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  1. I’m sorry I tried separating the two that was my hypothetical trade not what Heyman said haha
  2. Hypothetical Trade: Sox get: Kjerstad, Mayo, and DL Hall O’s get: Cease and Santos From Jon Heyman’s article in the New York Post: ”Baltimore, stacked with promising kids, matches up nicely with the White Sox, which makes sense since the South Siders have the most valuable rotation piece to trade. The Orioles tried for Cease at the deadline, but there’s more time now to figure things out. The Orioles also seek a back-end reliever and have contacted Maryland product and ex-Oriole farmhand Josh Hader plus Craig Kimbrel, Aroldis Chapman and Jordan Hicks. Hader may be a bit pricey for the O’s, though”
  3. I think if Kjerstad, Norby, one other small piece were the ask it may be done already, I’d love to think Sox are pushing for Mayo to be in the deal also as opposed to Norby.
  4. I was all over Kjerstad but watching his swing reminds me of Zack Collins, brings back bad memories. I really want Mayo now 😂
  5. I mean that’s ideal in a perfect world but it’s Jerry Reinsdorf that said he wants to compete ASAP and Getz said they want higher OBP guys Randy isn’t a FA until 2027 like Robert, but has 3 years of ARB left. 29 in February . I doubt the Rays would do it because he’s cheap but idk I’d love watching Arozarena and Luis Robert for the next couple years
  6. Maybe I’m reaching but could a Dylan Cease for Randy Arozarena deal work??
  7. How soon can you trade a recent draftee? Why do I feel like there was an adjustment to how soon you could trade them
  8. It’s gotta be the O’s. Outside of Dalton Rushing I really don’t want anything the Dodgers could be offering. O’s, Rangers, Rays, or Phillies for me in that order, I understand you’d like pitching for pitching but I just don’t trust any position player in the Sox system to ever amount to anything so go get them from another team instead.
  9. I understand the potential risk in holding onto him and potentially getting hurt and destroying his value, and yes I know his contract stinks for the performance, but roles reversed he’s the exact player the Sox should be trying to targeting in a trade, a previous top 100 guy who has had struggles, injuries, etc, so don’t give up on him for nothing. I personally wouldn’t trade him unless you’re getting a top 65 player in return or a major league contributor. His bat has value still especially come the trade deadline when so many teams become DESPERATE for bats. I am probably alone on this but this team shouldn’t be giving up on players like Eloy unless they are truly harmful to the locker room
  10. Its not enough for 2 years of a front line starter
  11. There is a market for Eloy but won’t shake out til Teoscar Hernandez and Jorge Soler sign
  12. Exactly, I don’t understand people who are saying he’s not worth more than a top 65 prospect. Top 25-30 at minimum to start
  13. Pretty sure it’s Orlando good ole Al’s Cheesy Beef
  14. I agree, I understand they’re not going to re-sign him but I’m not trading him for anything less.
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