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  1. I feel for Kuhl and his wife, but he was never particularly good. What the Sox were thinking when they added him to the 40 man, I do not know. He'll probably have to wear it today, which is unfortunate.
  2. Schultz done 4IP 3H 2R 2ER 0bb 7K 1HBP. Only one ball hit hard the whole outing. He has yet to walk anyone in AA.
  3. Elko is 3rd in the Southern League in HR with 6! Hard to gauge much about power for position players or how many HR pitchers are going to allow in a league like that.
  4. Schultz gives up 2 in the first. HBP, seeing eye single, bad throw by Burke gets runners to 2nd and 3rd, then a hard single by Jacob Berry.
  5. Shultz starting game 1.
  6. 5th rbi all year for Lopez. 72mph off the bat.
  7. Barons up 5-0. Big double for Elko.
  8. Another hit for Gonzalez. 2 bullets so far.
  9. Double for Gonzalez, HR Quero. 2-0 Barons.
  10. Montgomery K'd in first AB, as well. Pallette lets the first two guys reach in his start and Taylor is out for Kanny, so it looks like a bullpen day for them. Vail takes the ball first.
  11. Is the Rate constructed on a radioactive waste dump or an Indian Burial Ground or something? It’s not just the guys they kept who sucked. The guys no longer with the team suck too. ReyLo is like the only one who escaped the curse.
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