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  1. https://awfulannouncing.com/nhl/scripps-sports-arizona-utah-coyotes.html
  2. Understand completely. Like I posted as recently from speaking with sources in and out of the organization for the story in November 2022 he won't sell because of the tax hit and has told his family to unload it because supposedly it is not making money due to no salary cap. Maybe something has changed for him health-wise? The very last thing Sox fans should want is for another Reinsdorf to own this club.
  3. See my Sox Quote of the Day. Grifol avoided answering DVS's question on it.
  4. Have to agree, and some of these guys are mailing it in.
  5. “I can tell you this, rest assured, that everything that happens on this ballclub, on the field, off the field that affects us being able to win a baseball game or the integrity and character of this organization, is being addressed. That’s the only thing I can say. As far as getting into the specifics of it, I’m never going to do this. We can continue to talk about it and you guys can continue to ask those questions and I’ll continue to answer this way. The only thing I can assure you is that everybody here, including myself, is being held accountable.”-- Pedro Grifol 😆 If he was being held accountable he would have been fired at the end of last season.
  6. If they follow his publicly stated wishes there is no "might" to it, the team will be sold when he passes on.
  7. Seems very light to me but at least he sees the blowback and is moving towards some contribution.
  8. Nicky Lopez, .176 Robbie Grossman, .175 Eloy Jiménez, .167 Gavin Sheets, .255 Andrew Benintendi, .158 Kevin Pillar, .167 Lenyn Sosa, .132 Braden Shewmake, .143 Martín Maldonado, .053.
  9. He had a bad screw up in the field today during that run down as well.
  10. Because of how the Sox are categorized by MLB is the reason for the draft position situation.
  11. MLB considers the White Sox a "major market" team....unfortunately the Sox owner doesn't think that way.
  12. You just got your wish: “We’re 20 games in, our record sucks,” Pedro Grifol said. https://chicago.suntimes.com/white-sox/2024/04/21/runs-defense-pitching-all-lacking-in-latest-white-sox-loss
  13. The MLBPA would immediately file a grievance and if they won the Sox would have to pay him. Plus the negative blowback among the players around the league could cause ramifications in the future trying to acquire talent.
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