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  1. I remember at one point Blomberg was being touted as the next Yankee superstar.
  2. Not landing Cabrera, Harper and Machado still pisses me off. Every one of them could have easily been acquired but JR just wouldn't do it. But he continually has no problem overpaying mediocre players.
  3. Was Benetti ever considered as part of the young championship core?
  4. But when Einhorn & Reinsdorf first bought the franchise Einhorn promised it would be a class organization!
  5. If that's really true I hope KW has a miserable retirement.
  6. If we had two Wilbur Woods we'd only need one other starting pitcher,LOL! He used to pitch on two days rest!
  7. If they acquire Perez and Merrifield, it better be for a package containing Moncada and Benintendi.
  8. Pat Kelly was one of my favorites from that era. I remember for some reason he didn't make the opening day roster to start the 1971 season and Harry Caray would constantly report on how he was doing down in the minors and repeatedly ask rhetorically, "Where's Pat Kelly?" during the radio broadcasts until they finally brought him up.
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