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    Winning the series in 2005 and being there in person to see them clinch a world series birth in Anaheim!
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  1. Robert to Seattle Fedde to Baltimore or the Dodgers Crochet stays or goes to the Dodgers or Yankees Pham to a wild card contender like Pittsburg or Kansas City Kopech gets packaged with Fedde or Crochet If they don’t get their ask for Crochet, keep him and try this rodeo next July. Offer a 6 year deal buying out arb and four free agency years. If he turns it down you get a kings ransom.
  2. “I’m shocked to still have a place here but thanks the Getzy and my boy Jerry, there isn’t anything I can do apparently which, you know, would cause me to lose this job. No one expected it but we just have to keep managing and know that one day, we will win. Our history shows that. These guys are professionals. They are fighters.” -Pedro Grifol
  3. Alright… f*** it. Extend Crochet until 2030 and roll to town with the three headed lefty monster. Trade Robert and Fedde and Kopech and everyone else.
  4. Told ya guys that I wouldn’t be surprised with Smith. Who was it that told me I was off my rocker when I suggested it last week? Oh… everyone. 😆
  5. A lot of players are already returning to the mean. The production we saw in other cases will be replaced at a higher level with people from the minors. I really think we’ll be better in the second half regardless but don’t get me wrong: we are still going to suck ass.
  6. I count 5 - one of which has supposedly been eliminated 😆
  7. We’ll be better next year. Hell - we will probably be better in the second half. It would be miraculous to be as bad or worse in the second half as they’ve been in the first half.
  8. Yes - this franchise sucks but we’re addicted… and one day, maybe while we’re grey and dying… we will bask in glory as a blind squirrel finding a nut.
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