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  1. Always love a 9th inning comeback, even in ST! If they don't score again hope they play extras but i know they usually dont in ST.
  2. There's a video webcast on the MLB app if anyone thought it was just radio like i did.
  3. He noticed the wall and didn't run into it. I'd call that an improvement
  4. Dang was lookin forward to this one after seeing the monster lineup.
  5. Gordon Beckham wife beater night. Nugenix night. First 10,000 fans get a free sample of Nugenix.
  6. Is anyone else having an issue with MLB.COM or MLB.TV? I am unable to load any games
  7. Mod please delete, even though I was a minute earlier
  8. It's being broadcast by the Dodgers network and on MLB.TV
  9. Unless I'm missing something it looks like there won't be any televised games until Sunday against the Dodgers.
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