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    It's been a part of my daily life since 2003. Wierd.
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    Winning the series in 2005 and being there in person to see them clinch a world series birth in Anaheim!
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    Frank Thomas & M.B.

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  1. hi8is

    War in Ukraine

    I can’t believe all of the horseshit going on in the world on one hand… and in another hand it’s been expected. Hell, I’m surprised North Korea hasn’t engaged South Korea… as well as China invading Taiwan. Maybe that expectation is around the corner still with all of this pipeline s%*#, economy s%*#, nuke talk part 5 s%*#. Is this a saying: “To stimulate an economy, start a war.”?
  2. 61 ones the record and the arrogant piss poor cheaters with higher numbers can go f*** right off.
  3. The season of horrors keeps getting more horrible.
  4. Maybe in the Picture in Picture window. 😆
  5. Braves / Mets is where it’s at for the next 3.
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