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  1. Karl Ravech, Roger Clemens, Eduardo Perez and Buster Olney on the call. Radio ESPN1000 For perhaps much needed alternative audio. Will edit lineups when we get them. HYPE
  2. Didn't they say they'd announce the roster today?
  3. Absolute bomb for Romy. Really come on strong.
  4. Graveman hurt? Blister? Nvm he pitched inning before. Was holding his fingers up but appears good.
  5. "March 25 if their team does not plan on having them on the Opening Day roster" If the club hasn't made that decision, I'm not sure why that's an important designation
  6. Kind of a boring selection compared to most years and only 1 thing available on the concourse. Corn dog will be a hit though.
  7. I guess I don't remember those Gordon defenders. Not then
  8. Trout thinking, damn I just made that amateur players career.
  9. The White Sox of course lead the world in uncessary collisions. He's just continuing on
  10. The memes about Moncada as the broadcast refuses to acknowledge him again are amazing
  11. Lmao. Moncada hurt because he refused to get out of the way of an outfielder calling him off. Some things never change
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