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  1. A ton of the sacks the last two years are on Fields. He had the same issue at OSU playing with a ridiculous amount of talent. It isn't coincidence that OSU's sack rate allowed was much higher when Fields was there than with Stroud.
  2. They are badly missing the plot if they think "speed and athleticism" is the reason this team was terrible this year and didn't make the playoffs last year. But that would be about right for this organization.
  3. Jordan Lyles’s being paid $9m to suck this year and over $50m in his career after next season is one of the most inexplicable sports things ever. The guy has never not been horrible.
  4. Crochet has thrown 19 innings since 2021 (and he only threw 54 in 2021) and can't stay healthy. He isn't going to be in the Sox starting rotation next year. He needs to build innings.
  5. Yep. We have had absolutely trash pitchers going through there for a while now. It isn't the stadium.
  6. Try him out of the pen and see if he finds something. Team will be trash next year anyways. But he’s clearly never going to be a starter.
  7. Nobody should spend a dime supporting this team until Reinsdorf is gone
  8. Yep, if Getz ends up being good it’s entirely luck and I’d be shocked if he ends up good. An absolutely pathetic and insane process that he ends up as GM especially when the part of the organization he oversaw was horrible during his tenure.
  9. I'm not sure that matters that much when you are talking one month of salary (maybe if a team is really tight on a budget or it is an extremely highly salaried player but they also need to be careful with the 40 man roster and make sure they either have spots or are comfortable cutting loose someone from the 40 man.
  10. The Orioles totally should have given up multiple top prospects for Cease
  11. The Angels organization is such a joke. Unbelievable how they wasted Trout and Ohtani.
  12. I mean it’s a terrible pitching staff with zero talent except for Cease and a couple of relievers so no surprise there.
  13. I mean Kenny Williams was better than him and it isn’t close. 16 years as GM with one 90 win season, 2 playoff berths and only 3 winning records while post 2015 he managed to build one of the worst teams in baseball with one of the worst farm systems in baseball? Yeah, it’s clear he lucked into 2015 based on years and years of high draft picks and sucking and having an outrageously good bullpen coalesce at the right time.
  14. Yep, great that they won a World Series but it took 8 years of sucking to get there and then just the stars aligning on an all time great bullpen coming together for that 2 year run to happen (and the 2014 was a pretty unremarkable team that just got insanely hot in the post-season).
  15. Yep, do the same with the Bulls. That fucking guy doesn’t deserve another dime from fans of either team.
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