system rankings for a record 12 consecutive years, and this is the sixth time in those 12 years that they are headed to the postseason. That is a really difficult trick to pull off for any franchise, let alone one with the revenue challenges the Rays face, relative to their AL East peers." Anthony Castrovince MLB.com
  11. You know they're going with Davis Martin and half assing it again for depth...see VV type at best.
  12. Looks a lot different with Rodon still around and Lynn’s normal season…I think he was the AL and maybe MLB leader in fWAR from 2018/19-2021. Whichever year he was great for Texas starting the string.
  13. Marlins would laugh at that one…unless it’s Colas, Vera or Montgomery.
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