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  1. Sheets' improved performance in 2022 at least puts him in the conversation to be a Left handed platoon player (RF/DH/1B) in 2023. I think that depends, in part, on what Colas can do. The Sox should have allowed Colas as a September call-up to help make that determination.
  2. Maybe it would be worth trying to trade for Zach Plesac, who the Guardians might be fine dealing because of his injuries and antics.
  3. TLR wanted to assemble the strongest, healthiest roster to make a late season playoff tun. He limited innings by Kopech and other pitchers, gave certain starting players days off by inserting subs, and sat players when the stats indicated unfavorable match-ups (like Vaughn against tough RH starters). Most of those moves backfired, primarily because there was simply no depth to support them. Keuchel was responsible for at least 5 losses. Eloy, Robert and Grandal were injured for most of the season and late season injuries to TA and Robert pretty much ended any outside chance they had to make a run. McEwing had too many bad sends and had an argument with Lance Lynn that looked like it was not resolved on the field. I think McEwing and Boston need to go. Katz did a nice job holding a clipboard.
  4. That was a nice game to watch for those who enjoy the nuances and the outcome of each game. Good pitching and a key home run to get the game tied then some key hits. Moncada is making some re-think his offensive potential with several clutch hits over the past two weeks or so. Likewise Sheets looks like he is seeing and attacking the ball better. Meanwhile, Vaughn still is having some issues adjusting his approach to those outside sliders. Once he steps in the bucket with the leg kick, he seems to have a hard time covering the outside sliders.
  5. A true Sox fan is never going to root against the team. Anyway. Good luck to Sox fans living on Florida's West cost. It could be rough if some of the predictions come true.
  6. Again, I say the Sox should double down with the core of power hitters they have and add to it. Remember that the shift will not be permitted next year which will seriously help Grandal, Moncada, and Sheets. Get a RFer and see if Colas is ready in Spring Training. Add a starting pitcher or two and rework the bullpen. Not sure I would want to see Hendriks back.. We are not that far off from having a winning team even though it seems like it now. No need to panic or jump into the circular firing squad. Pretend it's 2004 and we are only a few moves away.
  7. The Sox tried to win by constructing a line-up with a lot of power hitters. The offense failed , not because of that strategy, but rather, because the players that were signed up to hit home runs didn't hit enough of them or were out on the IL for numerous games. You can't blame the Manager or coaches for not having players like Grandal, Pito, Zavala, Eloy, Sheets and Vaughn beat out grounders for singles or go from first to third on a hit. That does not necessarily mean that the South Side Hitmen 2.0 strategy was wrong. If you have 5-6 decent power hitters in a line-up and a few contact hitters, you can score enough runs to beat teams like Cleveland. I'd try to double down on it next year by adding some bats like Colas and improving the pitching staff with a few arms.
  8. Moncada's defense is not starting to go bad because he had a bad game or two. As you may recall, he caught a foul ball that was a key out and has hit a couple of home runs of late. The Sox were demoralized after that extra inning loss and it carried over to a game against an ace pitcher. Meanwhile, the Sox did not have Luis Robert or TA in the line-up. Lance Lynn looks like he has lost his stuff but kept his penchant for anger at players who make errors while he is on the mound. We came up a few games short.
  9. I personally cannot stand Laurence Holmes.
  10. There is no quid pro quo between ownership and fans based on championships delivered in exchange for attendance. The Sox came close this year despite numerous injuries and a lot of bad luck in close games.
  11. It is too easy to jump into the cesspool created by sports media for angry fans and sore losers. The reality is that Cleveland has a better team than the White Sox...better players and a better pitching staff. Jose Ramirez is far better than Moncada. Luis Robert is playing with an injury that completely neutralizes him offensively - an automatic out. We do not have a contact hitter like Kwan...no one even close. Without Robert and TA the past few weeks, we had very little speed on the bases, Hendriks is not Clase and the rest of our bullpen is a joke. IF the Sox did not start off the season with Keuchel in the rotation and did not have all the injuries, things would have been different. Now just accept that the Guardians are a slightly better team and be prepared to move on. The Sox ownership and management tried to build a winner and failed but they owe us nothing beyond that.
  12. Vaughn and Eloy have carried this team over the past two weeks while not costing them that much in terms of substandard defense. IMO, they can play wherever they want as long as they are hitting. They both have to be in the line-up almost every game PLUS a 1B/DH power hitter. That might mean OF/DH for Eloy and some 1B/OF/DH for Vaughn.
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