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  1. Andrus has some of the least impressive statcast data on the team. He's still able to hit for power because he can pull the ball in the air. what a concept.
  2. Shoutout for Elvus Andrus being the only hitter on the team who realizes how to hit for power in 2022. Too bad he can't also be the hitting coach.
  3. The end result of a tanked season being 2 expensive years of AJ Pollock is unfathomably bad. Even for a terrible GM like Hahn.
  4. Being stuck with another year of Pollock is brutal.
  5. Singling on a pitch that should have been a HR is the story of the season
  6. It only took until the 161st game, but I think the offensive breakout is finally happening
  7. This also applies to Eloy as well.
  8. Yoan is setting the tone for what's going to be an excellent 2023 for him.
  9. This also feels like the end of the line for Engel in a White Sox uniform, given how sparingly he's been used even with Robert out.
  10. What a disaster. I hope Miranda is okay. That's terrifying.
  11. Selling low on in their prime players with a history of very good production doesn't strike me as a good way to improve next years team. Especially when Giolito specifically has proven he's capable of getting right after being at a much lower point than he's at right now.
  12. It's strange that the "endless injuries" narrative sticks to Moncada but not other players on the roster. Moncada has played 51 (likely to end the season at 53) more games than TA dating back to 2019. He has essentially the same fWAR as Abreu over that same time span. This is the first season of Moncada's career where he's been unavailable for an extended period of time.
  13. Turns out the guy who wants to play every inning of every game, whether it's Spring Training, regular season, or the playoffs, does indeed want to continue playing baseball next season
  14. I'd be fine with this, but there might be diminishing returns considering Katz is one of the best things the organization has going for it at the moment.
  15. I don't think he would be pitching if it were an elbow or shoulder issue. Maybe he's sick. Who knows.
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