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  1. it was poking fun as a joke, nothing serious. hope that's ok with you!
  2. Turner is a very good defensive SS, an elite baserunner beyond just speed, in addition to being a ++ offensive player. He's not 35 years old. His bat could regress slightly and he'd still be a well above average player. The risk with Trea is injury related; if he stays healthy, he's probably the safest bet of any FA in this class. Swanson being probably the 2nd least risky given expected contract size.
  3. wow, got half the board pushing for a TA trade. sad!
  4. You can't make that up; just saw it after I posted it.
  5. casuals always shout it so loud online, it's weird.
  6. One day... this will be us as fans. Maybe in 10 years, maybe in 5, maybe when I'm 80... but I know one day we'll land a big fish. I'm sure there are plenty of weirdo's out there in white sox fandom gasping a sigh of relief as they laugh at those owners who spend.... "Duhhhh, a lot of big contracts end up bad. That would set us back a decade." Meanwhile the White Sox strategy has set them back a century.
  7. They're grown men. Leadership in professional sports is most often shown by example. Abreu busted his ass, never stopped working, and improved multiple areas of his game over the course of a great career with the Sox. What has been so dysfunctional before LaRussa? The rebuild teams and Renteria teams played their asses off. There were stories of guys like Eloy and Yoan riding with Abreu to the facility at like 5am to train with him. Blaming one grown man (who is a peer) for the underperformance of other grown men is beyond odd. There was no question how hard Jose worked, and that's the best leadership anyone can show around their peers.
  8. Yes, the people involved in the game and the process intimately don't get it but Jack Parkman on Soxtalk does.
  9. Good riddance. Scherzer was practically working for Steve Cohen over the MLBPA during the last talks.
  10. Why is Harold acting shocked that the Sox didn't bring back Abreu? Everyone who has watched 10 minutes of baseball in the last 5 years in Chicago knew that Abreu was gone. This wasn't a question.
  11. He isn't flashy, but Q had a FIP under 3 last year. He also really only had one bad year. Q is steady eddy. I'd prefer Q from a reliability standpoint compared to Clevinger. Not sure what Q will get though. Coming off a 4 fWAR season.
  12. Never doubt the team that had to "jump the market" on a washed up Adam Eaton. If you're a s%*#, washed, player... the Sox should be your agents first call and just let 'em know that others are interested. Sox will toss twice as much as anyone else at you and you can sign and then ride off into the sunset in June when you're released.
  13. I think we could see about 80 XBH's in Houston more than anything.
  14. The last 272 innings, Cueto has produced a FIP just under 4. There's something about aging pitchers renaissances that I buy into a little more than bats. Savvy pitchers can get by in different ways. I don't know what the odds in regards to who has the better season in 2023, but I'd say it's a lot closer to 50/50 than many are giving Cueto credit for here. That said, the SOx are clearly banking on the higher upside in Clevinger. Whether that's the right choice or not, who knows. THey have a lot of holes though and going from Cueto to Clevinger likely won't be the thing that sinks there season so probably not worthy of any kinds of panic or frustrationg.
  15. Think the concern is a second TJ, especially for a guy post-30, is pretty risky. No guarantee he ever bounces back.
  16. Saying Clevinger has a zero % chance of producing a 2.4 WAR in 158 innings seems like quite the stretch. Is it unlikely? Sure. Is it a zero % chance? Well I'd certainly bet into that line.
  17. Trading GIolito now would be a mistake. At this point, you ride with him and hope he bounces back and if he walks he walks. Gio had a down year, but he was also one of the unluckiest pitchers in baseball, if not the unluckiest. His FIP was still sitting right around 4. his xFIP was 3.66, his BABIP against was 340. Some of the home run issues were self inflicted, sure... he made a lot of bad pitches, but those aren't always going to get hit out. I think a little change to his sequencing, a little work on his slider/curve in the off-season, and expecting him to come back as a 3.5-3.6 FIP/ERA guy next year is much more likely than him having a 4.9 ERA again imo.
  18. It's a fine move. Bouncing back year 2 of a second tommy john isn't really a guaranteed thing, his stuff regressed, but he can still get people out. I'm not sure what the ceiling is anymore, but he's betting on himself so should be motivated. My concern revolves around this team having three huge injury question marks in the rotation: Lynn, his body is done holding up for full seasons at his weight and age, Kopech has never been able to stay healthy and his performance last year was very concerning imo, and Clevinger. Sox lack pitching depth. That's a concern for me, but on paper they're a talented and experienced group.
  19. If only 4 teams are in on Judge, Jimbo won't be wrong!
  20. Defensive positioning is still very important even without the "shift".
  21. I think the sadder thing about the foodies is how many people on Twitter ask them real questions and then defend them and/or get defensive when others point out they're frauds. The internet is a sad place
  22. I got sent the job posting by some friends/family. To be fair I don't believe that was the total comp package but it's a massive pay cut for anyone good at that job. But hey, I'd get to work in baseball which makes My bills go away I guess.
  23. Except for the fact the sox have a tiny analytics department and invest poorly there and rick hahn and company were recently offering 65k for a Data engineer. Listening to analytics is good, assuming you have good analytics to listen too.
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