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  1. I've got a little one on the way this summer, and I'd love to bring 'em to a WS game while my wife panics about the crowd size and noise! Hoping the little bastard brings some good luck!
  2. I get that, but the reason someone like hawk is blaming brooks is because brooks probably did some market research and determined Hawk had lost his way AND he was a risk to the organization because of his gramps tendencies (meaning he was a risk on air to say something damaging.) Obviously brooks has nothing to do with the product on the field as you noted, and it's not as if hawk not having an opinion on org operations would be a bad thing anyway.
  3. It's a great two days to take off work and enjoy America's greatest game. Here's to a clean slate, a fresh start, and hopefully a season as great and unexpected as much so as last season was poor and disappointing. In grifol I trust.
  4. Lol at the idea that the reason the org sucks is because of the CMO.
  5. I loved how much hawk loved the sox, he was like me. That said, at the end the innings of silence when the team was going bad made the bad feel so much worse. That's where hawk lost me.
  6. Money to be made out there! Got 40-1 on WS for $500. Got 3-1 on division for $1000. Me and Vafan gonna be $23000 rich come October. Let's go!!
  7. If you can't fill with anyone else by eow, dm me and I'll join. Not a big fan of daily lineups, but will fill it out if needed.
  8. This guy out here dropping colombia locals. Colombia has some solid players. No quintana this time, bum. Rooting for colombia after the US. Medellin is an amazing place! Big time recommend. Guatape is great too.
  9. This whole thing to me comes down to what you're trying to get out of Fanhood. I'm a pessimist during the off season and an optimist during the season. Online and in media, hysteria sells. I get it. At the same time, I don't like the overly negative attitudes and agree with Tim. Harder on them than anyone. No point in beating a dead horse.
  10. Of course he takes a shot at the history of things. The org is a flat out embarrassment. Never signing 100 million dollar player as one of 4 organizations in baseball.
  11. This seems like a terrible misrepresentation. Tim is complaining about the org. Then says he's not looking in the LF dollars market and it's a shame because the org doesn't go bigger than that. He literally says "dudes a great player" after he brings it up. Don't feel like there was any shot at andrew.
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