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  1. This clown can't be gone any sooner. Easily one of the worst managers in franchise history
  2. During this whole "championship window", Ricky Renteria blows TLR and Grifol out of the water.
  3. This dude might be one of the dumbest baseball people I have ever seen. He loves bad baseball players. Let him finish 2024 and fire him into the sun next year.
  4. Outside of the walks, Kopech is near unhittable out of the pen. He'll fetch something nice at the deadline if he keeps this up. Year and a half worth of control will be valuable.
  5. Keep Ramos up. Mendick goes into utility role or starting 2B and send Shewmake down. Shewmake and Lopez have no business being on an MLB team
  6. Kopech will be traded. Crochet only gets traded if a team overpays.
  7. Last time Rosenthal wrote about a specific player was Juan Soto and he was traded a week later. Cease will be gone soon, the question is to who? I believe it will be the O's or Yankees
  8. If O's don't want to give up their prospects, I would immediately call the Reds as both them and the Cubs would miss out on Glasnow.
  9. These are the packages I would accept from teams that are interested in Cease: Reds: Lowder, Petty, Jorge, Starla (I loved this ask from Getz) Braves: Kelenic, Grissom, AJSS, and Waldrep Orioles: Cowser/Kjerstad, Mayo, Beavers Dodgers: Rushing, Pages, De Paula, and Bruns
  10. Lowder is a stud. Him and Petty in the same deal ++ would be a great Cease trade.
  11. That's not it at all. Every MLB insider has said the Sox will get a haul because of his durability, pitch ability, and contract status. Bennett K has always and will always be a moron. That dude sucks
  12. Hard no on Busch. Dude is already 26 years old with barely any MLB experience. Give me Rushing, Pages, De Paula and Stone
  13. Then Atlanta isn't getting Cease. If they want Cease, Smith-Sharver has to be in the deal unless they include one of their position players currently on the MLB roster and they aren't going to do that.
  14. I'm gonna guess it's going to be the Dodgers. They need a ton of pitching and can't afford to wait. Cease for Rushing, Pages, De Paula and Bruns is going to be my guess
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