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  1. Colas is also a plus defender in right. Whichever way you go, you can't be wrong. Also, I like that Oscar throws lefty. That's a sizable advantage in right.
  2. Overall a pretty good list. Personally, I thought they were light on both Sosa and Rodriguez, but with prospects, it always pays to bet the under.
  3. I would to, if our defense did not suuuuck. Sox pitchers have to K a bunch of guys to survive.
  4. Interesting. I can't see a world where they cut payroll, trade TA, AND trade Montgomery. Either they are all-in or they're not. 6 years of control of a lefty-hitting ss in a market where Trea Turner just signed an 11 year contract seems something a cheap org like the Sox would want. What makes you think they'd even consider moving Montgomery?
  5. Personally, if the Sox are signing Bell (not gonna happen) there are a million things I would rather do. Benintendi is a 3 WAR player and MLBTR projects he’s getting 4/54. I would rather do that than dump a bunch of assets for Reynolds AND his escalating salary AND tons of money on the overrated Josh Bell.
  6. My expectations are so low at this point, I’m just happy the Sox didn’t sign Franchy Cordero. That’s the kind of prospect scrap heap move I fear for adding a lefty to play left field.
  7. In a world in which what’s left of Clevinger gets $12 mil for 1 year, Gio for $10.8 is a pretty darn good risk. He doesn’t have to be top 3 Cy Young to be well worth it. If the Sox are serious about being “in their competitive window,” you would not trade Gio unless you got a haul.
  8. Personally, I'd be shocked if the Sox grabbed someone in the MLB portion. They see themselves as "in the competitive window." If they didn't have so much overpaid talent clogging up the garbage innings of their bullpen, I could imagine taking a flyer on a reliever, but to give a position player even 200 ab and keep them on the roster all year, that's a rebuild move. I find it hard to believe they lose anyone either. One outlet suggested Mieses, which, well I have a hard time seeing. I suppose someone could take a long shot like Freeman or Schilling, but neither of them performed down the stretch.
  9. Probably. I just can’t see giving up Colas to get a guy to give what Colas is going to give you for 7 times the money. If they want to mortgage the future for 2023, sure. But mortgaging the present for the present never makes any sense to me. It’s possible the Sox just don’t have the pieces for a trade like this that is going to require a slight overpay.
  10. Yeah, not worth it if you’re including Colas. If I am the Pirates, I need Montgomery, either Rodriguez or Sosa (whoever I like better) and either Mena, Vera, or Burke. That is a lot for a non-elite talent. The Sox have to at least check in on the price, though.
  11. Huh, it appears I am dead wrong about Jesse Winker. https://sodomojo.com/2022/10/18/mariners-jesse-winker-reportedly-odds/
  12. Yeah, any trade for Gio would need to bring pitching back. Seems more like the move a rebuilding team makes than a team in "their competitive window." Now, if the FO believes the rebuild failed and needs to be tweaked, that's another matter.
  13. Winker's not strong defensively, but I was more interested in him for the Sox than Wong. To me, Toro's just a guy, but I generally I like this trade for the Brew Crew. Opens up 2b for Turang who's not likely to be a world-beater, but he's $9+ million cheaper than Wong.
  14. The Rosenthal blurb said the Royals weren't trading Perez. That said, to any non-Royals team, that's a terrible contract. If the Sox are gonna throw that kind of money at some Royal, I'd prefer Benintendi. You might be able to get him for 3/60 and he hits left-handed. I don't think this is in the realm of possibility, but if it did, boy, would that be a bad idea.
  15. Anyone else think this hot pitching market may be related to COVID fallout? No 2020 MiLB season means the Sox aren’t the only ones behind in their pitching development. Fewer pitchers with the innings build up to be starters means more money for the ones that are. Hence make good deals are $10-12 mil instead of $6-8 mil.
  16. It's such a weird blind item. Rosenthal says it would make sense, but the Royals aren't going to trade Perez. So much so that other clubs aren't even asking about him. They are asking about MJ Melendez, though. But the Royals aren't trading him either. Column finished.
  17. I will stick strictly to the theme of the thread and speculate about the White Sox and Aaron Judge: I wonder which team he will be playing for when the Sox see him. I predict the Giants.
  18. I wonder if voters will consider his time in Cuba. His career there is legendary. One of the best of all time.
  19. One huge difference: Yordan Alvarez. Cubs didn't add significantly during their run. Alvarez came up as an unheralded youngster and is now set to compete for MVPs
  20. Count me in the group that would prefer Cueto to Clevinger. Guy was always one of those Cleveland guys who was command over stuff. You lose a little off that, you lose a lot. Also, he seems like a complete tool. If I am going to root for a .500 team, I would like to actually like the team.
  21. Caleb Freeman and Luke Schilling also have the potential to pop up. They both were injured most of last year. I personally think that Kohl Simas ends up in the pen, and there's a good chance Kelley ends up there as well. The team's pitching depth is really bad, so almost anyone who gets off to a good start has a chance of being pressed into bullpen service.
  22. I think you're better off either signing folks at the top of the market like Judge or Correa or bargain shopping the leftovers like Cueto last year. The real sucker's bet is the consolation prize shelf of mediocre yet cromulent-seeming players that are often priced for that "fill multiple needs" approach. Case in point, the Wheeler signing aged way better than the Keuchel signing. Better to spend more upfront than waste it all on the back end.
  23. I don't necessarily endorse getting Bellinger, but the Sox need to sign at least one pitcher and probably an outfielder from the Bellinger, Conforto, Benintendi, Nimmo group. I know Hahn says he's going to solve their problems via trade, but I just don't see the assets to do that. Right now, this team has more money than players and should act accordingly. Especially since they have quite a bit of cash coming off the books in the next two years.
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