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  1. Wow…you are actually condoning writing off a player for making a single mistake in his major league debut.
  2. I’d need 60 & 55 FV positional prospects, a 50 FV prospect (a pitcher would be acceptable as the 3rd piece), plus an interesting lottery ticket or two.
  3. His xwOBA is nearly identical last year. His sprint speed is the same. His defensive metrics aren’t great, but small sample size and he may not be giving his all given the shitshow that is this year’s squad. The health is a concern, but there won’t be a ton of 5 win players available for GMs to gamble. Just takes one to say “f*** it, I want to win a World Series” to get a quality return. I don’t you’re getting a Soto level return anymore but we should be able to get something good if he can stay healthy until Aug 1st. If not, trade him during the offseason.
  4. Kjerstad would be worth a lot more than $23M to $24M in expected surplus value. BTV is way too low on Fedde, especially if they think he is somehow less valuable than Tanner Banks.
  5. I remember when I was a Vaughn defender. I know he’s had a couple hot weeks, but I can’t wait to never see him in a Sox uniform again. What a huge disappointment.
  6. So how does your everyday 1B being a relief pitcher actually work? Are you actually going to pull what should be one of your best hitters out of the lineup so you can pitching him an inning or two of relief? Just seems like something that sounds cooler than the reality of the situation.
  7. The Chuckster looms large! Hopefully this is a precursor to the Maldonado era coming to an end.
  8. Yup, plus we have a ton of arms that are nearly ready. Crochet is a different situation given his age and talent. Probably still need to move him at some point because Jerry is going to Jerry, but holding onto Fedde into next year would be absolute madness given how far away this team is.
  9. We aren’t going to be competitive next year so Fedde is a 100% must move piece. Someone is giving up a top 100 prospect for him and that’s far more valuable to us than 1 1/3 seasons of Fedde.
  10. Just like with Quero, it will normalize soon enough.
  11. “Always be selling relievers” was meant for Tanner Banks. Sell high and do so right now!
  12. Oh god you’re right. Bump that surplus value up another $10M then!
  13. Fedde is on pace for a 3.5 win season and is owed like $22M for the next 1.5 years. I’d place him much closer to $25M to $30M in surplus value if you believe he is legit.
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