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  1. Wonder what a Jo Adell would cost the Sox, don’t think the Angels would trade him now after the strong year he’s having but while the Sox should be selling, they should be looking to buy also
  2. The more negative attention on Jerry, the better, keep losing ugly baby!
  3. Went to the game today and my god this team is awful, is such a numb feeling going to the games now. It’s wild to me that an owner of not just one but TWO major league sports teams in one of the most passionate sports cities in the world can be so damn tone def, FFS just let someone else make this organization great. The SOB said David Eckstein is his favorite baseball player of all time, god I hate Jerry Reinsdorf.
  4. The worst part about this is we’re gonna wake up tomorrow and Jerry Reinsdorf is still gonna be the owner of this baseball team.
  5. It’s gonna be a White Sox X notification to break the news
  6. Think it was James and another mentioned 2 of Kjerstad, Cowser, and Westburg.
  7. Which IMO is why Getz won’t make a deal with the O’s now
  8. And it’s not gonna go anywhere, Chris Getz is rightfully holding firm. Unless they’re giving up Basallo or Mayo for Jesus Luzardo, they’ll probably end up with a Shane Bieber or another lesser tiered trade target than Cease.
  9. Nowhere in that article does it say “talks are heating up” with that being said he got a click outta me that I can’t take back now
  10. Orioles will circle back of course and Chris Getz will turn them the other way around. I doubt Getz is gonna budge therefore a deal will not get done and that is perfectly fine with me. Should not settle for any less than Kjerstad and Westburg.
  11. I’m stubborn so yes. That return would piss me off more than him leaving for nothing
  12. Not if he has a solid first half, they’ll do much better than that. Hell look at what the Reds got for Tyler Mahle a year and a half ago at the deadline. They weren’t top 100 guys at the time but now are legit young major league contributors. I get why the Brewers took that deal but it was such an underwhelming return, I’d rather ride out Cease’s contract.
  13. Good on Getz’ part then for holding firm. Good on Mike Elias for getting an ace with that underwhelming return.
  14. I trust Josh Barfield on this one and like the move. No more Gavin Sheets or Oscar Colas. Also I’m probably in the minority here but I think Benintendi is gonna have a really good year this year and gonna shut some people up.
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