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  1. Donaldson is garbage, aim higher. Not one locker room benefited from that guy being there, nobody likes him
  2. He isn’t gonna be fired so can we just now free him instead, to do something. Anything
  3. Ebner really made me appreciate Herbert yesterday
  4. Starting to see stories that Jason David Frank committed suicide last night
  5. He only won one of two superbowls and had been to three afc championships clearly it’s a let down and we should all be disappointed he has only won once. If he was Montana it would be different
  6. Montana young is over 35 years ago that is not a standard, it was before the current wildcard system and the league was wildly different pat Mahomes won one superbowl by your definition he is disappointing
  7. How many teams have been truly competitive for 30+ years straight. Come on man, this is a league of parity and that kind of success is extremely rare
  8. No, they have been in place to win a Super Bowl for the better part of 30+ years. You choose to call that empty
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