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  1. I live in Knoxville, so I usually see the Barons when they are in town playing the Smokies.
  2. Exactly. He didn’t hit anything hard tonight. His speed is impressive though.
  3. QUOTE (pettie4sox @ May 19, 2016 -> 01:48 PM) You can master's out but I just completed my first year. I just wanted to pound away some debts and save some money before coming back. I took a huge paycut coming back to school (obviously) and I don't think I was prepared for it. I absolutely want to finish my degree but I also can't focus if I'm worried about how I am going to pay for s***. The rules vary by school and program. Our school allows for a leave of absence, but I am not familiar with the particulars. Of course, the vast majority of people that leave school don't ever return to complete the degree. It's really hard to get back into it. How many years is your program?
  4. QUOTE (bmags @ Jan 21, 2016 -> 12:49 PM) Definitely get to a consulate in person. It's pretty expensive, a shame you aren't going in June when its free. What cities you going to? Definitely Sao Paulo. We're still figuring out the rest. We'll probably have to do mail or use a service, as I don't think we'll be able to get down to Atlanta to do it in person. If in person is absolutely the best way to go, we'll find a way.
  5. QUOTE (bmags @ Jan 21, 2016 -> 10:53 AM) Okay, made the submission for a Visa successfully. Some tips - the form on the Chicago Chinese embassy site is WRONG, go to the national Chinese embassy site - As my wife and I were going together, we only printed one set of our flight/hotel info. They luckily had a copy machine there. We pick up on wednesday thouhg, and the embassy was very fast. Overall a pretty good experience, better than Brazil's. Advice on Brazil's visa process? I'll be doing that in the next couple of weeks (traveling in March).
  6. QUOTE (SnB @ May 7, 2015 -> 08:47 AM) IPA's are ok, but my favorite beers are dry, somewhat hoppy, red ales. Unfortunately, there's not that many of them out there. My favorites have been: Kingpin Double Red Ale and Sierra Nevada's Flipside Red IPA. Any other rec's? It's probably not available in the midwest, but Highland Brewing Company has a red IPA that might fit your taste: http://www.highlandbrewing.com/craft-brews...ls-britches-ipa
  7. QUOTE (scs787 @ Mar 31, 2015 -> 06:58 PM) This is killing me.... What the hells a COP back? It was used describing Rodgers..... Is it "Catcher of Passes" or does it have something to do with his ability to protect the QB or is it because cop sounds like comp and they're saying he's a complimentary back. I'd say it's probably "change of pace" back.
  8. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Mar 27, 2015 -> 03:31 PM) That drive into NC and back to Gatlinburg is do-able in 1 day and if you can get down to the river (chatahoochee? sp?) it'd be worth it with the kids. It's in NC but it's a 1 day voyage that covers the heart of the park. All good advice here. Dollywood just re-opened for the season.
  9. Disco72

    The Pet Thread

    QUOTE (Jake @ Oct 15, 2014 -> 12:55 AM) I want to own this cat. I'm horrified by the thought he might belong to somebody, though. I've gone ahead and made some found cat postings, so we'll see if anything comes of that. How long do I give to sort those things out before we go ahead and more clearly make him ours? I don't want to invest in micro-chipping, vaccinations, collar/tags, etc. just to have someone take the cat a day later. FWIW, we do not plan to let this cat outdoors. He's been very okay with this so far, too, which is surprising. Hasn't made any attempts to go out the door nor does he pay much attention to it at all. There are a number of programs to neuter stray cats to keep the population down. It is entirely possible that this cat was neutered that way. I think you are going about it the right way. You might even post a few "found" flyers around your neighborhood. If there is an owner out there that cares about the cat, they will be looking.
  10. Does anyone have a favorite site for up-to-date depth charts?
  11. Thanks for all the feedback! I've starting toying around with One Drive, and so far, so good.
  12. What online file storage set-up do people recommend? I'm looking for the simple ability to access documents from home, work, coffee shop, etc. These would be mostly Microsoft Office documents with some larger data sets as well. I don't plan on using it for photos, music, or video. I enjoy Drop Box's ease of use, but I do not really want to have to buy extra storage (my current storage needs are about 5-6 GB). I also could use Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. I am leaning towards One Drive due to the relatively high free storage size, the fact that I am using Windows 7 and 8.1 on my computers, the apparently good file and folder syncing (as several reviews have pointed out), and the fact that my work might be moving to Office 365. I realize I'm probably way behind on this, so any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I wonder if the Sox are using a "fail fast" approach with respect to some of their top hitting prospects. This is a common notion among entrepreneurs who would rather "fail fast," meaning that it is better to find out quickly if your idea is going to work. If it doesn't work, you can move on to something else before putting in too much time, energy, and money. When you look back at Sox top hitting prospects in the KW era, many were not rushed. Yet, they often arrived in the majors with pretty important flaws in their swings or approaches. These flaws were never corrected in the minors because inferior minor league talent could not exploit their flaws. Guys like Mitchell and Hawkins have both been described as stubborn and have both been aggressively pushed through the system. It seems to me that the Sox may be trying to get them to fail, so they can learn how to adapt and adjust from the failure. Hopefully they can fix fatal flaws in their hitting before they get to the majors. In contrast to the KW era, when prospects needed to have gaudy minor league numbers to build their value in trades for veterans, Hahn is trying to build from within. To do so, he needs to promote guys to the major league team with some reasonable hope at succeeding. Thus, the top guys are pushed to see if they can handle the challenge so the Sox know early who might make it and who probably won't.
  14. He looked absolutely thrilled to be playing for Birmingham when I saw him earlier this week vs Tennessee.
  15. Looking at the rotation the past couple of weeks, it looks like the starters for the upcoming Birmingham/Tennessee series will be McCully, Beck, Jaye, Snodgress, and Doyle. Anyone have anything different?
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