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  1. Fucking puke on top of puke on top of puke after I puked up the puke in my mouth.
  2. “Mashed potatoes are best with gravy.”
  3. Prime bounce back candidate on a bounce back team… hopefully. 😆
  4. Yup. All of this budget s%*# is using the media to be proactive in contract negotiations, I suspect.
  5. As long as one is Craig Kimbrel, then I will approve.
  6. This is who you listen to folks ⬆️ Not some hamburger thing.
  7. What in the world would we get for Robert… and then we’d have 2.5 outfield openings 😆😆
  8. Yup - I get it and have always been a huge Vaughn guy. Just a bummer the Glass House can’t play left.
  9. Dude went to my high school. Not my class, I’m an old f*** now… but still cool.
  10. Eh - I don’t like rapist having jobs like this one does.
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