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  1. Too bad we don’t have the option of forfeiting the remaining games.
  2. Eloy just wouldn’t take a walk from a pitcher that had been wild and with the bases loaded. He saw at least 5 balls in this AB and grounded into a double play. Stupid and par for the course.
  3. Is there a financial payout for finishing second?
  4. The tumor took too long to be removed and some metastasis occurred. A shame.
  5. Cairo lost me with that move, a big unforced error to bring a rookie to protect a 3-1 lead-in the 7th.of the most important game of the year. This game closed the curtains on the Sox season. I was in favor of retaining Cairo before this game, but not anymore after the 7 losses that followed. Send Cairo back to Egypt for all I care.
  6. Best news of the month so far. Wish him well in his retirement in Arizona or Tampa, away from the Southside.
  7. Another embarrassing loss. A 2 hit shutout of the Sox with 14Ks. Someone needs to be held accountable. Is there no professional pride and character in this team?
  8. Pollock is 35, so career slashes are unlikely to be repeated in his mid to late thirties. We need to cut back on overpriced older veterans on their way down.
  9. TLR was the wrong manager for this team. He didn’t make anyone accountable, was low energy, and a bad field manager. Needed a younger, modern, hard ass manager that was a better on field manager and motivator and not afraid to kick some ass.
  10. Sox is being run by three lawyers: JR, Hahn and TLR.maybe we need real modern baseball people to run the team, and these guys retire or move to practice law.
  11. They are a bunch of losers laughing all the way to the bank. Hahn overpaid a lot of them.
  12. They could have had Joc Pederson for $7M one year, less than some of our relievers.
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