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  1. No doubt he’s to blame to, but if you bring in a left to face Álvarez with the bases loaded it better be Bummer.
  2. Can’t defend Grifol here, Diekman can’t be used in that situation against Alvarez.
  3. I probably agree with 99% of what you say, but any scenario that involves Eloy starting 25% to 30% of games in RF is a very bad idea IMO.
  4. Burger playing 1B is a little disappointing, although I guess he needs work there as well in the event of a Vaughn injury.
  5. I imagine the Sox will sign a free agent pitcher and then go internal with the other spot (Martin, Burke, Mena, etc.).
  6. I don’t think Vaughn looked completely right yesterday despite the one big hit. As such, I’m 100% ok with Sheets in the lineup tonight against a tough righty. Now, if a 1B platoon becomes a regular thing then that’s highly problematic, but Grifol has implied his bench guys will be role players. I just don’t see that happening unless Vaughn himself forces the issue.
  7. I’d aim for ~100 starts out of Grandal at the catcher spot this year. If Zavala proves he is worthy of more playing time or Grandal is unable to take on that load, then you can eventually reconsider. But right now, I’d probably have him tonight and Sunday with Seby starting tomorrow.
  8. We have control of Cease, Lynn, & Kopech for next year.
  9. Very true…Framber is not a good litmus test. The EVs are at least a promising start and we see more lift today. I’m optimistic with this coaching staff that they’ll eventually right the launch angle ship that Menechino caused to sink.
  10. Hopefully today we see a much better batted ball profile as Javier is more of a flyball pitcher. Our team crushed some balls yesterday, but hit them right into the ground. Look at these exit velocities from yesterday. We had 11 balls hit over 100 MPH yesterday, but all but one were 12 degrees or less. The only one at 20 or above was hit for a HR. I know it’s only one game, but it does seem like there is an effort to sell-out a bit of contact for power. Moncada in particular stood out to me as swinging super hard during yesterday’s game. Excited to see if this change in approach proves true, because it’s clear this team is filled with guys who can put the ball in the seats if let loose.
  11. Because of Lynn? Who caught Lance most of the time last year?
  12. Wow…I will never forget that insane DSL walk rate he put up
  13. Also, Grifol is already showing he doesn’t plan to get cute. Outside of pinch hitting Romy with Colas, he avoided inserting himself into the game too often.
  14. I’m giving kudos Grandal for that much needed bomb
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