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  1. Three straight runs after a 45 yard bomb wtf
  2. How you gonna tear your oblique in warmups so bad that it ends your year lmao
  3. Would be amazing to watch salvy turn into a white Sox pumpkin like so many before him lol
  4. Why is getting one of the worst me first players in the league a good idea. Make this make sense to me.
  5. Fitzgerald survives, but his staff was fired today
  6. I don’t think he will be (or should be)a starter and the NFL knows it. I’m happy for TJ Edwards beating the odds
  7. That’s fine I just disagree, Hillenmeyer at least warranted a draft spot. Upgrade is needed across the board, I really haven’t seen anything out of Sanborn that makes me think he can sneak a starting position next season.
  8. Next season they need to have almost a completely new LB corps imo. Sanborn is a backup and a special teams guy at best, but I’m not gonna get excited about a guy catching 12 tackles downfield
  9. That Covid protocol was extremely important to the Guardians because of the health and sickness immunity of their manager and I believe they still had Carlos Carrasco at the time who had just finished cancer treatment and also was immunocompromised. That was a big fuckin deal
  10. Dude even made a looney tunes face immediately after impact
  11. That roll up didn’t look good at all, I’m not surprised at the result for Mooney
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