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  1. My hunch is that management and leadership in this "organization" are a bunch of cowardly, chicken-s%*# assholes, who cannot handle an ounce of accountability, and it has nothing to do with the players. But I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  2. All this shows me is that TLR was not sober the majority of the season. They hired a fucking drunk, as almost everyone suspected. His health issues might be alcoholism. Who knows? It could also be a different health issue that forced him to stop drinking. Either way, f*** this organization for hiring a drunk, and allowing that drunk to waste an entire fucking season.
  3. I don't hate religion. I hate when people force their religion upon others. Especially in aspects of life that it has absolutely no business being in. I also hate people who use their religion for moral superiority over those that are different from them. And religious fundamentalism of all kinds can f*** right off. Religious fundamentalists (like Moore) tend to be among the most hateful, intolerant people on the planet. Regardless of their religious belief. All of this is neither here nor there. The point is, Moore is a fucking clown. Holding religious anti-porn meetings as the GM of a sports team is fucking ridiculous.
  4. Oh, I'm aware. The entire organization is broken.
  5. Honestly, this organization has almost completely lost me. Much like the Bears. There's only so much self-sabotage, incompetence, and mediocrity you can put up with when it comes to a team you support. They truly don't deserve fans(especially with the organization-wide disdain they tend to show for fans). They don't deserve our money. This is the underlying principle of a free market and capitalism, right? If you run a good business and produce a good product, people will pay for it. If you run a poor business, and produce poor products, people likely won't pay for it... You certainly can't complain when they don't. The White Sox need a wakeup call. I'd love to see that stadium fucking empty all season next year.
  6. Rick Hahn absolutely fucking sucks. The Rodon move alone should get his ass fired. White Sox qualify Rodon and they make the playoffs this season. I'm guessing that wasn't all his decision, though. You know that cheap mother fucker Reinsdorf probably didn't want to pay him.
  7. First off, someone is a parent when they produce offspring. It has absolutely nothing to do with marriage. Nothing in the definition of the word parent includes marriage. Nothing in the legal definition of parent, includes marriage. Two people can, and indeed are parents, when they have a child. So, no. That's not a "belief" at all... It's just a fact. Marriage is a religious and social construct that actually has absolutely nothing at all to do with being a parent. Second, nobody was saying that. There was no "agnostic" person sharing their beliefs, while silencing the "religious person". Why do Evangelicals in this country feel the need to constantly push their beliefs on others (Dayton Moore is a perfect example)? And why do they have this persecution complex when someone tells them it's not appropriate? Only one side was spouting off about their religious beliefs and forcing them onto others within the workplace with that anti-porn nonsense. Judging people who have a child out of wedlock, when the only difference between them and a married couple with a child is a stupid piece of paper, is holier than thou bullshit that has no place in this century. Religious beliefs should be kept out of the workplace(and government, but we're not going to get into that). That's the entire point here. Plus, Dayton Moore is a fucking hypocrite, who defended a guy who molested his six year old niece, and never showed remorse or atoned for it. This, while claiming that porn is basically at the root of evil(lol). Dayton Moore’s comments on Luke Heimlich draw backlash - Royals Review Seems to me his religion is just another way for him to look down on others and claim moral superiority. But we're way off topic now.
  8. What? Lol. Plenty of families have two parents who aren't married. How is that a belief?
  9. Why does having a child out of wedlock mean there aren't two parents????? Also, I was making a point that the workplace, especially in sports, is no place for your religious beliefs to be projected onto others. I didn't say anything about his religious beliefs. He can believe whatever the f*** he wants to believe(I disagree with his beliefs, and his defense of a player that molested his niece gives me doubts that they are even genuine). Leave religion at home.
  10. If you don't understand why projecting your religious beliefs on a sports team, in 2022, is a fucking ridiculous and idiotic thing, especially given how culturally diverse sports are, maybe you need to enter the 21st century? Holding anti-porn meetings and chastising players for having children out of wedlock, I'm sure, goes over really well with most young men today.😆
  11. More bullshit about luck. Lol....
  12. It never should have gotten to that point... There's a reason he was one of the last guys out of the pen. The team was fucking cooked. They lost this game in the 7th, when they gave up the lead. Because after that point, the advantage was all Cleveland.
  13. Here's the worst part of this loss tonight. The team actually played well enough to win. They were once again sabotaged by absolute fucking head scratchers, decision wise. It made absolutely no sense for Lambert to pitch the 7th. It made no sense for Lopez to only throw 11 pitches. Bullpen decisions likely lost this game.... So, even with how flawed this team is, they STILL should have probably won this game. With a 3-1 lead, the path was pretty fucking clear, bullpen wise. 90% of the posters here could have made the bullpen calls for the rest of this game. Lopez, Graveman, Hendriks. YOUR BEST THREE RELIEVERS. What did we get? Lambert and Bummer... lmao.
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