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  1. He’s a moron. He wants to sound smart but he’s imbecile and an antisemite.
  2. Or, and hear me out, the Bulls go 0-82, and draft Victor Wenbanyaba!
  3. I finally started “The Orville” a few weeks ago and got addicted. Only 36 eps so far so I breezed through it. Hope there’s an s4. I thought it was going to be sci-fi satire but it’s a serious sci-fi show with some comedy and good characters.
  4. I’d recommend “Emily the Criminal”.
  5. DIRECTV Choice Package - Satellite TV Price & Channels Have to sign up for the Choice plan
  6. I read I can sign up for DirecTV Stream and get Sunday ticket free for the season. I was wondering if those games are in the stream app, or you have to use the Sunday ticket app. Sunday ticket app only allows one log in at a time so can’t share. Was just curious. Was going to split with my little cousin, who is a student, but not if we both can’t log in at same time.
  7. Anyone here use DirecTV stream? I see you get nfl Sunday ticket free but was wondering if that is in the DirecTV stream app, or you have to use the Sunday Ticket app, which only allows one log in at a time.
  8. Vengeance was really good. Thought I’d like it but not this much. Strong by BJ Novak. Bullet Train was just ok. Some bad CGI but mindless fun mostly. Couple of good cameos. Hope caufield agrees with me.
  9. Prey ruled. My opinion is the only one that matters. No subjectivity allowed. Sorry. Did I do this right?
  10. I was pretty disappointed in NOPE. Maybe I set my expectations too high because I love GET OUT.
  11. “Black Bird” on AppleTV is excellent
  12. It’s not really horror. More suspense with a supernatural touch.
  13. “The Black Phone” is very good.
  14. “Cha Cha Real Smooth” maybe my new fav of 2022. Also dug “Elvis”.
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