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  1. From the tone of your message it may be time for me to consider jumping off this bandwagon. Don't know how you were raised but the lack of respect and civility is a bit far off for my tastes nor your understanding of what is fair use and educational. Let's just say we will agree to disagree on this point. But it is your site and it is your site. Everything I personally wrote was for educational and entertainment purposes ("Fun a the Old Ballpark" as expressed by Harry Caray) and people had the right if they so choose and with reference to share said observations with whoever they wanted that may fall under fair use except for commercial purposes. And this is over an article with comments of Jose Contreras and Orlando Hernandez all referenced. It is your website so that is your right which you fully have the right to establish guidelines. If I did something that was not in accordance with this site this was never my intention but I do reserve the right to have a different opinion on what is educational and fair use. You interpret it differently and that is your right as it is your site. It was requested to use links so I did such. Maybe I am missing something but Soxtalk does not appear to be a commercial website. And I am not engaged in any form commerce pertaining to this site. I received my education at one of the top journalism universities in the nation. There was nothing illegal whatsoever regarding postings which were referenced. To insinuate such is incongruous. I fully understand issues of copyright and know all too well was plagiarism is but the article in question was in fact referenced with site name-NBC Chicago, author-Chuck Garfien and date and under no circumstance was this being used for any commercial purpose. One reader, in fact, inferred that what some postings I had written were not my own which was unfounded and I corrected that member that all words and thoughts were my own. If I did something to offend you or missed something in the translation please excuse any indiscretion in any communications that I may have missed or may have been misconstrued. Thought I might try and add some substance from years of experience but the misinformation and innuendos being inferred are so beyond good taste one wonders where this directed hostility comes from? If you have had in the past multiple abuses I could understand. The only victim you imply here if there is one is free speech, reason and sharing information. Did not think a message board on the White Sox would turn into such a circus. It was never my intention to do anything but share on the current state and future of the 2020 Chicago White Sox. Why some feel it is not within the bounds of good taste to communicate with tact and dexterity on a non-commercial social media site is rather surprising. Don't know your personal situation nor what has happened to you on this site in the past. That said I fully understand any concerns you may have and being your site you have the right to determine the methods and means of information shared if it is not original writing. Good luck to this message board in your future endeavors. You may be a great guy who has faced the wrath of overzealous MSM so please accept that we are on the same side here and I fully understand and appreciate any concerns expressed. Thank you for the time aboard and if I do not return know the journey was an interesting one. I wish you and all your members well. My best.
  2. Sadly many folks do not use subtlety when making any request. Amazing how often people just comply without clearly thinking over the issue. Every single sports or news organization makes similar requests and if makes those on the site worried over referencing the source of the article versus using links that is no big deal but there is a gray area here and if this is the way people react over something that is not being used commercially but for education and fair use if they prefer having a link that is the way it is. Strange the hostility some folks show today that for whatever reason people think they can have limited regard for basic courtesy in communications. I have been a long time coach and scout while also being a writer and the feeling I get sometimes from some members is hostility which I hope is not intended. Thought I might help the enjoyment of the season's anticipation but there is a difference of working inside sports and letting emotions drive me to go personally after anyone's perspective and hopefully exhibit mutual courtesy. I stuck it out because I thought that members might gain a unique perspective with my years of experience but for reasons that are unclear it seems people believe they can and will say anything without consideration and respect and not always doing it in an appropriate and civil manner. I have been most patience with each and every point of view and perspective including this notion that italics are somehow offensive to some readers because I am trying to make it clearer to the reader. This includes advising me of the site policy to use links versus copied and pasted articles. I do appreciate the candor and advice. But to personally insult the writer is something anyone should consider prior to hitting the send key. If this is a challenge for some I may prefer to stick to private associates, friends and professional colleagues who have asked why I share experience and perspective in an environment where some believe it is OK to show a lack of professionalism even in recommending a preferential manner for the site to use links over articles even with the site and author referenced. To each their own but using discretion as to how this is conveyed would better serve members, writers and readers with discretion. Everyone is entitled to their opinions including not being required to censor said points of view. The only thing would be to respect the integrity of each member and focus on the primary issues that most might agree are pertinent to and for this site which is White Sox baseball and the 2020 season, the coming prospects and the long-term sustainable success for the franchise. Peace.
  3. So you are saying that posting a link is allowable? Most of the internet is for non-commercial purposes and this sure appears to be related to 'fair use' and 'educational purposes' but if this is the stated policy of Soxtalk as I asked for and was given an explanation. Much appreciation for your explanation.
  4. Regarding using a direct link versus copying article and referencing it's source and author which comes under 'fair use' and 'educational purposes' I enclose the link. If there is a distinction for the rational for this I would appreciate being educated on something I would like to learn about. Again, thank you. Respectfully submitted. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/white-sox/jose-contreras-white-sox-team-ready-win-world-series
  5. Regarding this alleged issue of being sued. Unless I am unaware Soxtalk is not a commercial enterprise. Please correct me if I am wrong. Second the article and it's source and author were referenced. So please explain what is being referred to regarding what I believe one is considering plagiarism or some such violation which of course this is not. If you would explain the reasoning for this I am all ears to the basis of said claim. Use and sharing of said information and article should come under 'fair use' and being used for 'educational purposes'. And no one here is selling said information for any commercial consideration. Much appreciated for the basis for the alleged violation.
  6. You seem like a polite intelligent baseball fan who writes with a calm demeanor and style of a bygone era. , That's all I really need to give you respect. The same people that complain about italics are like crazy little old ladies. Who cares ? Its a stylized fond easy enough on the eyes and readable. If it's annoying time to check your blood pressure if things of minor consequence are truly bothersome. Why do such things even need to be attacked ? Why is different bad ? Thank you for the comments. For all the discussion about launch angle there is limited review of the work of the best player of the past decades who is/was Barry Bonds. Bonds is the one player who really understands that hitting the ball on the fat part of the bat is key so he chokes up on the bat and yet he hit more than 700 home runs. Too many players today just strike out too much and are seemingly unaware of what is needed in a two strike situation. Look today at Juan Soto who is a throw back changing the position of his body, hands and feet depending on the count.
  7. Barring weather problems, they’re going to use a 5th starter in the 5th game on March 31st. They still say Gio Gonzalez will be ready. Anderson, Moncada, Abreu, Grandal, Jimenez, Encarnacion, Robert, Mazara, Garcia Mendick, Engel, McCann, Mercedes Giolito, Keuchel, Lopez, Cease, Gonzalez Fulmer, Fry, Cordero, Marshall, Herrera, Bummer, Cishek, Colome Pretty thoughtful projection. Fry has not pitched this spring. Madrigal will be coming. Kopech will be coming. If healthy so will Rodon. All in good time. Here's the comments of Jose Contreras that will bring a smile to the reader's face. From NBC-Chicago and Chuck Garfien. Jose Contreras on White Sox: 'This team is ready to win the World Series' By Chuck Garfien March 08, 2020 12:00 AM LATEST WHITE SOX TALK Jose Contreras: 'This team is ready to win the World Series'
  8. I think we see Gio (Don’t need 5th start til mid April) and Fry start out on IL 26 man roster ~13 position players- 9 starters, 4 bench ~13 pitchers- 4 starters, 9 bullpen RHP- Colome, Cishek, Herrera, Marshall, Cordero, Fulmer, Guerrero LHP- Bummer, Mejia or Lindgren for last spot out of need for another lefty let Heuer and Burdi get more AAA innings though both deserving of MLB spot Last spots on roster appear to be between Mejia, Lindgren, Guerrero, Collins thoughts? Fulmer may have a shot as his spring has been his best. Guerrero will not make the club. As for Mejia or Lindgren either could have a shot considering Fry has not pitched this spring. Remember with the new three player a pitcher must face and the fact that the Astros had all RHP and no lefties on the club. Collins will likely be at AAA-Charlotte working on his defense. If a LH bat is on the bench at this point it would look like Delmonico who is a battle with Mercedes for the 26th spot. Why the club would need 13 pitchers so early is up for debate. Then again at this point is looks like they want to give Fulmer one more perhaps last chance. Perhaps 86ing the googles might really help him. Heuer has a wicked release point with long arms making it challenging to pick up the pitch. We shall see with Burdi who has never been on or healthy as his numbers in MiLB have been disappointing to say the least. Another Lousiville this time starter also out of Illinois is Reid Detmers who might just be the Sox first pick in the MLB draft. Unless he gets bumped up which is possible. Team needs a LHP prospect and he is very good with a curve comparable to Frank Tanana's. Thanks for your comments.
  9. Thank you Orlando. Your comments are appreciated. With the price per ounce of gold going up it is unfortunate that everyone on Soxtalk can't reap the increase in value. 2020 may provide dividends for all who watch the White Sox. This will be the most intriguing team since 2006 and if everything looks right and injuries are kept to a minimum the starting nine will likely hit more than 200 home runs this season. Starting pitching is the key to long term success. Lopez and Cease out of ST. Gonzalez, does he have something left in the tank even if it is only five innings. Kopech presumably coming soon. Rodon too but may end up in pen for the time being. Note-if Madrigal starts at AAA-Charlotte both Mercedes and Delmonico could make ball club out of ST giving team 14 position players and 12 pitchers. Then again they could pick one and add another pitcher such as the to date disappointing Carson Fulmer with one last stop. His ball just does not move. This season he has gone away from his goggles and he is teetering on being claimed by another club unless he opts for Japan. Nice kid who works hard but the numbers and success of lack thereof has not translated at the MLB level. A change of scenery might do him well. Again, thank you Orlando for the respect and kind words. I would hope the wanting of clarity is well intended by those who object to style over substance and if observations do not match those of every reader. This is why there are differences of opinion and one size does not fit all. My suggestion is to think clearly and try to choose words that are insightful and that others may gain perspective from. All my best.
  10. Sorry you feel that way. Some people use all caps. Some use different fonts. Some like chocolate. Some like vanilla. Some like neither. Others like strawberry. It is the content and analysis that is preferable to many readers. But that said you are entitled to what you prefer. My best. To each there own.
  11. What I wrote are my own thoughts and words. The enclosed video was from Laura Magiera.
  12. On a long post it still makes it easier and user friendly for the reader. Have a nice day.
  13. The fact that Buddy Bell, Tommy Thompson and the entire White Sox organization supported Nicky Delmonico during such a trying time with this addiction and enabling him to play again and realize his dream of playing in the major leagues reflects well on both the team and himself. The one aspect that has been consistent in the Jerry Reinsdorf 40 plus years of ownership is the fact that off the field the team is second to none in terms of treating pretty much everyone in the organization as family. This was true of the man who spent years in prison for a crime he did not even commit and years later was given the opportunity to work on the grounds keeping crew. Since 2005 the Sox have had some trying years but one thing they continue to be is a class organization treating people as real people. Whatever criticisms are labeled for being a bad ballclub or not signing this or that player stories like Delmonico's reflect well on the White Sox family and belong on the mantle of CWS history. And Nicky Delmonico whose dad was a baseball coach is still with all the injuries and setbacks is working hard to establish himself as a bench player in play for the 26th roster spot most likely with Yermin Mercedes and potentially Daniel Palka. Just ask Bo Jackson how he feels about the organization who despite having a surgical replacement was along with Ozzie Guillen the chance to realize his dream again. Not so ironic that Bo still lives in the Chicago area. Not so ironic that Ozzie despite internal team/family disputes is on good terms with his baseball family. Sports particularly team sports are principally focused on wins and losses but also about relationships that endure beyond the box score.
  14. Italics are used to make it easier for the reader/responder to scan down and be able to easily distinguish who the original author of the content was/is. In a nutshell that is why it is done. It is courtesy for the reader to easily recognize a response to a comment or question from the originator of the message..
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