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  1. Can we relegate this team to the minors? At least, games should be more competitive.
  2. Even then we need a better drafting performance than in the past few years choosing first rounders like Zach Collins, Vaughn, Madrigal and others.
  3. He is filling the void left by Moncada with unconventional equipment colors with the same goofy results.
  4. Wish they had traded the listless Vaughn instead.
  5. This team is one of the worse offensive teams ever assembled in MLB. Shame on KW/Hahn/Getz,/JR.
  6. Jesse Rogers of ESPN is predicting the Sox to lose 120 games this season, matching the infamous 1962 Mets. How low can we go? Shameful
  7. At the same time, attendance will drop at home and on the road. Not many will want to watch a AAA team at best with MLB pricing.
  8. Should have kept Burger rather than Vaughn. But that would have been too smart for our inept FO.
  9. He was also happy with the second coming of LaRussa, which turned into a disaster.
  10. White Sox offense has been anemic so far. Much worse than last season. Getz off season acquisitions were mostly older journeymen. Batting averages so far: Pillar, Grossman and Maldonado .000 Fletcher .125 DeJong .143 Nicky Lopez .167 on top of the inherited multimillion dollar man Benintendi hitting .107 leading off. White Sox management/coaching team should be embarrassed. How long do the fans have to wait for a change?
  11. White Sox management/coaching team should be embarrassed with the product they are putting out there. The off season acquisitions have been awful. How long do the fans have to wait for a change?
  12. Getz should also go. His off season moves have been really bad. He just brought a bunch of older journeymen. The team is much worse than last year so far.
  13. Burger trade was one of the worse trades of the KW/Hahn era, particularly with the anemic offense that we are showing this season.
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