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  1. I don't think they're scared either, but it's obvious with ~22 years of evidence Hahn/KW don't value depth to nearly the extent they should.
  2. By all indications Marque wanted him back but Kasper is the one who wanted to leave. Even if that weren't the case, which seems unlikely to me for a variety of reasons, I'm sure if he could have landed another TV gig elsewhere if that' what he really wanted to do.
  3. "Kasper said he contacted McCarthy and Kenney on Monday to lay out “this crazy idea.” “Len sent me a text and said, do you have the time to talk,” Kenney said. “We talk a lot so I didn’t really expect anything significant. But when the first words out of his mouth were, ‘Are you sitting down?’ I immediately went to his health. He’s got something significant going on with his family. So I was relieved when all he said was, ‘Hey, I think I want to go chase my dream.’” I wanted to paint the picture of the great game of baseball on the radio like he did for me growing up,” Kasper said. “I want to call postseason games. I want to be behind the microphone to call a World Series." https://theathletic.com/2239770/2020/12/04/len-kasper-cubs-white-sox/ Clearly there's a pretty big one at this stage of his career. There aren't going to be many sports broadcasters in the world who would prefer the White Sox radio gig to Cubs PbP on TV.
  4. He would have been an upgrade in the Engel role and didn't cost a ton. Oh well.
  5. Why add ~1.5 WAR players as quality depth when you can just *hope* Buxton stays healthy like the Sox are with Robert?
  6. Beckham is an auto mute for me. I watch a ton of out of town baseball & Benetti is the best PbP guy in the business to me. Even he can't make Beckham a tolerable listen.
  7. Can't imagine it's something Len would even be willing to do full-time again. If it was, wouldn't he have just stayed with the Cubs?
  8. Now's the time for Jerry to sell with no other AL teams up for sale 🙂
  9. There's a reason he's likely to come cheap and the Sox don't have enough in the system to land someone better. Getting anything resembling Madrigal's career line is likely an upgrade over Romy & Sosa.
  10. I think it's admirable Hahn is just leaning completely into "everyone stay healthy, have career years, and we'll be fine" by not prioritizing depth literally anywhere on the roster
  11. I *think* it's possible to view the BP list for free so long as you have an account there. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/prospects/article/79861/2023-prospects-the-top-101/
  12. The BP top 101 came out today. Montgomery #32, Colas #76, and that's it for White Sox representation.
  13. Which is something Jerry rightfully gets dunked on for. Not being willing to spend at the top of the market is extremely inefficient and has held the Sox back significantly during this window.
  14. Teams seem to value framing much higher than the general public, even fans on here. They will take great framers who allow a ton of passed balls which is a profile most fans don't like.
  15. Sanchez would help with the HR issue, but realistically, I don't think he's any better than a Seby/Perez combo at backup C. Would be an odd signing unless he signs for practically free.
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