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  1. "We've seen Bryan Shaw more on the field than Moncada and Grandal" lol ozzie
  2. Lol just kicking him out of the booth. Couldn't be asked to stick another half inning.
  3. Had a chance to walk off Hader....and of course a DP. Guess can't blame Yoan too much.
  4. I don't see why I should trust them to rebuild any more than they retool. Just because you rebuild doesnt mean you will actually become a contender. This shouldnt have to be explained given our current situation. Simple as that.
  5. So he will be here for spring training and then surgery April 1st. Got it.
  6. Probably combo of scalpers+not listing all the seats. One ticket sold at ten bucks pays for 10 tickets at 1 dollar. With artificial demand created, worth the risk even for shitty no draw team.
  7. Giolito back here makes too much sense. The only bad part is it may signal more of Katz.
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