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  1. Yes, my grandma's nursing has quite a few cases. They are presuming she's positive so she's in an isolation room. I think it started a week or so ago with some employees that tested positive, even thought they screened them coming in.
  2. RegionSox


    I haven't started it yet, but I just saw where the Infamous America podcast did some episodes last year on the Black Sox scandal
  3. Yes I got a letter with Trumps signature on it in the mail Friday.
  4. RegionSox


    Behind the Bastards is a pretty good podcast.
  5. I work in healthcare for a pretty large company. So far, they have announced that there will be no raises or bonuses this year and suspended the 401k match until January. They said they made do some furloughs at some point but are not planning on doing many layoffs.
  6. It seems like the Abbott rapid test really isn't that great after all. According to some studies it has a false negative rate of 15% https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/false-negatives-in-quick-covid-19-test-near-15-percent-study-67451/amp
  7. Looks like we could have at home testing soon for people that get a recommendation from their doctor https://www.wraltechwire.com/2020/04/21/labcorp-receives-fda-approval-to-sell-at-home-covid-19-test/
  8. Probably not a good sign from one of the biggest labs that they are doing furloughs while they still have a huge backlog of Covid tests to run https://www.thestreet.com/investing/quest-diagnostics-furloughs-employees-cuts-exec-pay
  9. There was an automated test approved for labs in the last few days. Labcorp expects to be ramping up the amount of tests they run every night. Until now they has a very manual method that took a few days.
  10. I'm assuming if they lose the draft picks they lose the money from their overall draft pool too.
  11. I made the mistake of reading this thread before having any coffee. Maybe italics should be used now for weird tangents like green for sarcasm.
  12. I just looked it up and he was only at Missouri for 5 months and and at South Carolina for a year. Its starting to seem like a pattern where he doesn't stay long
  13. I'm so bored with the USA - The Clash
  14. Were they allergic to eggs? I know that can be an issue with the flu shots. Otherwise there is no way you can actually get the flu from the shot. It's not live virus. The naval mist does use weakened live virus.
  15. RegionSox

    The Pet Thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Jul 27, 2017 -> 08:54 AM) Dog just turned 7 and had his first allergic reaction. To what, i dunno. He had two itchy spots that started pussing. He'd itch and the hair would yank out. I was afraid it was a tick bite or something even though I use that Frontline stuff. It's probably a hot spot, which is basically a bacterial infection after the dog scratched the spot raw after the itching. My dog just got one on the back of her head. She had a double ear infection that caused her to scratch at it. We got antibiotics from the vet and have been giving her benedryl.
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