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  1. And Ventura was not to write home about either.
  2. There is always demand for left handed relievers and Bummer had some good years. Regardless I think the Braves overpaid and should be a good trade for the Sox.
  3. I will miss Jason. Had a good voice and demeanor. Local guy. He was nationally recognized with national broadcasting gigs of other sports. Something went wrong as it's hard to fathom that the Tigers job would be more attractive than Chicago’s.
  4. Sherman is a Wall Street financial guy, not a baseball person.
  5. Agree. It is beyond dumb to bring back the manager of such a bad performing team. I guess the main reason is that he is under contract and JR does not want to pay him as well as a new manager. IMO.
  6. It was a good trade for the Sox after all.
  7. ESPN+ has ranked White Sox season #30 last in majors with an F ranking, citing front office mayhem and underperforming. An embarrassment by the Sox this season.
  8. Lineup today is pitiful. Patino already out. Sure the Cubbies are not happy with the Sox’s effort against the DBacks this week.
  9. KC has lost 102 games this season, a bigger loser than even the Sox. It is a no brainer to NOT want to be like the Royals.
  10. The Sox should have considered shutting him down for the rest of the season, as others not in the playoffs have done.
  11. This game was a minor league pitching exhibition by the Sox. Very ugly. 😭
  12. Sox could have used Burgerctoday, to make it more interesting. He hit another homer today in a Miami,, a 446 foot three run bomb. This trade looks worse by the day.
  13. I was referring to Burger’s value for upcoming seasons, not particularly this season which is shot.
  14. Paid a big price for keeping KW and Hahn in charge for so many years.
  15. Burger was 3 for 4 today with a 2 run homer. What a terrible, stupid trade. A 30+ homer everyday guy, well liked, with team control throughout 2028 for a minor league pitcher.
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