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  1. pcq

    ST Thread

    Friday the We Try Harder gang will Greyhound to Mesa facing Chicago's major league team.
  2. pcq

    ST Thread

    Sox decided to go with unlisted numbers this year.
  3. Defense is like a minimum standard before you tend to winning baseball.
  4. The Royals desired site is fully developed including a church. Good luck with that.
  5. pcq

    ST Thread

    Sheets' continued tenure in RF suggest Sox management was barely trying. They tried Colas who I like but is not ready. What else?
  6. Recalling the NB Ryan exit at Roosevelt I have often used. It's like a bad can of spaghetti often backed up even on weekends.
  7. Their lack of talent plan is to have cast-offs compete for jobs. That won't even get you to Opening Day. They could do better hoping some Dodgers end up in the wrong clubhouse.
  8. At a minimum the Sox would have to retire all GRF obligations before retooling the ISFA pipeline for 78 funds. Anything else is simply not acceptable or tolerable to the public. In any event there is not enough funding to also fund Soldier Field and a new Bears project.
  9. Cuz Jerry knows It Takes A Village (Idiot) to pay for all of this and it darn sure ain't going to be Jerry. I don't know the answer to all of this but it's going to take a lot more smoke and mirrors to git er done.
  10. My Uncle Clevis from Battle Creek could build a better team.
  11. He knows nothing about the Dodgers so why not the Royals.
  12. OK Gertz is going fundamentals and we have Sheets to match up with the visiting sluggers who will bash our brains in. 🧠 It takes years after havin' Gavin to find a couple of decent sluggers.
  13. If I was a coach waiting 10-12 years for a managing gig I would have drawn up a master plan and strategy for winning baseball.
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