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  1. The Sox developing any raw position player into someone who churns out 4 seasons as an above-average regular (2+ WAR) is unimaginable to me.
  2. Gallo would be like a 99th percent tile outcome for Wolkow. That would be awesome.
  3. I'm glad they're giving Mendick a shot. It's clear he's gone through a swing or approach change so you might as well see if there's anything to it. Mendick is running a flyball rate over 50%, which is the highest he's had at any level of affiliated ball by a mile. Wouldn't it be nice if Eloy or Vaughn could lift the ball like that 🙂
  4. I've (literally?) been Moncada's biggest supporter on this forum over the years but he still had a massive strikeout rate issue as a prospect. He had a 31% K rate in AA his last year in Bostons org and was pushing 30% again after the Sale trade when he was down in Charlotte. These *16 games* are the first time we've ever seen any indication Colson being overly patient might be an issue in his game.
  5. Semien is probably the best comp of walk rate/strikeout rate/age plus both guys were middle infielders with questionable defensive futures. But somehow prospect analysis was at a point in 2013 where a 22 year old putting up a 167 wRC+ in AA wasn't on top 100 prospect lists, lol.
  6. Moncada was consistently running higher strikeout rates than Montgomery has in the minors.
  7. I genuinely cannot remember the last high end Sox prospect with elite OBP skills. I will take one guy who needs to be a little more aggressive over the dozens who swing way too much.
  8. Jerry would rather hire people he knows and lose 120 games than hire people he doesn't know and win 100.
  9. Anyone watching Thorpe tonight? Looks like he's been dealing.
  10. This team (and organization) always gets the outcomes they deserve
  11. Flexen is a trainwreck. He might have the worst stuff for any SP currently locked into a rotation.
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