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  1. Haven't hunted in over a decade. I loved hunting with my dad, but since he passed and most of the people that I hunted with have either passed or moved away, it just doesn't have the same draw anymore. However, I am still willing to eat any jerky made from it. My dad used to have a coworker from Sierra Leone that he'd gift a deer to, and we'd get habanero jerky as some of the thanks for it.....that stuff was f'n delicious.
  2. https://theathletic.com/306432/2018/04/09/dodd-how-the-royals-flourishing-analytics-department-convinced-ned-yost-to-shift-on-defensive-shifts/
  3. https://www.royalsreview.com/2019/10/2/20880615/royals-manager-matheny-grifol-sveum-wathan Grifol was considered, but not interviewed, for managerial positions in Detroit and Baltimore. He is bilingual and has frequently served as an interpreter for the Spanish-speaking players on the team. His familiarity with the players and experience as a coach on a championship club could allow him to be a popular fit with the players. However, his lack of big league experience as a player or manager could undermine his authority. He has managed teams in the minors and in winter ball, and there have certainly been quite a few managers who have had success despite the lack of a MLB playing career.
  4. most obvious IBB in the game right there....i imagine he will try to steal
  5. i think he would be available in the tenth if necessary but we will see....or hopefully not have to worry about it
  6. where's cane guy when we need him
  7. Engel vs Karinchak seems promising
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