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  1. Schriffen is causing the score to have a meltdown because he said something about radio losers clipping something that Gordon misread. Shane Riordan made a bunch of embarrassing tweets and then promptly deleted his own Twitter account.
  2. Get your bad jokes in now before someone else does.
  3. If the 1b can stick at least as a reliever as well that has to be extremely valuable. In that case I wouldn't mind drafting a first baseman. Big ifs I guess though.
  4. A lot of hand waving over bottom of the roster churning. Fletcher getting recalled is the biggest move here.
  5. 0 era in 12 innings in AA with 11.7 so/9. Sure he's nobody but how did we get literally anyone for Grossman
  6. MLB and the umps getting lit up on social media for not just playing it out. Glad they're getting called out for that s%*#. Jomboy had a nice post about it, on top of the CBs calls. But more importantly the Sox will take wins when they can get them so I guess the delay was worth it. Take the series tomorrow.
  7. It's an outside sport lol. There will be outside factors. You are complaining about a tantrum while going on a tantrum. This team is 20 games under .500. Just finish the game. Don't make us wait 2-3 hours.
  8. Who cares? Just play the game rather than delay it 2 hours for 2 pitches. Ridiculous.
  9. "Player safety". It's a lot worse for Player safety to come out and play cold after a few hours (especially pitchers albeit I don't expect that to happen) then to play 1 batter out through rain.
  10. Ridiculous to delay this game like this. Just play it out.
  11. I'm shocked Eloy isn't hurt running 2 whole bases. Nice job Lee.
  12. It was a fun moment and he exuded that as such. It's not any deeper that that moment. He should not have said "And Benitendi hit a long one to win the game but the Sox fucking suck and just got swept by the twins" for example, so im not sure how that is relevant in the moment. Albeit it would have been funny if he did do that.
  13. First time in history someone has asked caulfield to name more names.
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