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  1. Obviously take it with a lot of salt, but gross if this comes true.
  2. https://x.com/Steve02270/status/1704319285684846710?s=20
  3. I recall feeling this way about Pedro vs. Tony and that turned out to be untrue.
  4. More speed & athleticism would be great, but plate discipline & power are far more glaring holes. And realistically, where is speed and athleticism an actual problem? Robert is an all-world athlete in CF. Moncada & Anderson are great athletes when healthy on the left-side of the infield. Colas is fairly athletic for a guy of his size. So basically that leaves LF and 2B where you have your highest paid player in franchise history (who doesn’t fit this new focus) and a kid who is one of our few major league ready young players. Honestly, they’re simply going to trade Eloy for a guy to replace Colas in RF and call it a day. Throw in a Perez trade and that’s your 2024 positional group.
  5. Jerry should sell the team immediately if he’s so incompetent that Dave Wilder feels entitled to rip him.
  6. It’s honestly mind-boggling to me. We all get there is a serious talent deficiency with this roster, but the complete lack of hustle & heart on a nightly basis is beyond indefensible. We’ve also seen very little improvement from almost any of the players, in particular in regards to controlling the strike zone. And on top of that, he doesn’t convey any confidence that he knows what he’s doing when being interviewed in pressers. The guy is all around terrible and that should be clear as day to anyone who follows this team on the regular.
  7. This is guy is a bigger embarrassment than a fan sneaking a gun into the park via her fat fold.
  8. He’s a spineless coward…absolutely embarrassing that he gets a second year as manager instead of a lifetime banishment for his s%*#-show of a performance.
  9. Never a good sign when this is the 3rd post of the day and 2nd to last of evening. Didn’t even need to check the box scores to know it was a rough one.
  10. $20M more on Salvy, although my guess is we get $5M/year if his salary covered for a pair of C tier prospects. Should be fun paying top dollar for an over the hill catcher simply because we need a clubhouse enforcer.
  11. Brother - I am simply fucking with you. Pedro is the biggest embarrassment of the season and that’s really saying something. Getz retaining him is a major red flag to his credibility.
  12. Definitely need to bump after tonight’s massacre.
  13. Pedro didn’t build the roster though. And he’s not up there swinging the bat or throwing the pitches. He’s been telling the players exactly what they should be doing…it’s not his fault they don’t listen. Once we trade for Salvy, Pedro will have his enforcer in the clubhouse and players won’t have a choice but listen or risk a verbal beat-down from Salvy. Just need to be a bit more patient here brother.
  14. It’s not Grifol fault…he’s a first year manager. Give him a few seasons to figure this s%*# out. If we’re still losing a 100 games a season come 2025, then maybe you let him go. Until then everybody should get wayyyyyyyyyyy off his back.
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