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  1. Looking forward to Cleveland getting the top pick as well
  2. I assume we will pick sixth because good things can't happen
  3. Brad Paisley is the only one doing his job, actually
  4. Out of all the choices, Brad Paisley is a choice to do this
  5. I actually think he's got a pretty good voice for it. I'd be interested in knowing why some people don't like him - earnestly, because I thought he was more than fine. I think Amin is one of the best announcers out there. Monaco is fine, maybe he'd grow on me. He seems very generic.
  6. I may be the only person voicing this opinion but I liked McKnight as a fill-in and would be okay with him. My first choice is Adam Amin however (won't happen)
  7. Totally legal until we find out how they were doing it
  8. I think the amount of time spent worrying about anything in free agency is time wasted with our rotation, like I said earlier. Without at least three more major league starters its not worth even considering worrying about how we are attempting to win.
  9. And that's the internal decision to be seen and what they need to decide. Are they (misguided or not) trying to win? Is this a punt year? How does that 14 million factor in? To me you can't realistically think you're a contender with a rotation of Dylan Cease and 12 children in 4 different trench coats. So you're gonna spend money on something, so it might as well be on Tim to run out 2024.
  10. I guess I think if they're thinking they won't be competitive, Colson will be the guy starting late '24 into '25, and Tim is fine in the clubhouse? Bring him back, whatever you replace him with will be bad and very short term. $14 million for him beats most of the options and doesn't really hamstring you.
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