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  1. 2 of the last 4 years we were 88-74. Last year was absymal. The oz isn’t the greatest but he knows this ballclub inside and out
  2. Also people saying we are only hearing about Ozzie because of the media and fans are dead wrong.
  3. So lame. Can’t believe the man that brought us a World Series and is literally the only proven winner with this shitty front office is looked down upon by the masses like this. Ozzie deserves a little more respect. Ever hear of club DNA? The oz has already changed it. What is Kevin long going to do to change our club DNA?
  4. “Ozzie won’t be hired as the next manager” yeah we will see about that
  5. As Ive argued countless times, rick hahn (and especially whoever is doing the major league scouting) has been bad for almost their entire tenures. Doesn’t know how to supplement a roster. At least now we know for sure that there will no playoff series won under his watch. We now know the only thing we can root for is for the team to be sold and front office to be completely replaced.
  6. He doesn’t just have ties to Jerry. He’s on record saying he owns a small share of the club. He has a real World Series ring. He defends the budgetary restrictions like his life depends on it. Jerry should sell the team if he has trouble with cash
  7. If you’re going to the games come to tap 14 in denver on blake street to pregame
  8. Oh how the tables have turned! Glad you have moved over to the light after our discussions in November. Hey hey! Ho Ho! Hahn and co have got to go!
  9. They’re made men. And hahn is a cubs fan. Doubt they really care.
  10. Hey hey! Ho Ho! Hahn and co has got to go!!! Hey hey! Ho Ho! Hahn and co has got to go! I remember talking in November about how poorly hahn and co have done most of their regime and got absolutely ridiculed by southside2k and chicago white Sox. Come out to play now boys!!! Absolutely pathetic roster that’s been constructed.
  11. Major league scouting has been dog shit for a long time now. Got absolutely ridiculed for saying it and saying we should not trust Rick hahn to have a good off-season. And he sure didn’t.
  12. We seem to be pretty tight against the budget right now tho
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