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  1. This team has the worst pitch recognition in all of baseball. It's insane how much garbage they swing at, and how many they watch go right over the plate.
  2. Those splits are fucking CRIMINAL. Those stats alone are enough to never fucking play Grandal again.
  3. Grandal is terrible at every aspect of being a catcher. Absurd pitch selection there.
  4. Great pitch by Scholtens. Give your fucking pitchers some run support, you assholes.
  5. They just don't know how to walk. They should have 6-7 walks already. Bunch of free swinging assholes with no baseball IQ. It also looks like they have NO IDEA about the pitcher they face on a daily basis. Do these guys not ever receive a scouting report?
  6. How the f*** is Robert not on this list? Pretty much the only guy I would even consider off of this roster of corpses.
  7. This isn't even a thing. When has an established player like Yoan ever been moved to a new position during the season? Even if it was the right move(debatable), you don't do it at this point in the season.
  8. It's actually pretty clear what the biggest driver is in these claims.
  9. It's hopeless. I, and many other Sox fans, just don't give a s%*# anymore. Keep them, trade them, blow it all up, it doesn't matter. f*** this organization.
  10. Trading them also makes no sense. This management is incompetent. Trading guys won't make a damn bit of difference.
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