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  1. Hahn will trade the only outfielder on the roster for a couple of relievers. That's the White Sox way.
  2. I'll take Alek Thomas off Arizona's hands. What would it cost to get him?
  3. I would give Reylo first shot at closer if Hendricks is traded.
  4. Good coaches can be found on bad teams. You're only as good as the talent. Bill Belicheck was a terrible coach in Cleveland before he became one of the best ever.
  5. Good article on Tosars work. https://www.sportsmockery.com/chicago-white-sox/white-sox-to-replace-frank-menechino-with-mike-tosar/
  6. I think I heard somewhere he went to High school with Grifol and they are good friends. Interesting that he was an international scout.
  7. I'd love to know why. He seems like the perfect candidate.
  8. Those guys don't know anything. You'll get better inside info here.
  9. It is the equivalent of say a QB coach becoming a head coach in the NFL. Usually the bench coach (coordinator) is next in line for a job. Not to say he won't make a great coach. Its just an unknown. Hitting coaches don't have to deal with managing bullpens or defensive positioning
  10. The other question is who are the Royals waiting on. I haven't heard much about their manager search.
  11. Unless they announce someone tomorrow it has to be Kevin Long by process of elimination, right?
  12. With the Phillies hitting all these HRs I am OK with going with Long
  13. Ozzie would have been perfect to take over for TLR halfway through last season to see if he could light some spark in the team. You have to go in a different direction now. I would prefer Espada or Quataro.
  14. I feel like next we are going to hear Jerry Manuel is getting an interview. What's Terry Bevington up to these days.
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