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  1. I agree with this. If he's healthy he needs to play, every game this season is important for his growth as a QB for when this team is hopefully ready to compete, which can be as early as next season.
  2. Poles has also shown very little allegiance to anyone from the previous era, so I feel like Monty moving on is pretty likely.
  3. Kind of seemed like the last drive play calling was coming from the front office 😂
  4. Abreu would have so much fun with that Padres team, hope it happens.
  5. Like always, there is no way out for them. More of a product of the NBA than ever...if you aren't Top 3 in your conference, what is the point?
  6. I think a package of Gonzalez and Winker from the M’s is very realistic for the Sox.
  7. The White Sox should know the answer to this
  8. I understand Detroit sucks but every game it seems like Fields is getting better and better
  9. If facts are posted on a “fake account” does it matter?
  10. If I'm understanding this correctly, a team that seemingly doesn't want to take on much payroll this offseason is exploring the opportunity to trade major young assets for a player who plays the same position as Grandal, a 34 year old washed FA signing costing the Sox 18 million dollars in 2023. And he bats right handed. Awesome.
  11. Some very smart team that isn't the White Sox are going to bring both of these guys in and their organization will be much better for it.
  12. I've also always thought about how you handle that with family/friends. In a case like this, I would guess you really run the risk of creating weird situations with people that are hitting you up for things, expect something from you because of all this new wealth. I would very much want to help those around me, but at the same time, those awkward situations would suck with people asking for handouts. I've always thought I'd sit down and determine how much I would give someone, be generous but explain that "This is it. I'm giving you $500,000 but this is it."
  13. That's embarrassing The Athletic pays him to write these words.
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