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  1. That was a fun game to watch. Even though they blew the multiple bases loaded opportunities, they still kept plugging away. Reylo throwin triple digits like it’s nbd
  2. Yea I expect him to show up as the bench guy somewhere and be a pain in the ass and a lot of people will say “see!” But I am good moving on.
  3. well it’s a little harsher than what I said lol
  4. Not asking him to be the most talented, am asking him to not be the worst(or one of the worst) hitter in the entire league for almost an entire season. His defense at the different positions wasn’t good enough to keep him on this team, that should say a lot. I don’t wish him Ill will, I am happy he is gone.
  5. That’s funny because when he retired I remember him saying he was glad to be done with the 6-8 hour commute for home games
  6. I feel like Jason is yelling all of the above tweet at me because the background is off white also, sorry you had to watch the resurrection of Nic Batum, @Chisoxfn 😂
  7. his replacement will likely be much better considering Leury spent much of last year in the bottom of qualified hitters. Low talent shouldn’t be celebrated, it should be moved out
  8. Why did you pick mostly first basemen. Kind of flies in the face of “these guys all can run around the outfield” point that we always debate about Eloy, doesn’t it
  9. My bad I thought after third year teams could extend if they chose to. Like the cardinals picked up the 5th year option on Murray after his third season, then immediately extended his contract 233.5M
  10. I think Bears will keep him on that rookie contract until they are forced to pay him, just for competitive timing issues, but they have 2 years left. They could extend if they want to
  11. Of the three of those, I would say JJ is most likely, but I don’t see it in the next month. Kmet Claypool and Mooney I’m guessing they wait and see, especially Mooney and Claypool
  12. Who? They really don’t have a lot of players that need it right now, the rebuild has flipped the old out
  13. He had some decent years it looks like, but bounced around a lot at the end.
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