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  1. Today was my first spring game. Was very happy with no TLR, McEwing or Cairo around. With a great lineup, and very aggressive running game , basically the antithesis to TLR.
  2. If caught early 5 year survival rate is 81% otherwise average 5 yr survival rate is 71% according to Wikipedia. Don’t believe he will come back this season. IMO.
  3. What ever happened to Gavin Sheets. Is he out of the picture for 2023 all together?
  4. With Abreu gone we need Eloy ‘s power in the lineup and DH is the most suitable spot.
  5. Finally some good news about a good LH outfielder. Not worried about the contract. Sox finally acting like a major market team.
  6. What happened with Cueto? How much will they be paying Clevinger?
  7. Makes sense. Judge is from California and went to Fresno State, and the Dodgers have the money. They are the Yankees if the West.
  8. Hope Hahn doesn’t spend this $ on relievers, we need everyday position player help with LF outfielder, 2B.
  9. AJ must have gotten used to the weather and glamour of LA along with championship vibe, and could not adjust to the bad vibe of the SoxSouth side.
  10. Very surprising. I guess a $8M contract would be a washout. However I don’t think he can get $8M. Regardless it is good news. Hahn has now got to get moving to get that lefty OF that we need.
  11. Sounds good. But please let’s get a manager who is not on Medicare, has a pacemaker, has a drinking problem, has a DUI conviction, is not familiar with the current baseball rules, does not fall sleep in the dugout, doesn’t fall in love with one of the scrubs, amongst other criteria.
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