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  1. It’s just so, so dumb to stay at the same spot essentially, solving none of the traffic snarl issues, as well as not own the property instead co-opting with the city again. I can’t wait until we get a half assed dome that is an eyesore
  2. The beatings will continue until morale improves
  3. Just seems to be a super intense guy that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. It’s the same guy that slapped Joc Pederson in the face (lmao) because of a fantasy football league game
  4. I’m not really sure the plan to trade him after he starts hitting is gonna work. Nobody wanted Pham because he is a toxic clubhouse presence. Here we are in late April and the only team that came calling has 3 wins and the only reason they called was because Moncada Eloy and Robert got hurt immediately. Who is to say Pham shows up and this team is so bad that he just mails it in and collects a few checks and goes away, or we get to the trade deadline and nobody is interested just like Clevinger.
  5. I agree with you that this type of tanking is bad for business, and I wish they would do things you want them to do like trying to upgrade this team. I just know that the overall talent level is pretty low and i don’t see that changing any time soon, and that will eventually cause these 2-1 losses to get a bit uglier when it warms up
  6. You have to be excited to be privileged enough to get back to back gamethreads due to a win.
  7. Buddy hate to be the bearer of bad news but you better understand that towel was thrown in last August
  8. Duncan Robinson and Terry Rozier also out for the heat
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