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  1. The last inning they scored 1 run aided by 2 HBP. They look dead at the plate like every other team in the AL Central. First team to start hitting runs away with it.
  2. Arozarena HR off Duran, Twins lose. Sox 4 back.
  3. Elly De La Cruz with his first HR a 458 ft mammoth blast into the last row of the Reds stadium and a triple. McClain single and a triple, hitting .341. This team is gonna be fun.
  4. I have tickets to tomorrow’s game. I wonder if either will be played.
  5. He’ll fit in with the entire lineup that doesn’t hit for power.
  6. I live in Manhattan, it’s pretty bad on the UWS too. The sky is yellow.
  7. Double for Carlos Jimenez, singles for Bennett, Mondesi, and Prado 7-3
  8. Some guy named Brizuela got absolutely lit up. ACL currently trailing 7-1.
  9. Everyone in the Central but the Sox lose. Tigers Score 0, Twins 0, Royals 1, Guardians 4, Seby 3. The entire division in 5 games mustered 8 runs. Pathetic.
  10. Reds came back to beat the Dodgers. With McClain and De La Cruz their young line up looks awesome.
  11. Randy Vasquez going for the Yanks tomorrow. Smaller rightie with a curveball, so Sox have no chance. Wild pitch offense!
  12. Josimar Cousin started for ACL. 2IP so far no runs or hits, 1bb 2K.
  13. Eloy did not see a single strike in that ab
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