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  1. Apparently, his evaluation may have been off.
  2. Bazzana is the prize Oregon State guy this year. Chances are he’s gone by the time the Sox pick, but they could, and probably will, do worse.
  3. It’s being reported as “back up catcher to Korey Lee.” They’re going to lose a whole lotta games.
  4. They have picked a lane. They are developing pitching and supporting those pitchers with defense. I believe they are going to lose like 110 games, but at least they have picked a lane.
  5. I think Elias came up in Houston where they gave up crap to get both Verlander and Cole from teams looking to dump payroll. Sox don’t need salary relief, they need players. I bet Cease ends up anywhere but Baltimore.
  6. Absolutely. If Jacob Gonzalez hits, they’ll find a place to put him. If he doesn’t hit, I am not sure he has another tool to even be a utility guy.
  7. I think it is a stretch to call a guy who hit .207 “hit over power.” That is until you see the .261 slug.
  8. He cleared waivers so... forgotten, not gone.
  9. Straight up swap for Candelario. I actually think he has a chance to be good for the Nats Cincy jerked him around his entire career. Leave him in one spot defensively and give him some AB’s he might surprise.
  10. Pedro believes Chemistry is real and so do I. That’s why I’m going to spend most of this baseball season making meth.
  11. Change title. Soto was acquired with Grisham, not for Grisham.
  12. Morosi isn’t saying he heard something. He’s saying it makes sense. I would argue that a retooling team trying to cut payroll should not try to get the last productive year out of Whit Merrifield for like $10 mil, but this is so White Sox.
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