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  1. Should the question not be, how much more talent can you get if they decide to trade some of their players right now versus waiting for the trade deadline? With out a doubt, this team will NOT make a run for the playoffs, based on this, start trading now and ask for more talent in return.
  2. is there a time frame when this young will be back to playing? Missing the first two months of the season is NOT good.
  3. Zach Collins at catcher!!!
  4. This will be a 95+ loss season, start thinking about trading some of the older veterans. Lance Lynn would be the number one person to move
  5. Yes, time for Burger to stay, and gor goodness sake, NO more pinch hitting for him anymore!!!!!!!
  6. I’m not g”impressed with our new manager!!! We are looking at a very long season. Total BS for an organization that’s supposed to be in there “championship years”!!!
  7. I’m NOT impressed with our new manager. His moves in the 19th inning were brutal.
  8. 79 wins / 83 losses. Team is average, nothing more!
  9. The fact Moncado is not even close to being on this list is the most disappointing. A number 1 prospect who had a solid first year with the team has totally fallen apart. Total head scratcher!
  10. We will continue to find ways to improve the team……………..which we all know is total horse s%*#!!
  11. Overall pitching is so weak and so much uncertainty with catching, right field, third base and second base I’m thinking this team will be lucky to hit 75 wins
  12. For some reason I think Madrigal is going to have a good year, let’s go get him.
  13. I’m sure this person is very smart and does a his job very well, but if you don’t have the talent on the field, I can’t see how this can help us. There are at least 6 to 7 American League teams with better talent than what we have. We had a chance this off season to help this team close that talent gap, we did very little. The organization told us for years they would step up when the time came, that was a total lie. Hiring a smart analytical person is NOT going to cut it for me!!
  14. I’m not even sure this prospect is even being posted, this team will NOT land him. This pitiful organization will not even look his way.
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