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  1. So does this put us over the luxury tax or not? 😆
  2. We will forever now only trade with the Braves
  3. It doesn’t matter… I don’t Ohtani would come here for 750 million bucks. I mean… what would you rather do… play for the Dodgers for 570 million or the White Sox for 750 million. 😆
  4. Temu has some fucked up s%*#… I’d always get the hamster shaped ear ring plug.
  5. Sure seems like it. In fairness, he did preface his statement with something along these lines, “I don’t know if this is what the White Sox are thinking but if it was me I would absolutely be looking to trade him…”
  6. Didn’t he ride into town spouting the same horseshit?
  7. I was going to say I liked him better when he was quiet.
  8. It’s funny to me that CHGO has a booth.
  9. Just look at what is on the table and what’s possible when you cut out Cease with a lowered payroll. This team will be losing ugly.
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