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  1. Getsky and this whole coaching staff have done an incredible job. And amazing how Fields has looked the last 4 games or so once they really started to run him. He’s making awesome decisions and his legs draw so much attention play action is just crushing it
  2. This show is just absolutely awesome. Both of those moments were incredible. I’m sad there is only 2 more episodes in this season.
  3. It was money. And they have been clear the rebellion, like any guerrilla force or army, needs cash to stay afloat and get supplies, equipment, weapons, etc. Essentially they are funding the rebellion.
  4. Russell Wilson looks totally cooked. He’s absolutely horrendous
  5. This team is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked
  6. Huge reach to suggest the Texans defense is good. We will see but I would bet heavily on them being in the bad category this year. The Colts moved the ball easily against them (and the Colts offense has looked like s%*# in their other 2 games) and the Broncos just suck on offense this year and still had 350 yards against the Texans.
  7. Jalen Hurts is a guy that gives me some hope. Was really bad as a passer in year 1 and is having a big year now in year 3 so far. Of course he made a big jump from year 1 to 2, so far Fields looks just as bad, maybe even worse, than last year.
  8. The Mariners just blew an 11-2 lead against the Royals. They are doing everything they can to let other teams back into the wild card race
  9. 100%. But youth is the only reason to even have any hope. Other than the occasional nice run he has shown zero talent.
  10. Fields has been fucking horrendous. Nothing in his play from this year or last suggests he is an NFL starter. He was as bad as you’ll ever see an NFL QB today.
  11. Diekman was trash before the Sox traded for him. And the Sox chose to sign Kelly knowing he was hurt. Both horrendous moves at the time they were made.
  12. lol at Diekman. Go f*** yourself Hahn for bringing that bum in
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