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  1. https://www.sportsmockery.com/chicago-white-sox/analyzing-the-jake-burger-for-jake-eder-trade-nine-months-later/ Of note, Eder's BABIP against is .424, his xFIP is 2.60 and his FIP is 3.18.
  2. So are they going to let Schultz pitch like a normal minor league starter in 2025 or are they going to continue to watch his innings?
  3. I would honestly rather watch Nastrini and Cannon.
  4. I hope he stays healthy and the Sox can get something like what they got for Cease in the 2025-26 offseason. You're right, there's probably no way he's signing anything only 2 years from FA.
  5. How is that worth it for the Sox though? It's really hard to find something that works for both sides at this point.
  6. Yeah this is the dillemma. I think a lot of Sox fans are talking about a re-sign because they know Crochet has little value on the trade market due to lack of track record. They're not going to be able to trade him until he's in his walk year and that's if everything goes perfectly and his injuries are behind him.
  7. Yeah I think you have to think of signing Crochet to a team friendly deal. An extension that gives him security while also having him reach FA at 30 or 31 makes sense. Also Hahn/KW are idiots not starting him. But who knows how much he would have pitched due to the injuries.
  8. lol. I don't have the milb package so I can't watch, so I have to rely on those who do. Eder still had 7 k in 5 innings so he's starting to miss bats again.
  9. Disappointed that Eder couldn't keep the momentum going, but it sounds like his defense let him down today
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