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  1. I have a deposit on one for my wife. They’re very nice. If they can hit those specs it’ll be a big winner.
  2. They just hired some guy away from Apple that was highly involved with Apple Pay to work on superchargers...my guess is he will some of these issues.
  3. A Tesla will definitely make you feel something. I have a Cybertruck on order and think if Tesla can truly hit those specs it will be the best vehicle on the market at that price point by far.
  4. 65-75 kWh should run you $4-5 depending on what kind of rate you have. Often times you can find an EV charging rate overnight for about 4-5 cents a kWh.
  5. http://www.soxon35th.com/dont-stop-now-boys/
  6. Based on the driving habits he described, it should be no problem.
  7. No. Get a Tesla Model 3. Any other choice listed would be a poor choice.
  8. You’re going to be a very happy man, trust me
  9. That was my understanding as well. In Nevada, it’s based on MSRP, so if you purchase/lease a fairly expensive car, it’s really a bit of a punch in the mouth. You can deduct this from federal income taxes, however. But in Illinois, at least previously, it used to be very reasonable (for once).
  10. Not the point I was making
  11. Those with larger batteries are heavier, but I’m not sure it’s a meaningful impact on roads. No issue with paying a tax, but how about the idea that I’m not contributing as much CO2 into the environment? EV owners are saving public healthcare dollars.
  12. Spend the money on the Dual Motor. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.
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