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  1. Just sweep the Cubs. I don't care if they lose all of their other games this season. Just sweep the Cubs.
  2. Harry and Jimmy were the best ever. And on top of that, every now and then they would be joined by Dizzy Dean or Satchel Paige in the booth! Almost too good to be true. Those days are long gone and baseball telecasts will never be as entertaining again.
  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Take C.B. Bucknor and Laz Diaz with you!
  4. Well, he's been hurt. Even so, he still has 15 RBI and is better than most players on the Sox.
  5. If only the Sox had Tommy Pham from day one this season they'd probably be in first place today.
  6. Didn't Benintendi used to be a halfway decent player before he came to the White Sox? What is it with this organization that turns everybody to s%*#?
  7. If Eddie and Jerry bought a gas station in 1982 they would have removed all the gas pumps and replaced them with EV charging stations, then whined that the customers just weren't ready for their brilliant business model as they went out of business.
  8. A $100 pirate box. ONTV had the movies and Sportsvision was for the games and they charged a monthly fee if you had it legitimately.
  9. Sportsvision broadcast over the air on UHF and subscribers were required to have a special antenna installed on their roof and have a special box attached to their sets then had to pay a subscription fee to watch only White Sox games which everyone was used to watching for free. Meanwhile their cross town rivals were airing their games for free on what was at the time a Superstation, WGN. Sportsvision was definitely a negative.
  10. What, you didn't enjoy watching the "young championship core?"
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