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  1. Sox are three sluggers short of a quality lineup.
  2. Leaving Chicago would help any hitter. They will hit at a guaranteed rate in their new venue.
  3. That's what trolls do. Guarantee you he has numerous accounts and an exciting personal life in mom's basement. Possibly a sheep or two in lingerie.
  4. We have fantasy league guys who would trade Crochet for a prospect package on the eve of Game 7. We have gamblers who don't care about winning. We have rebuild guys, non-boomers who forget that the Sox are not capable of rebuilds. Nicky Lopez and Corey Julks are not my idea of a rebuild. All of the scrappy guys we got end up with .650 OPS. Right now logic would dictate signing a couple of position players to go with a decent pitching core moving forward. Since we don't have money for that we complain about boomers who want to win and the owner who needs to retire on an ice floe. That leaves us Getz and Grifol to take us to the promised land. Let's move on from Yo and Eloy as well. This team has no spirit as Hawk might say. Bunch of dead people. The fans are perversely bitter.
  5. I am indoors I don't care if it's raining or who is straight.
  6. Veteran players either learn to play injured or play smart to avoid injuries.
  7. Robert is fun to watch but does not square the ball up like an elite hitter. He is mostly a casual player.
  8. Listening to Schriffen is like taking your mom to the game.
  9. Eloy is barely qualified as a DH who doesn't hit much.
  10. AB is already past .500 so mission accomplished.
  11. John will learn that Steve does not like anyone.
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