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  1. The sox took two million dollar arms in Kopech and Crochet and completely ruined them. Nice Job, dolts.
  2. Weird Al did do that song, but it's actually about Aluminum foil.
  3. Idk, I think that if the first HC a GM hires fails in only 2 years, then the GM shouldn't get another hire. He's had 4 major decisions to make and none of them look good as of right now, while two of them are an absolute disaster.
  4. The alternative is taking Bryce Young #1 and trading Fields for the best deal. That being said, this was the safe route and he chose it. I understand the arguments but I'd liked to be a fly on the wall when the Bears brass were scouting the QBs in the last draft class. Even if you give him an incomplete for Fields/Young and Carter/Wright, the Claypool trade and the Eberflus hire look to be massive whiffs. The problem with kicking the can down the road for a year is that getting the #1 pick is hard and it takes a special type of suck (and a bit of a miracle) for them to get it last year.
  5. I don't disagree, and I understand why he went with Fields for one more year, but imo it's still a mark against Poles. I don't think the Bears had ever had the #1 pick in team history before last year. I didn't like the QBs in last year's draft that much either, but I doubt they'll be picking #1 2 years in a row and nobody is trading Caleb Williams. You can't be wrong on every major decision over your first 2 years like Poles has. Eberflus? Bad Claypool for 2nd? Bad Sticking with Fields? Bad Passing on Jalen Carter-TBD but early returns not good.
  6. No. He missed so badly on Fields while having the #1 pick and trading it away that I don't trust him to pick a QB either.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I thought if they win 7-8 games this year it is a massive step forward. To me, it seems like the players don't respect the coaches due to both personality and competence and the GM is in over his head and is too inexperienced for the job.
  8. This seems like it's about to go down the Emery/Trestman 2014 path of the coach and GM getting fired very quickly
  9. Montgomery only hitting .217 at AA. At what point does the prospect shine start to wear off a bit? I lnow his approach is good but this is 2 years in a row he got promoted to Birmingham late and looked terrible.
  10. That INT Fields threw was mickey mouse rookie s%*#. I can't get over it and it's inexcusable at this point in his career.
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