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  1. Since this team is a dumpster fire…
  2. Let’s hear your ideas folks. Post your hairball ideas utilizing the begin phrase, “Since this team is a dumpster fire.” I’ll go first: Since this team is a dumpster fire… let Colson break camp as the starting second baseman.
  3. Before every game Roger should drill randomly placed 25 foot deep holes of varying diameter in the outfield. Line them with spikes and have Brooks market every series as a “Blackout Death Match.”
  4. I cry for you and hope the team turns around one day. You deserve another winner.
  5. Yea man - the lengths some people will go to get what they want is astonishing.
  6. As someone who has been a target of false allegations - I’m not going to just assume what has been said is true. Personally I’ve lived through fabricated “evidence”, manipulated witnesses, and have seen the fall out from it. My guess though is that MLB does a better job investigating than the damned California Family Law Court System.
  7. One of the few occasions I can say I’m thankful for alcoholism. 😆
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oGpFcHTxjZs
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