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  1. Chris Getz - 2024 Players Acquisition Tracker Pitchers: Erick Fedde: 5.29 xERA | -0.1 fWAR Mike Soroka: 6.96 xERA | -0.3 fWAR Chris Flexen: 6.46 xERA | 0.0 fWAR Jared Shuster: 2.55 xERA | 0.1 fWAR Steven Wilson: 2.43 xERA | 0.2 fWAR John Brebbia: 7.27 xERA | 0.0 fWAR Tim Hill: 5.28 xERA | 0.0 fWAR Bryan Shaw: 7.41 xERA | -0.1 fWAR Dominic Leone: 8.27 xERA | -0.5 fWAR Hitters: Martin Maldonado: -53 wRC+ | -0.7 fWAR Nickly Lopez: 47 wRC+ | -0.1 fWAR Paul DeJong: 145 wRC+ | 0.5 fWAR Braden Shewmake: 13 wRC+ | -0.3 fWAR Dominic Fletcher: 73 wRC+ | -0.1 fWAR Kevin Pillar: 98 wRC+ | 0.1 fWAR Robbie Grossman: 70 wRC+ | -0.1 fWAR So adding it all up, Getz added 16 players to the roster and through 21 games has been able to get -1.4 fWAR from them. Just for fun, these guys are on pace to provide roughly -11 fWAR on a straight line basis. That is beyond Rick Hahn levels bad. Fire Chris Getz and bring in someone who has actually accomplished something beyond just snitching out the past incompetent regime!
  2. For those whose eyes are sensitive to the color blue, I highly recommend not looking at Vaughn’s Statcast page. Continuing to trot him out there day after day and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Just wild this org couldn’t figure out how to turn a top 5 pick, bat only prospect into even a league average hitter. But alas, he’s been 25% below league average since July of last year and has shown zero signs of ever being a positive value player. Not only would I send his ass to down AAA, but I’m make him dominate in that bandbox before even considering calling him up again. Until then, Sheets get a make or break opportunity at 1B and Eloy gets the DH at-bats. That opens up RF for a DeLoach or Colas platoon with Pham and Fletcher as the primary CF while Robert. No more Gavin Sheets in the OF unless every other viable option is actually injured.
  3. It’s too bad that Getz was forced to use old Hahn scouting reports when he made that trade. Hopefully in a year or two Chris will have replaced all our pro scouts with some of Watson’s old Royal lackeys and will be able to formulate his own opinions on player acquisitions. Until then, everything is Rick Hahn’s fault!
  4. Can someone summarize what this article says? Unable to access it.
  5. Unfortunately they can’t play him at 1B because the team captain with his 75 wRC+ since last July has that position on lockdown.
  6. Unfortunately we’re at the point in the season where Grifol is going the do the desperate dumb s%*# and not just the normal stuff he does. And it’s scary what the repercussions could be.
  7. All fair criticisms…but pure velocity isn’t the problem here.
  8. Critique the stuff by all means…I’m just saying his velocity has been as good as advertised.
  9. Chris Getz should be legit embarrassed for building an “all glove” positional group and still playing Gavin Sheets in RF. He’s a fucking clown no different than the two clowns that hired him in the first place. If he wasn’t the front office snitch, he would have been fired alongside them and wouldn’t have the one poster here creaming his pants every time his name is mentioned.
  10. What am I missing on the velocity whining? Cannon is sitting over 95 mph on his four seamer today, while his sinker is at 93 mph.
  11. I’m serious when I say this, but if I were GM I’d immediately fire my manager if he ever slotted Nicky Lopez in the leadoff spot. Zero chance there isn’t a better option, even on a historically bad offense.
  12. I think the better play is to start providing his son Blake access to the clubhouse and then do a bait and switch. At a minimum Pham won’t tolerate that s%*# and can be a catalyst for action. Just got to hope that someone would be willing to quit and forgo all that money over something so stupid.
  13. What argument is there for keeping him up? I may have been drunk when I created this thread, but the point holds true sober. This kid is broken and some minor league development can’t hurt (even if four years too late). Also, Sheets is almost certainly just on a hot streak, but why not give him a month and find out without having to play him in RF? If he fails, just reverse course in a month.
  14. I’m sorry but it’s officially fucking time. Literally nothing to lose by doing so. Flame away!
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