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  1. I guess one more thing to add to what I previously posted would be not to get swept in a series, win at least a game, avoid long losing streaks. Houston is tough, Sox haven't had much success there the past few years...win at least a game. Like Grifol said, "you can’t win a championship in April, but you can certainly lose one."
  2. Don't be fooled, Kenny still has a lot of say in things.
  3. March 29, 2018 – The earliest opening day in history, at that time, turned out to be a record setting day for the Sox who blasted Kansas City 14-7. The Sox tied the record for most opening day home runs by hitting six at Kauffman Stadium. That tied the 1988 Mets who did it against the Montreal Expos. Matt Davidson became the fourth player in history to hammer three home runs on opening day as he went 3 for 4 with four runs scored and five RBI’s. He also became the first player in at least 110 seasons to score four times on opening day. In his first at-bat he drove a ball deep to right field that was caught at the fence. Tim Anderson had two home runs and drove in three with Jose Abreu hitting the other home run, he had two RBI’s. Yolmer Sanchez also drove in three for the White Sox.
  4. Play meaningful games in August/September. Have a winning record for the season. Anything above that is gravy in my book. Considering everything that has happened over the last 18 months on and off the field, it's best to have modest goals with this organization.
  5. Heard from a source this morning who spoke with Hawk before he went on the podcast. Hawk told them he was going to talk about the state of the Sox and how Brooks has ruined the organization and JR. This individual then spoke with Hawk afterwards and Hawk told them he actually wanted to say more but is saving it for his next book. This person told me Hawk is really pissed off at Brooks, JR and the organization. I've always been treated well by Brooks myself but something has obviously changed since I've been told by multiple sources that he is causing a lot of problems and issues right now. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hawk-harrelson-reveals-he-got-fired-not-retired-ryan/id1674957140?i=1000606353148
  6. The Padres, Mets and Phillies are certainly trying too though.
  7. Dick: I can tell you a number of folks inside and outside the organization are wondering what is going on with Brooks. Just some extracts from my November story "State of the Sox" : “People, his friends… have tried to tell him (JR) what has been going on, “Hawk” Harrelson, the late Ed Farmer… God rest his soul, Darrin Jackson, Scott Reifert (Author’s Note: Scott is the Senior Vice-President for Communications) , Bob Grim and others but it’s just not registering for some reason.” “JR has become oblivious to things and what he’s allowed to happen is sad. He’s probably the most successful owner in Chicago sports history given the Bulls titles and the White Sox one which is dear to his heart, but what has happened the last two years is just sad. He is out-of-touch. And even worse he’s inaccessible. He’s either afraid of having to answer questions or he’s incapable of doing so.” “Things started to change when Howard Pizer (Author’s Note: Pizer is the Senior Executive Vice-President) was told that he’d no longer be in charge of everyone, that some folks would no longer have to answer to him. That opened the door and some people are trying to get themselves into position to become a team president. Folks aren’t telling JR everything; in some cases they are lying to him.” “Howard Pizer was the only guy who could tell JR ‘no’ and stop something. If people are angling to try to become a vice-president or president that’s just embarrassing.” “I know the friction in the front office just wore Bob Grim down.” (Author’s Note: Grim retired after 30 years with the organization. He was the Senior Director of Business Development and Broadcasting) And remember the comments Jason Benetti made about his latest contract situation which comes under Brooks' authority.
  8. Kopech five hits allowed, five runs, three walks in basically four innings. Not good. Beginning to have doubts about him given the injuries and missed time and even worse the Sox have nothing reliable to take his place. Given how often pitchers get hurt today, it's bordering on criminal the Sox did not go out and sign some starting pitching depth. You need six starters to make it through the season given injuries and DH's. Sox finish the spring season at 12-15-3 with one rain out. They go 1-1-2 against the Cubs.
  9. I agree especially since games will no longer be going 17 innings.
  10. Did he rush back? I mean he missed six weeks or so to open the season didn't he?
  11. Based on things I was told from people inside and outside of the organization Hawk does have a point with marketing / pricing issues.
  12. The usual issue though with Moncada is that it never really seems to be "a game" but multiple games, sometimes lasting weeks.
  13. March 28, 1940 - During a 10-1 preseason loss at Wrigley Field to the Cubs, White Sox second baseman Jackie Hayes was hit by a drifting speck of cinder in his eye. Hayes’ eye became infected, and by the end of the season had lost full sight in the eye, and retired from the game. By 1943, Hayes was blind in both eyes. At the time, Hayes speculated that it was the cinder during the game, or soap, that had irritated his eye, leading to his eventual blindness. But in truth, as he later acknowledged, Hayes was afflicted with glaucoma, robbing him of his sight. Hayes played as a part-timer in 1940 for the White Sox, getting into 18 games and hitting .195. The second baseman though was a stellar defender, and over nine years with the White Sox was a positive player. Interestingly, on August 23 of his final season, with a rash of beaning’s plaguing the game, Hayes became the first Major League player to wear a modified batting helmet basically a hard leather ear flap. March 28, 1981 - The Sox dealt pitcher Ken Kravec to the Cubs for pitcher Dennis Lamp. Over the next three seasons Lamp would do everything for the club... start, pitch long relief as well as close games. He’d toss a one-hitter against Milwaukee on August 25 of that same year losing his no-hitter in the ninth inning when Robin Yount blooped a double. Lamp would then lead the “Winnin’ Ugly” 1983 Western Division champion White Sox with 15 saves. He was also the winning pitcher the night of September 17 of that same season when the Sox beat Seattle 4-3 to clinch that divisional crown, their first title in 24 years. In three seasons with the Sox Lamp won 25 games, saved 20 and had an ERA of under four every year.
  14. The Sox say they will officially announce the Opening Day roster on Wednesday.
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