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  1. You don't see it because you're classifying it as "targeting" and a "feud" I don't know what The Score said, so I can't comment on what was said leading up to anything. I do know what 1000 said, and it was first brought up after he made the "haters" comment. They asked him to clarify what he meant. He declined. Then they got on him for screwing up the pronunciation of Veeck, and even mentioned this would be a non-story if the haters comment wasn't made, but now there is more attention on him. Then everything went away for a few weeks. Until Schriffren decided to re-ignite the "feud" I've spent too much time discussing this very stupid situation. The last thing I'll say on this is I have a feeling by 2030, John Schriffen is going to be a decent trivia question for hardcore fans that remember who was only here for one year after Benetti left...
  2. I wouldn’t classify it as a “reward” and I don’t think the sports radio group would consider it a reward either. It’s about ending the conversation. You do that, by having a conversation. It benefits Schiffren by clearing the air, moving on from it. He decided not to do that, then take another swipe with his “radio losers” comment He clearly wants the heat at this point. Otherwise he doesn’t make the radio losers remark. He was trolling at that point.
  3. Then you know how you end that? Respond. When he made the haters comment, the day after it happened, both radio stations, one of which is the flagship home of the Sox, reached out to have him on air. He declined. I can’t speak to The Score, but I know for a fact Waddle and Silvy wouldn’t have “attacked him” or made it a difficult situation, they would have asked him what he meant by calling out “the haters” and who it was directed towards. Again, he could have EASILY made a joke out of it, been a little self-deprecating, and it’s totally over. But he said “No, don’t need to explain myself, letting that comment speak for itself.” Ok, so now you’re leaving it up for people to come to their own conclusions, which we know is a wonderful idea in this day and age. Then, as the cherry on top, he doubled down and calls them “radio losers” weeks later, both stations once again reached out, and once again both were declined. Sorry, but Schiffren isn’t the victim here. This isn’t Kansas City or Milwaukee. This is a large media market with a lot of eyes on you. As I said before, he made the decision to poke the bear once again with the radio losers call. And if he doesn’t want to provide any clarity to the situation, he wants to somehow keep this beef going, the “radio losers” in this town are simply holding up their side of the bargain. There were multiple times and ways for him to end this stupid and petty “feud” with the sports radio stations in town. He decided he didn’t want to do that. Again…that’s on him.
  4. Someone needs to be the bigger person. The "haters" thing was over, then he decided to re-light the fire with the "losers" comment on the broadcast. Sports radio already doesn't have a ton to discuss right now in the sports calendar, you KNEW it was going to re-ignite things. Why do that? I'm not absolving sports radio hosts, they are keeping this going and could not take the bait...but if you're Schriffen, why give them the bait at all?
  5. Yeah, it's not the best. Haven't followed things too closely, but there doesn't seem to be a lot to get excited about at this point with his performance at the higher levels. Still a ton of time left in his development, not sounding the alarms, but clearly there is some more work to do before he's ML ready.
  6. 52 PAs in AA in 2022 165 PAs in AA in 2023 173 PAs in AAA in 2024 390 PAs
  7. Came to this sub forum wondering if anyone was discussing this. Colson Montgomery has hit about .230 combined in AA and AAA in his career, over about 350 PA's. Still has plenty of time...but with the way people have discussed Colson and the impact he can have at the ML level....I think there is some reason for concern.
  8. ^^^ This. I know absolutely zero about Schriffen, especially since I've seen about 6 innings of White Sox baseball this year. But for a new personality, he should be trying to make a connection to EVERYONE. Fans, media, players...why make public enemies with anyone right now, let alone people that some of his listening audience also enjoys listening to? This is all such a simple fix too, he just refuses to engage with anything.
  9. Shane Riordan is a douche, seems like a consensus. But in terms of your statement of “dish it can’t take it” I think the same can be said about Schiffren here. He knew what he was doing with the line to Beckham. And ok fine, you want to take shots at sports radio host, or “dish it out” in this case, then don’t turn down media requests when someone has a question about the comments you chose to make on a MLB broadcast. That’s the “can’t take it” in this case
  10. Correct. They have a decent chance to go 4-2 in those first six weeks before the bye. But let's say 3-3 is more realistic. Ideally Caleb has started to pick up the speed of the NFL, the team has started to gel...and then the second half is basically dominated by divisional games and it will all come down to the 2nd half of the season. I'd much prefer that to opening the season again against the Packers.
  11. If this season is anything like the last...that's a good thing
  12. Again…what would that “1-2-3” punch accomplish? If the goal is to build a competitive team for multiple seasons, how are those three accomplishing that? As others have mentioned, instead of being 14-30, they would be 18-26? This team is desperate for talent in so many areas and are a long way from competing. Hanging on to veteran talent accomplishes next to nothing, aside from a handful of more wins in a season where they will be lucky to win 65 games with or without those guys. And if you are that enamored with Erick Fedde, then go out and sign another one, didn’t cost much to acquire in FA.
  13. I know it's pointless to go down this road, but lets just use some really basic logic here. When Fedde is a free agent, he'll be 33 years old, and it will be the 2026 season. Even the most optimistic fans don't believe the Sox will be in any sort of playoff hunt in 2025, 2026 being the absolute earliest this team shows any kind of competitiveness. So in your scenario, you're going to pay Fedde not for what you think he will do for you in the future, but instead what he produced for you in the past, and pay a premium for his age 33-34-35 year old seasons, instead of selling high on a 31 year old with a career 5.12 ERA. Doesn't seem like a very logical investment.
  14. I have to think he would have some real value on the market if he continued like this. Not just a rental, he's 31 without a ton of innings on his arm in his ML career, and would slot in nicely as a No. 3 starter for a playoff team.
  15. But the original question still remains and is valid...who are the "haters" and even when we establish that...how are they "haters" of the White Sox? Is a "hater" people that have been critical of objectively the worst team in baseball?
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