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  1. Must be nice to have committed ownership. Reinsdorf is a f***ing joke of an owner
  2. I'm cool with trading Hendriks. Sox have more than enough capable bodies to close. If Hendriks can help this team at position of need and create more depth, then I am all for it
  3. Tony La Russa is by far the worst manager amongst all the competing teams. We sat through a 5-6 year rebuild only for Jerry Reinsdorf to ruin it with this hire. TLR is incompetent, unlikable, clueless, and has cost this team far more wins in a year plus than he has won. And that is what we were promised. It's been nothing of that.
  4. Sad thing is now that NXT just went through their rebranding, Vince is taking over. Also hearing that many people on NXT are set to be fired. Ciampa, Gargano ect. Also, difference between AEW and WWE. AEW was in Cincinnati this past weekend and let Pillman main event that night. Smackdown was in the MSG 1 day before 9/11. Zelina Vega had a match scheduled and special gear made because her dad died in the twin towers. WWE cut her match because of time constraints and she didn't even get on camera.
  5. I went to All Out on Sunday and it was one of the best wrestling shows I have been to. Lucha Bros/Young Bucks putting on a 5 star match. Jericho and MJF match was also good. Punk looked in shape and could go, which was nice to see. Seeing Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson come out at the end of show was just spectacular. I didn't think we would get both in the same segment. Also, rumors what I saw on why Cole left WWE is that Vince wanted Cole on Smackdown to be the GM and not even wrestle....
  6. What I would do right now: Trade Jimmy Lambert and Rutherford for Eduardo Escobar and Joakim Soria Trade Crochet, Sheets, Adolfo and Thompson for Gallo and Kennedy
  7. Gotta give to get. Out of the five players I proposed to send away, four of them have no futures here given the current state of the Sox. IMO, capitalize on this great team. Get more depth and let's win a fricken ring.
  8. Deals I would do at the deadline as we speak: Acquire Ian Kennedy for Kade McClure Acquire Eduardo Escobar for Jake Burger and Tyler Johnson Acquire Starling Marte for Micker Adolfo and Jose Rodriguez
  9. Escobar and Marte are both rentals. Definitely can be attainable.
  10. I could care less about that. The opportunity is now and Danny Mendick has been outplaying Madrigal. If there weren't injuries in the OF, Mendick very well could be replacing Madrigal at 2B
  11. Madrigal isn't very good. For him to be useful, his OBP needs to be in the 350-380 range because he has 0 power. If he gets on base at a 300-330 clip, he's Billy Hamilton and that is a failure at the #4 pick. Madrigal has already proven his defense has been average at best and the dude swings at anything. He needs to pick it up or we'll be looking for a new 2B in a year or two.
  12. All Tony literally has to do is let the best players play everyday and don't fuck with it. Look what happens when he doesn't play Hamilton or Lamb 3-4 times a week. They start winning. Write the best lineup and let the players play. It's not hard.
  13. It's not hard to make a damn lineup, yet TLR can't figure it out. What a hall of fame baseball person
  14. This is three games in 20 games that TLR has admitted this. That is AWFUL. Stop defending him. This was a horrible hire and it is affecting the Sox play.
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