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  1. I would have already signed Q and Cueto then traded Geo for a hitter. Enough of the old blood.
  2. Allow me to speculate that one Carlos Rodon will receive a contract approaching the zip code of the deal consummated by deGrom. One might argue that Carlos presents a larger risk for a five year deal perhaps correctly; however Carlos has nine potential bidders according to the non-food insiders. These numbers may reflect the value assigned to a very effective part time SP.
  3. I would definitely trade ol Luke for a couple prospects. His expertise doesn't fly here any more. His physical skills appear in decline. A change of scenery would be commendable. It would remove the need for me to wish another guy played better than he has shown. A new coach could show him where to hide the sticky stuff. He has no intention of staying here. Enough.
  4. By this time next year everyone will be copying exactly what the Sox do.
  5. Kenny used to shake the money tree when there was a deal he really wanted to close if he put his neck on the line. Not sure if Rick is that kind of dynamo.
  6. The generous Houston offer confirms that he was obviously a bona fide priority for at least a few teams or more.
  7. I will miss Jose but still follow him. He is now in a warm climate on a powerhouse team so he is a made man as they say in Cicero.
  8. It is not fashionable to invest in catcher when all the other positions are loaded. Granted this has worked for Houston.
  9. Two of the worst things about the Sox are one that they have a collection of DHs but a mediocre offense and two that their home park favors the visitors most of the time. These are very bad things.
  10. I am not sure what to expect from Vaughn or if it will compare to Abreu. Jose seemed like one of the more dedicated players. I am also tired of hearing excuses for Vaugun. Maybe Colas will liven things up when he arrives.
  11. One I don't think he was made welcome for a further extension. Two the rest of the core in his wing was foundering. Three the prospects for winning seemed to turn into losing. Four might have been the manager. add: Five would be climate.
  12. It's hard to exercise just because you make millions in part because of your physical health and ability. Lance is a good egg but will likely shorten his career due to lack of fitness. Bartolo, Lolich and Forster might say otherwise.
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