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  1. Twins have now lost 4 games in a row, first time all season at .500. Sox just four games back. Have to be worried about Correa and now Buxton seems to be out again. Just not getting enough clutch hitting outside of Kiriloff, Polanco and Lewis again tonight. While Lopez has improved their rotation, Arraez's .400 BA being out of that line-up has really hurt the offensive output.
  2. I rode him for fantasy after that initial burst but he's on the borderline of moving on from in the next week or two. Elly de la Cruz is the new flavor of the month, haha. I guess the only thing you can say from watching prospects for so long is that the normal progression is a really strong rookie season...followed by the sophomore slump as pitchers make adjustments. Now with all the video and technology, players will go through multiple streaks and then readjustments within a single season. Seems like the biggest thing with Kelenic is to stay consistent with his approach and to stop doubting himself (easier said than done) and attempting to make mechanical changes from game to game and at-bat to at-bat. Same thing with James Outman, who was the flavor of the month in the early going before hitting a prolonged slump.
  3. Robin Ventura and Alex Gordon both made tons of mistakes at 3B before ending up as Gold Glove caliber players at that spot as well as in LF through the assistance and mentoring of former Sox player Rusty Kuntz. Burger has obviously done a better job THIS year before Moncada returned than any stretch of play in 2022. It's the same kind of thinking that got the likes of Narvaez and Semien pushed out of the organization...either "we can't coach them up" or "they are what they are," but we know from numerous examples that players can make adjustments if they get full coaching support and just someone to believe in them, which sounds simplistic but has a lot of validity. The Dodgers with Max Muncy having played pretty much every infield position but SS are the prime example of a player who profiles similarly to Burger from a physical standpoint. He might never be a "plus" defender, but he can at least be pretty close to league average and his bat can carry his value at a position other than 1B/DH.
  4. "The cortisone shot knocked out what Xander was dealing with in spring training and the WBC. Then he got hit by a pitch by Spencer Strider and it's too soon to get another. It's certainly good to hear that Bogaerts doesn't need surgery, but it's also disheartening to hear that he's likely going to be bothered by this issue all season." That sounds similar to Benintendi... minus the wrist surgery. Definitely not the same player. Machado just came back from two weeks off with his own hand/HBP issues. At least Juan Soto is finally playing like a star again. They would have been much better off (financially) with Kim at SS, Cronenworth at 2B and a more traditional 1B. Preller (seemingly) got desperate to make more news when all the big ticket free agents evaporated after Judge turned them down...
  5. That looks like the profile of the average White Sox hitter outside of Burger and Robert this year. Although Robert's Ks fit right in.
  6. Gary Sanchez might be the one to save Padres. Four homers in less than two weeks. Scoring 4 or more runs=26-4... likely to be 27-4 Scoring 3 runs or less=2-29
  7. https://sports.yahoo.com/oakland-as-proposed-las-vegas-move-stalls-without-a-vote-from-nevada-legislature-165018373.html
  8. Braves disagree with Ozuna on this...
  9. https://www.fangraphs.com/standings/playoff-odds Fangraphs doesn't agree with you, since 62% of the season still remains...
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/between-kumar-rocker-jacob-degrom-001403162.html
  11. Oh I guess you meant that specific trade with Minn/Miami...two currently playoff bound teams.
  12. Runs scored over the last eight games 9,1,10,1,6,1,5,1 2-23 in games with 0 or 1 runs scored
  13. Moncada moving to SS is roughly the same likelihood as an Ohtani signing this off season by the White Sox.
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