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  1. Yea he immediately knew it too, tried to clean it up but that’s already out
  2. JFC, Tyreek Stephenson just told the press that Eberflus hasn’t addressed the team about Williams yet
  3. I don’t believe the team would cut him off the way they have if he wasn’t involved
  4. It was relayed on the score yesterday and I heard two different things, one “it didn’t happen” and the other “we didn’t get raided this morning” another crazy thing is even the media is getting multiple stories. Laurence Holmes said three different sources gave him three different stories, and with him being a former beat reporter you have to think he is talking to some people in the know
  5. I want to say that the Bears worded their statement that they weren’t raided -yesterday-
  6. I’m just gonna believe that something rather bad happened with Williams until we are told otherwise. Complete radio silence is way too weird
  7. Under no circumstances is this move good I am so sick of paying off the sunset years on aging contracts that the White Sox did not offer
  8. See, if he resigned this morning then why couldn’t flus say they were replacing him? I guess if it happened during the press conference
  9. Greg is right on the muscle with our discussion lol
  10. Yea I didn’t want to say it, but when they are raiding home and work, they are usually looking at accessed computers. Not sure why they would need all that for betting
  11. Don’t really understand this, as Poles hired this staff, not the previous regime. Warren can absolutely say “this wasn’t my guy” about Poles, but Poles can’t say that about the staff under him
  12. I have heard bits and pieces of Eberflus press conference today, and it’s the first time I have been able to actually hear that he is in way over his head
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