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  1. Next year will be his 4th year, so they can (and would) use their 5th year option, so you don’t have to commit to him long term yet…however, they would need to make the decision on the 5th year option before the season starts next year, so there is a decision to be made. Very tricky situation. If the team continues to play like this to close the year, you absolutely have a core to work with moving forward. The defense needs to increase the pass rush but the 2nd and 3rd layers look good and you can tag JJ in the offseason. With or without Fields, they are ready to compete for a playoff spot. Do you put those hopes on Fields again, while using your draft capital to shore things up, or use your No. 1 on what you think is your next franchise QB, hoping to get some capital back for Fields, and still having pick 8-10 to use on an OL or DE
  2. Yes, that’s the big negative with these wins. He can’t be back, with or without a new QB next year
  3. This team should honestly be around 7-6 at this point. The Broncos game, the last Lions game, Chargers game…..8-9 wins is where I thought they would be this season and I think they’re starting to look like that, it’s just taken too long and they’ve blown some awful games
  4. Bull.s%*#. Every year, teams consistently spend less and far out pace the White Sox, and in many cases it’s the same organizations consistently (Brewers, Twins, Indians, etc) Money/Payroll is far from the only issue with Jerry. It’s how he runs this organization.
  5. No we didn’t. The Ricketts dispelled your theory about a decade ago as well
  6. He also said he thought the Sox would be player for Aaron Judge in FA 😂
  7. They’ve basically done the same cycle for 25 years, where when they draft a QB, it’s from a lame duck coach/GM. If they decide to go the franchise QB route in the draft, no one can be back. I’d argue Poles shouldn’t be back either, but I wouldn’t be super upset if he’s back, it’s still only been 2 years.
  8. I’m far from an expert, but lot of variables go into it, most importantly, what you are looking for right now? Short term or long term? Risk or little risk? Here would be a few very general tips: - Do your homework, but invest in what you like/believe in. If you’ve never heard of the company and you have no interest in what they produce, don’t invest - One of the safest things you can do (in my opinion) is investing in something like VOO, which is the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF. It’s a collection of the stocks traded on the s&p 500 which is fairly safe and also diverse. Its going to move slow but one of the safer ETF’s you can go with
  9. If that loss helps Flus lose his job…good game
  10. This is a solid haul. Few lottery tickets and a number of guys that will at least be members of the 26 man roster at some point for a RP that has straight up been bad. I also suspect the Braves will get the most out of Bummer because that’s what good organizations do, but it wasn’t going to happen here
  11. The Sox are definitely not a podcast, but it may be a stretch to call them a “baseball team”
  12. There is no evidence it had anything to do with his disability. It certainly sounds like they didn’t have a good relationship, and I’m sure both have pretty large egos. Brooks quote sounds like something an asshole says to someone who’s been an asshole before.
  13. The owner of the Chicago White Sox, in one of the largest media markets in the world, already said they won't be in the sweepstakes for Ohtani. So the odds are actually less than your sun analogy.
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