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  1. They did shed a starter and have only 6 with 3 youngins
  2. Seattle is still going to sign whit and trade him in a cease deal lol
  3. Jerry going to get lit up of he's there lol
  4. With the prices remaining sky-high in the trade market for starters, the Orioles might consider looking more closely at free-agent starters. Corbin Burnes is almost surely staying in Milwaukee now, and Shane Bieber seems likely to stay in Cleveland, as well. The O’s talked a lot about Dylan Cease but still don’t seem close. The price for Cease is said by one GM (not Baltimore’s) to be “the sun and the moon.” Considering the dollar costs of free-agent starters, that may be about right.
  5. Orioles losing another option with paxton
  6. How many infielders do they need. Ortiz come on down lol
  7. This is what I imagine the phone calls are between Getz and elias. Getz: Kjerstad Elias: phone hangs up Elias: Ortiz Getz: phone hangs up Getz: cowser Elias: phone hangs up Elias: Kjerstad Getz: yes Elias: you didn't let me finish. Kjerstad home run ball and ortiz Getz: phone hangs up
  8. https://www.mlb.com/news/hot-stove-market-update-january-2024 I would say Cease doesn’t get moved at this point,” an NL executive said. “The White Sox are not budging on price, and teams don’t seem to have interest in paying that price.” “I think [the Guardians] keep Bieber,” an AL executive said. While Cease and Bieber have seemingly been on the trade block for the whole winter, a source said the Marlins have been open to discussing deals involving Jesús Luzardo and Edward Cabrera. Beyond those four, a source indicated that “few starting pitchers are being dangled” by clubs, contributing to the high asking prices.
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