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  1. Olson got 168 million and is a much better player. Pete will be lucky to get 125 and that'll be an overpay. Sportrac is insane with that estimate.
  2. That ties out to pitch selection too in relation to bat speed. Meaning tim was great bat to ball, squared a lot up and had quick hands/short bat path but his plate discipline and pitch selection meant he didn't get the exit velo --- very similar to arraez (except arraez never misses) in that he caught a ton of contact on the sweet spot of the bat but his damage was limited by his swing choices.
  3. While a cool data set with some new correlations that can be run, and some cool bat path info, I struggle to see how any of this tells a different story than exit velocity. I'm not sure bat speed is all that important in the grand scheme of things --- at least once you reach this level. There are people who suck at the top and people who are great near the bottom. Obviously it has importance but that was shown to us primarily with Exit Velo's.
  4. Risk to all pitchers. Crochet has learned incredibly quickly. Kopech isn't worthy of anything but ignoring what crochet is doing and passing it off as a hot stretch is crazy imo. You must not be seeing what I am.
  5. The Sox should have let Sosa play 120 games this season in the mlb. He's taken time to figure out every level and maybe he just completely blows but why not let him show it over a very extended period
  6. I don't worry much about rushing guys. I think the ruining guys narrative is often overblown. Almost everyone struggles at some point in the bigs. He'll either adjust his way out or not. That said, he's also just not nearly ready or developed enough to succeed right now see will see how he adapts.
  7. His wRC+ is 68 in AA, so sounds like he'll fit in real nice with our current group. Leadership probably doesn't want to make any of the vets look bad!
  8. This is a fair point. The one thing the Sox have going for them is this probably isn't rock bottom... it'll be tough to top Drake in my lifetime. Still can't believe they brought Eaton BACK after that situation and him calling Drake a leader. Still one of my favorite Sox moments!
  9. Were you happy when the walk-off was hit? If the answer is yes, it's safe to assume Schriffren wasn't talking about you imo.
  10. I probably haven't turned sports talk radio on in a decade, but I'm not blind to twitter and this forum. Pretty easy to follow along. Some of their views have made their way into the paper.
  11. I don't know about you, but I've been in the business world for a while, and feelings aren't the issue here. The Sox should be ridiculed plenty for their production and and spending and etc. Thing is, stuff like the Sox moving on from a broadcaster who wanted to maximize his career growth at expense of White Sox games (his choice, and totally fine with me if he didn't cry about it being his "dream job") being turned into some biblical mistake by the media is absurd. The local sports media vocally rooting for the Sox to leave town... Even your last sentence is hilarious... every owner wants that, and most cities give concessions in some way because that's how big business works. Only in Chicago do you have sports media running an active campaign to relocate the team. The Sox don't want to give air time in ways like this maybe, and I wouldn't blame them even though it's short sighted.
  12. Using the word haters on a local broadcast after a walk off win somehow should have "consequences." You can't make this up. Are you all sure you grew up Sox fans with hawk Harrelson? Anyone getting offended by the call is either incredibly self centered - thinking somehow a Sox pbp guy is talking about them personally - or you're way too up in your feelings. Can't believe I'm defending this goof ball schriffen.
  13. Why does he need to clarify what he meant when he said it? Again, the station is openly hostile against the White Sox and openly root for them to leave the city and not get a stadium deal. The Sox are a poorly run organization that needs a lot of work. That said, it's a business and those media networks have only attacked everything about the org. Truth is, they had access to benetti because he was an intern and they slurped him to no end, and in turn ripped schiffren. They spent all winter talking trash about benetti leaving, and the clique swarmed to critique schiffren in defense of benetti like little kids. You think if benetti did this exact same thing, any of this would have happened? Of course not, they'd yuck it up with him about the call and call it a day.
  14. You couldn't pay me a million dollars to explain my career or moments to the losers on sports radio. The media clique slams anyone that doesn't give them access. He didn't owe them anything.
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