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  1. Probably done following this team until JR dies or sells. There's nothing to follow. They are the worst organization in baseball.
  2. Really starting to look like he was a huge cheater, and is barely an MLB pitcher without the spider tack.
  3. This guy is a fucking fraud. An absolute loser. Maybe hiring guys from an organization that's even worse than the Sox is a bad idea? The White Sox are the laughing stock of the MLB, and will be even worse next season.
  4. What have you seen with this club, that would give you ANY indication that this medical/training staff is competent in the least? I saw all I needed to see when Luis Robert was swinging with one fucking arm last season... This organization is a joke top to bottom. There's absolutely no reason to believe the training and medical staff are the exception to this.
  5. The Bummer talk just blows my mind. From my perspective, he has ALWAYS fucking sucked. I have no idea why anyone would ever think he was worth a s%*#. I've quite literally despised him from the moment I saw him pitch. I just don't understand what anyone sees in him. Guy fucking sucks.
  6. Hard to tell sometimes. I don't pay much attention to individual poster history. But you got some good rants out of it. Lol
  7. He's the one responsible for the overall approach. The team identity. He's the one responsible for holding players accountable. Establishing the culture and work ethic. Putting players in the best position to succeed. I call bullshit. He's a terrible manager, and I bet he's out of managing in the MLB as soon as he's fired by the Sox. Edit: Asking a White Sox fan to "be a bit more patient" is fucking hilarious. We have been patient with this disgraceful organization for almost 20 years. They can shove patience up their ass.
  8. If only there was a department within the organization that handled this for players... Lmao. Like, he has back problems. He should have a training and medical staff telling him the best way to prepare and deal with that. Not "figuring it out" on his own. Christ.
  9. He's a symptom of the disease. I don't give a s%*# that he's a first year manager. He was hired to manage a supposed CONTENDER. I also don't give a s%*# that he might figure it out in a few seasons. It's just more prototypical White Sox BULLSHIT. He never should have been hired. You also don't need a few seasons to see he has no leadership ability, and none of the players respect him. NOTHING has changed for the positive with this team since he was hired. He has only gotten worse. I'm glad Detroit is embarrassing them. They deserve it.
  10. What the f*** is this nonsense? The White Sox have the worst minor league system in the MLB, and their fundamentals absolutely suck. This mother fucker is senile.
  11. Famous last words. I mean, that's what we thought about TLR...and then they hired Grifol.
  12. I'm done until JR is gone. I'm not alone. An empty stadium is the only thing that is going to even register on their radar. Don't attend games and don't spend a dime on the organization.
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