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  1. That's the best season for a Sox 2nd basemen in most of our lifetimes. It's mind blowing the extent to which 2nd base has been a black hole organizationally for ~60+ years.
  2. Put any qualifier you want on it, but that doesn't change what actually happened. 61 is still temporarily the AL record, for whatever that's worth, but the record for HR's in a season is 73.
  3. His plate discipline has been a lot better this year but he still seems to press too much with RISP.
  4. Imagine how bad next years pen would be looking without Kelly and Diekman under contract. Nice job, Rick.
  5. For as good as Eloy's been, that felt inevitable
  6. Vaughn is a good hitter, who will get even better in the future, and I'm glad he's on the White Sox
  7. I would have liked Michael Fulmer or Jorge Lopez on the Sox. The lesson, as always, is never try to make trades to improve your team. At least Hahn got that one right.
  8. Miguel's boys don't quit!! here comes the rally
  9. Big appearance for Kelly coming up if he wants to get his ERA below 6 on the season.
  10. It was impossible to foresee a pitcher with one of the highest walk rates in baseball immediately coming in and walking someone
  11. Good thing Diekman is under contract for next year.
  12. Not being overextended by having to play ~90+ games in the outfield should help with that.
  13. People can act like that's the case, but it doesn't make them right.
  14. It's strange there's such a fixation on the AL HR record when that's "only" tied for the 7th most all-time. I think there's an element of the Yankees having to be the main character of baseball at all times in the way Judge's season has been covered. But still massive credit to him. The ball being dejuiced probably cost him a shot to hit 70+.
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