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  1. Alright you more knowledgeable people, you… who’s got the following pieces that we could possibly trade. Positions to get stronger at - Second Base - Right Field - Left Field - Starting Pitcher - Relief Pitchers Players of ours who may be of interest - Andrew Vaughn - Tim Anderson - Eloy - Gavin Sheets - Colson Montgomery - Garett Crochet I think we plug Abreu back in at first and trade Vaughn for a starting pitcher. Colas in left field moving Pollock to his natural position in right field. My preference would be playing Vaughn at first, Colas in left field, Judge in right, Rodon heading the rotation, and blah blah blah but we’re not the Dodgers.
  2. Pitch it to Dusty as a way to show up Balogna one last time… how you pitch that to the GM… no clue. Tell him it’ll be like washing his Sox?
  3. I thought that job required two bad cops. 😆
  4. Holy s%*# the Atlanta fan phone thing is nuts when an opposing pitcher is yanked.
  5. And McCann still loves swinging at two strike sliders way off the plate. 😆
  6. The real game today starts any minute now.
  7. Will the team hold a memorial ceremony for Bologna on Monday?
  8. “He ( Bologna ) likely will stay in the White Sox organization as a special assistant” Lame.
  9. I’m calling Menechino a clown. You’re extremely bright and are now a member of the Hall of Fame club. Congrats!
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