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  1. Legs cramps so young guy doesn’t drink enough Gatorade.
  2. Personally I think the only way anyone gets fired is if attendance and true season ticket holders drop significantly. Their brand takes a hit in the general public. The true diehards have known the teams' antics for years but the mainstream casual fan is now seeing terrible results and if they stay home in the summer or the sox are not exciting to watch attendance drops, tv ratings drop and radio ratings drop, that's how JR gets embarrassed. The problem is they will just look internal to pitch their problems, right now the Bears are doing it right , rebuild with a whole new organization that creates some excitement and buzz around a team. Fans want to see hope and entertainment from true stars of the game.
  3. So was there any mention on Kaplans show today in regard to this? I assume this is just his normal conjecture.
  4. Yea right? I really can’t see it .makes no sense and if the padres are involved we have no shot anyway.it’s almost like this was planted by the FO to say we tried but never materialized .
  5. Could also be a shitty hitting coach. I will miss abreu digging all crap throws of the great Moncada think about those errors next year. He will be missed as a leader and a guy that plays everyday, unlike the rest of this core.
  6. Is there a significance to doing this now? not that I care about either of them for the roster I am just wondering if there is a significance to the timing?
  7. Those Ozzie Sunday lineups were horrible to watch. I am not sure you change an 80 year old owners mind on how he runs a team. This org is the way it is until JR passes. I don’t wish death upon anyone and won’t, for the meantime this is your Whitesox unfortunately.
  8. This is a really good observation that nothing big will happen in the offseason to dramatically improve this club. Its really a shame that they let this slip out of their hands. I can’t see any fan trusting this management to do anything right .
  9. Well there s no rain at the football stadium and they have sun. Looks like summer to me .
  10. I am watching the browns game right now and it’s sunny and they have played the entire game .
  11. I think Andrelton Simmons is out there
  12. Cease has Boris so that won’t happen and to sign Vaughn you would need to give him the starting first base job. Just my opinion.
  13. Yes I understand that, I just didn’t know how many of them were in their top ten. I figured a couple but didn’t realize all four. Thanks though I appreciate everyone responding, I am doing this at work and came over here once the deal was announced.
  14. I don’t follow other teams prospects. I really don’t have the time to do it , that’s why I come here so I can learn from the rest of you as I know many of you follow the minor leagues and draft picks .
  15. Are the prospects the padres gave up in their top ten?
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