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  1. 100% correct, you can’t sign a handful of players who have batted below 220 for the past few years and think they are all of the sudden going to start hitting!
  2. this is absolutely brutal, this team is playing little league baseball
  3. Doesn’t part of this fall on the shoulders of Chris Getz? Was he not in charge of player development? Very few if any of our first, second or third round picks developed at all with this organization, if anything, they got worse!!
  4. I’m going to project Fletcher becomes a solid player for this team!
  5. Does this money carry over to next year or the team just loses it if they don’t spend it?
  6. Vaughn is not the problem, he gives a good effort!
  7. Fletcher was very good at University of Arkansas!!!
  8. Grifol is probably the worse manager in baseball, this team has no chance of being good!!
  9. Absolutely, get a third team involved. Getz, time to start earning your keep!!
  10. If we all agree this team is going nowhere, even in this incredibly weak division, then help me understand why we are not trading Cease? Let’s don’t kid ourselves and think that Cease is Bob Gibson. Getz should be on the horn with Baltimore and ask for one of their top 5 prospects, one who’s from 6 to ten and another who’s from 11 to 15. i’m guessing all 3 of these players would immediately become a top 7 prospect in our organization
  11. i was really hoping they were going to sign this young man, but not surprised they didn’t!!
  12. Another Cease trade option going away. Pitiful.
  13. Time to bring this thread back up front. Getz should be embarrassed with what’s gone on the past few months. Fire him!!
  14. if they are not going to trade Cease, then start thinking about putting a team together that can win this pitiful division. Sign another starter and spend money on a right fielder and go from there. i have no faith in Getz getting the job done!!!
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