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  1. He hasn’t been good all year. He just is a bad pitcher.
  2. Well clearly I was looking at his page wrong and that makes me feel worse about where he is at especially when you throw in hitting only .244 in the AFL.
  3. About 250 PAs but if you count the Arizona fall league where he also struggled to hit you get about the same over 350ish PAs.
  4. He hits way way too many ground balls. Until that changes it will be really hard for him to be a good hitter and tap into the power with any consistency.
  5. The hitting in the Southern League is a joke this year though.
  6. The Astros have had more success in the last 7 years than the White Sox in their franchise history. Seven straight ALCS appearances, two World Series titles, and two more World Series appearances. You have the wrong franchise as the incompetent one.
  7. The PCL inflated .800+ OPS is my guess and I don't even care about this trade since I'd be shocked if Rodriguez amounts to anything but nothing about Julks's profile indicates he is good at the MLB level.
  8. Nothing about his time in MLB last year suggests he has big time power and his 31 home run seasons is insanely PCL inflated. Lewis Brinson who is now playing in Mexico hit 22 home runs in 85 games that year playing for the same team.
  9. Any hope for Soroka was blind hope. He was absolutely horrendous last year and hasn’t been good in 5 years.
  10. Could have thrown any random SP out there and not done worse than Soroka as well.
  11. They are paying Lopez $4.3m and Soroka $3m and Soroka probably gets cut soon because he is complete trash. I'd much rather pay Bummer $7m than Lopez and Soroka over $7m.
  12. I'd rather have Bummer. I also think Shuster is really bad and has zero chance of helping this team. Soroka becoming good again was the only chance that trade would have any value and the chances of that happen were insanely small given he hadn't been good in 5 years.
  13. And even Shuster who is the lone "positive" piece has shown no actual major league talent. He has been rocked in the minors and has shown zero ability to miss bats in the majors.
  14. For a lefty with good stuff and good advanced stats over a long period of time including last year I’d be shocked if you wouldn’t have a team willing to part with a couple of rookie ball players.
  15. No. He should have been traded for 17 year old talented lottery tickets. The Sox wouldn’t have developed them but that makes more sense then grabbing a 26 year old “prospect” with no bat, a bad player in Lopez, a AAAA arm in Shuster and a washed up pitcher who is a free agent after this year. Harold loved this trade though lol
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