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  1. Why build where the only bar already exists? White Sox bar and Grill is fine as is (although they need to consistently stay open). Rest of the outside of the stadium needs the work.
  2. Sosa looked so so bad at the eye test in MLB. Like Romy wasn't good either, but you can see if being a MLBer. Sosa looked like we took a random college player and put him out there.
  3. The 90s ones are so good but still may be the City Connect jersey.
  4. Not sure why the Sox would do that other than money. Anderson seems like a safe bet to return his 4 war self
  5. Seems a very power heavy approach. Also of note seems he worked as an offseason hitting coach while he was a scout with the Dodgers.
  6. So is anyone gonna fill in what happened to wsi? I know it was a slow death but weird to not have the servers running.
  7. Didn't lose the press conference so he's got that going for him
  8. For the record, every tidbit I've taken and posted in here has been dated prior to these guys even being on the radar for the Sox.
  9. Probably but it's Perez himself who has given him some credit and of note, he started with Tosar the offseason prior to him hitting 48 home runs out of no where. Good players are good players though. Regardless, seems we're going to embrace a power approach.
  10. Seems like a lot of guys offseason coach (including Yonder Alonso and John Jay!). Specifically he's cited as a big reason for Jorge Soler and Salvy Perez being able to untap their power.
  11. And lol what the hell happened to white sox interactive
  12. I've been really impressed with the manager hiring process and saying the right things in terms of control for Grifol, as well as getting his guys in there. On the surface it seems like a complete 180 from what we know about this franchise but these last couple weeks have been such a small blip on the radar of years of terrible moves so no real trust has been gained anyways.
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