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  1. I wouldn't trade for anyone that's not major league ready. That's why I said I'd be happy if they could trade either one. I doubt if anyone is really interested in parting with major league ready talent for either of them but if the Sox could find a trade partner for them I'd be very happy.
  2. I didn't say "dump," I said "trade." In a trade you get talent back. If they could somehow trade Moncada and/or Anderson for relatively equal value I'd be happy. I doubt if any team would be too interested however.
  3. I'd be happy if they can trade either one. Ecstatic if somehow they traded both.
  4. The Sox seem to love DHs that can't really hit too well.
  5. Anderson, Moncada, Eloy and Grandal. 😁😆🤣 Then sign Judge. 🤣
  6. Gotta protect their POS creep. https://www.creepsheet.com/accused/daryl-boston/
  7. I hate Donaldson, but shaking up the team by getting rid of, as you put it, "the walking soap operas" is just what this team needs. I would rather Donaldson not be involved, however.
  8. Yeah I never liked Eddie either. In fact I disliked him more than Reinsdorf in those early years. They both sucked.
  9. The only UHF station in Chicago at the time was Ch. 26, where you could watch Bullfights and Professional Wrestling!
  10. People are upset because that mistake from 40 years ago cost the White Sox a major portion of the Chicago fan base (as well as some nationally, since WGN was a superstation) and is a mistake from which they have never recovered. That event of 40 years ago was what turned Chicago overwhelmingly into a Cubs town.
  11. It was a dumb move at the time. Nobody wanted to pay for a product that everyone else was offering free. Plus, while WGN was a superstation and had a strong clear vhf signal in the Chicago area, Sportsvision required a special box with a separate antenna installed on your roof just to watch one station that only offered Sox games. It would be like owning a gas station in 1982 and replacing all your pumps with charging stations because in 40 years people will have electric cars. I guess that would be considered "ahead of it's time. "
  12. And with that Reinsdorf made people realize what scum he is. He's been a lousy owner as well. Einhorn & Reinsdorf helped turn Chicago into a Cubs town.
  13. Gotta pick up the option before you can trade him.
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