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  1. With 9 teams separated by just a few games in the NL Wild Card race, think the incentive to separate oneself would have some definite value, but the majority of modern fanbases seem content to follow the KW theorem of "fixing things at the trade deadline" instead of spending money from the get-go. Red Sox have fallen into this zone of contention, much like the Cubs. On the periphery of being a really good club, but with numerous bad moments that can sink them. Neither ownership really willing to spend to win at all costs anyway, whether it's the Ricketts family or John Henry and his other various sporting concerns (EPL, etc.)
  2. This goes back to the first groin injury Robert had a couple of seasons ago...or was it 3? At any rate, he was only playing at about 75-80%, at best, and very hesitant about going anywhere near the wall. Probably the same situation where they managed to bring him back 2-3 weeks too early and he never was 100% comfortable from a physical standpoint until the following season. Obviously, this particular season's injury wasn't QUITE as serious as that one, which was a complete tear.
  3. https://www.nbcsportschicago.com/nba/chicago-bulls/bulls-news/is-michael-jordans-1987-88-dpoy-justified-new-report-claims-bulls-legends-stats-were-falsified/571002/ Former Sox scorekeeper Bob Rosenberg accused of padding Jordan’s defensive stats in 1980’s DPOY campaign….NOT shocking. Harrelson always brought up that guy in the booth.
  4. Scoring one or two runs per game but having almost every single outing blown by the pen or just losing badly isn't quite as interesting. If you're going all out to be bad, be historically bad while you're at it.
  5. Well, he's ALMOST up to a 700 OPS, but the strikeout in the 1st was deflating. Who else do they have to hype, with Robert and Crochet both on the chopping block, potentially?
  6. Fedde needs to keep that ERA closer to 3 than 4...can we get at least one decent trade candidate if Crochet or Robert aren't moved, por favor? Noticed that Remillard has a 419 OPS (yikes) at Charlotte, Montgomery at 717 but still that low average. Colson should at least be in the 775-825 range playing half his games at that bandbox of a stadium.
  7. Also a good reason bringing up someone like Baldwin from AA would be pretty much insane. Let them play and win together, if nothing else, if provides Merkin something to write about every couple of weeks. Sergio Santos on White Sox Double-A affiliate (mlb.com)
  8. Well, at least we didn't extend Colt Keith, there's that. Still struggling at a 588 ops, with a .233 BA, those are some pretty darned ugly XB and BB numbers there, and he's not really a strong defender, either.
  9. Flaherty continuing to show the Orioles they made a mistake in letting him go....although obviously didn't pitch great LAST season. With all the injuries, now they are short on pitching, even with the addition of Burnes (obviously Hall also departed to MIL). ERA for Flaherty now below 3 at 2.97.
  10. Testament to Aja Wilson, current MVP favorite, she's barely first over Clark in early All Star balloting. Griner low, Taurasi not even Top 30. 6 White hoopers in Top 12. The funniest one is Kate Martin at 4.5 ppg for LV but hardly playing now. At least no Megan Gustafson. Go Hawkeye Nation! https://sports.yahoo.com/aja-wilson-caitlin-clark-top-initial-round-of-fan-voting-for-wnba-all-star-game-185938379.html July 20th is going to be fun. All-Star Game in Phoenix, home to Taurasi/Griner as well. JUST IN: Atlanta Dream is moving tonight's game from their regular court (Gateway Center Arena - capacity 3,500) to the NBA court (State Farm Arena - capacity 19,050). Just saw on their news that they're expecting a sellout crowd w/ standing room only. That's massive.
  11. What would Schiffren do…? https://www.yahoo.com/sports/oh-goodness-watch-reporter-completely-155156647.html
  12. Colas has definitely been hitter for better average/contact and sure better versus RHP. Mendick simply didn’t have much of a chance there.
  13. Jimenez, Moncada, Benitendi $63 million (2024-25 buyouts included) Touissant $1.3 million Stassi $1.24 million Leury $5.5 million Pillar $1 million Leone $1.5 million Tim Hill $1.8 million Soroka $3 million Maldonado $3.25 million Brebbia $5.5 million Lopez $4.3 million Liam Hendriks still owed $15 million in deferred money over time Roughly $115 million … up in smoke. Poof.
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