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    Winston-Salem Dash (High-A)
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    It's been a part of my daily life since 2003. Wierd.
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    Robert & Lynn
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    Winning the series in 2005 and being there in person to see them clinch a world series birth in Anaheim!
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    Frank Thomas & M.B.

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  1. hi8is

    Lance Lynn

    I’m ready to push the reset button and flush this whole team away. Starting with Hahn.
  2. We win that game if Moncada or burger aren’t hurt.
  3. 80% fashion 20% fans Don’t listen to the other garbage.
  4. Maybe he’s just using them to emphasize how deplorable we are.
  5. It’s been at least 2 years overdue… some could make considerable argument for more years than that… What’s another few days?
  6. I haven’t watched a game since… uh… the 4 to 3 win against the Twins. Has been a combination of being super busy and also just choosing not to invest my time into a team that isn’t playing winning baseball. That said, what’s Robert’s body language like?
  7. Yep. Since early Ozzie, Ricky was the best we’ve had… which is sad. Of the few games I’ve watched so far - we look like timid doe crossing a road at night with oncoming headlights approaching.
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