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  1. It's rage inducing when you open up the lineup, and Maldonado is in it. Seriously. At least Lee is at DH tonight, but Maldonado is the worst player I have ever watched in a Sox uniform. He would have been DFA a month ago in any serious organization.
  2. This team is 100% breaking the loss record.
  3. Not a lot of guys play until 45. He had a good run.
  4. I can't wait to see this guy become a superstar with another team. Please trade him. The Sox don't deserve him anyway.
  5. Looked like the most unathletic guy I've ever seen diving for that. Embarrassing.
  6. Bases loaded no outs, and you only get one. These guys just blow.
  7. Why are you coming up with the bases loaded and swinging at the first two pitches out of the zone? They just have no strategy.
  8. Something you don't hear very often. That's a great bunt.
  9. No. That's Jerry Reinsdorf you're thinking about.
  10. Who knew that, when you hit home runs....you can win games.
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